Milkstars: Breastfeeding Never Looked So Good!

It’s amazing to me how maternity and nursing clothing has evolved over the past few years. You used to be able to find nursing tanks, basic tees and that was about it. It was all about “easy access” and less about how you looked wearing it. Finally, a savvy and fashion conscious mom put together a fantastic line called Milkstars, which lets you nurse your baby and look cute while doing it!

My cousin introduced me to this line a few years ago. This was, of course, after I had my first baby and had already finished nursing. Now that I’m on my second baby, I can’t wait to get a few of Milkstars’ fashionable and functional pieces.

The tops have two layers—all you have to do is lift up the top layer to reveal a hidden inner panel with cutouts on the left and right side. Pull one of the cutouts over your breast to access your nursing bra and begin nursing as usual. While you’re feeding your baby, your entire back and stomach are covered. Pretty genius, right?

I’m a big fan of the Jolie Drape Neck (below left), which will work great for all the working mommies out there. It would look just as nice alone as it would under a jacket. And their newest style, the Jackie Sleeveless Swing Top, is perfect for summer, and it works well for both maternity and nursing.

The Joan is a flutter sleeve tee that has been spotted on celebs like Kourtney Kardashian. It’s an easy style that could be worn with a cute skirt or your favorite jeans.

The Randa Dress is a go-to, easy nursing dress for any season. So, if you have your little one at a special event, you aren’t limited to a nursing top and pants. This dress gives you the access you need to nurse and still look pretty! And if you are staying in for the night? Cozy up in their pajamas! We all know what it’s like during middle of the night feedings—the last thing you want to worry about is fussy nursing tank straps. The top is a crisscross style that pulls down, so you can easily feed your baby, even if you’re half asleep.


  1. 1

    Great review. I stumbled upon the Milkstars pajamas you pictured (grey) and wore them constantly postpartum. They were one of the best things I bought!

  2. 2

    I love these too! They are SO comfortable and are way cuter than any other nursing attire I own. The PJs are my favorite though. I lived in them for about 6 weeks right after my son was born.

  3. 3

    Wow, These clothes look really soft and comfy! I love that they are super stretchable and would make breastfeeding so easy. I cannot wait to check out their collection. I am due this August and can’t wait to give these tops and dresses a try!

  4. 4

    Well these look awesome! I will be breastfeeding when our daughter is here in June and we’re always on the go and these look very convenient. I would love to have some of these!!!

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