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Not Finding Out: A New Kind of Registry

Are you pregnant and not finding out the gender of your baby so you and your husband can have the ULTIMATE surprise? If you are, hats off to you as I’m the kind of person who has to know everything, likes a plan and hates surprises. I’d say that one downside to not finding out is that you get loads of yellow and green baby gifts, which honestly, after the baby is born, rarely get worn (unless the outfit is white; all babies look fabulous in white). But now there is a solution to registering for your new baby!

Not Finding Out is a new online registry website where almost all the items in the shop are paired in girl and boy versions so that parents receive gender-specific gifts after the baby is born. Basically parents register for the items they want, someone buys them off their registry. Then they get a cute preview card showing what was purchased for them, and the actual boy or girl item is shipped straight to them as soon as the baby arrives.

So how does Not Finding Out know which items to hold for the registrants? Well, the registrants take the Shh! Card below to their healthcare provider to complete and send back directly to Not Finding Out so there is ZERO chance that the registrant ever sees it.

Genius right? Check it out for yourself and share with your friends who love surprises and great gifts!

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  1. avatar Mariana says:

    Totally agree with Tracy. Why can’t a girl wear blue or a boy wear pink? This world is messed up.

  2. avatar Tracy says:

    What would be truly genius is a retailer who sold baby gear in colours OTHER than pink or blue. There is nothing I hate more than sexism so this kind of registry annoys the heck out of me.

  3. avatar Carly says:

    This is brilliant!! Wish I had known about it for my son! I will definitely do this for our second.

  4. avatar Mrs. EJ says:

    So hubby and I are waiting to be surprised and although WE haven’t had problems buying clothes, others have. I actually love yellow, green, and white but find that teal and orange newborn clothes are still gender neutral IMO. Besides, I’d personally hate to have all blue or all pink even if we did know what to expect. I did register and requested gender neutral clothing and there’s tons of things out there!

  5. avatar Zareen says:

    Thanks, Meg! Also, to answer Beth’s concern, Not Finding Out does have gender neutral options for a lot of its products, they’re just not show in the product image, you have to select it in the dropdown when you’re shopping.

  6. avatar Meg says:


    I didn’t realize that–that’s awesome! :)

  7. avatar Beth says:

    This is an awesome idea for families like ours who are looking forward to being surprised. One of the main reasons, though, that we’re choosing to wait, is to avoid the deluge of pink, glittery ruffles or the bold colors covered in trucks, trains, and dinosaurs. As much as I love this idea, and know that it will be perfect for many parents-to-be, I still wish there were more neutral options – things that don’t need to proclaim an infant’s gender and would be reusable by a second or third child, regardless of that baby’s sex.

  8. avatar Zareen says:

    You can still have a baby shower!!! Not Finding Out delivers a wrapped present in the form of a “Preview Card” that giftgivers take to the shower and the mom-to-be opens like a regular present! The Preview Card shows the gift that was purchased in both the girl and boy version. Once the baby’s born, the gender-appropriate gift is delivered straight to the parents. Not Finding Out showers can be really fun. Not Finding Out even supplies its registrants and their shower hostesses with a whole Shower Kit full of fun ideas.

  9. avatar chelsea a says:

    I think this is a great idea! I’ve figured out something similar to do on my own: register for both genders and then after the baby is born and I’m laying in the hospital and bored out of my mind (after napping, of course) I’ll remove the incorrect gender-specific items from the registry!

    BUT this only works because I’m having a baby shower AFTER the baby arrives…more of a Sip & See!

  10. avatar Meg says:

    LOVE this idea. The only downside…No baby shower?? : (

  11. avatar Beth says:

    Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing, Andrika! I’m with you though, I wouldn’t be able to stand not finding out!