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Cute Hooks for Towels and More

When tackling bathroom design, we enjoy finding fun and interesting towel hooks to suit the family and the little ones. We all know the long-fought battle to teach children to hang up their towels. We work off the logic that if the hooks are fun, it may make the kids a little more cooperative. Here’s hoping! Some of our favorite finds include:

Over-the-door crane hooks are sure to work their way into any construction-minded little man’s fancy.

These faucet tap hooks brighten up and add humor to any bathroom.

Try these over-the-door monkey hooks—perfect for enticing your little monkeys to hang up their towels.

These adorable safari hooks come in cool and contemporary colors.

We are pretty sure that little girls will looove these cupcakes hooks.

This caterpillar is a fun and functional favorite. What color hook should your towel go on today?

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  1. avatar Hazel says:

    I got the safari hook for my son. They go amazing with his safari theme!

  2. avatar Jasmine C. says:

    I got the same safari hooks for my kids’ room! Good thing I got them just in time because they are now currently out of stock.

  3. avatar Angel says:

    I have seen so many creative designs for hangers and hooks. If only I could collect these things, I would!

  4. avatar Chloe says:

    I want the faucet tap hooks! They’re really beautiful, very creative and one-of-a-kind.