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Design Reveal: Baby Harper’s Nursery

Bellini of Boca Raton is proud to reveal Baby Harper’s nursery. One of our most fabulous in-house designers, Amy, created this look with Harper’s mommy who wanted a room fit for a princess. The nursery features Bellini’s Carly Collection, a French-inspired line with sweet floral embellishments, along with our Bella crib, all in espresso.

Harper’s daddy is a jeweler, so bling was a must. We switched out our classic crystal knobs usually featured with the Carly for a more dramatic look created by Beautifully Chic. They kept the palette soft by using a very pale pink on the wall (Benjamin Moore’s Gentle Butterfly), while the rug, chair and parts of the bedding remained ivory. The Lulla Smith bedding, made from the finest Dupioni silk, is extremely whimsical and elegant.

The chair, created by Angel Song, is from the Empire Collection and is paired with their round tufted ottoman. The monogrammed pillow adds a touch of pink without taking away from the clean look of the ivory. The chandelier was custom designed by Amy herself. The shades are shantung pink, but the rest of the piece is simple ivory with crystals. The other lighting fixture in the room is also crystal with a splash of pink to coordinate with the chandelier.

What I think makes this room spectacular is the contrast of soft tones with the boldness of the espresso finish; by pairing bold items with a pale palette you too can create a dramatic look like Harper’s.

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  1. avatar Nicole says:

    Where did the mirror come from?

  2. Not everyone is getting it. There are still plenty of preventable deaths happening all over this country. I have worked with a number of deaths where people included pillows, stuffed animals and toys in the crib, which were the cause of death. Babies can roll onto these toys & pillow, and blankets can get over the baby’s head and it is even possible that that these items may be blocking the airflow across the crib. Please remember nothing but a fitted sheet in a crib. Dress the baby for warmth rather than using blankets.

  3. avatar Christina says:

    Yeah, guys, we get it, the crib is not safe with all the extra bedding.
    But the nursery was designed this way – and I’m sure it’ll all be taken out for her when she arrives and is ready to sleep in her crib.

    In other news – LOVE the entire room! All the little feminine touches are gorgeous!

  4. While this room is beautiful, the crib is unsafe and does not meet the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines on safe infant sleep. As an Infant Death Investigation Specialist and former law enforcement officer and trained death investigator, I see the majority of infant deaths due to suffocation and SIDS in unsafe sleep enviroments. Soft bedding kills. Cities like Chicago have banned the sale of crib bumpers due to their hazards. Most of the deaths I see as well as nationally, are preventable deaths resulting from unsafe sleep environments. ABC’s of safe sleep: Always on the Back in their own Crib (with no stuffed animals, soft bedding, bumpers or pillow. Repectfully

  5. Thanks so much Linda & Michelle. So many of us have had to deal with the death of our baby, because we didn’t know or weren’t convinced of the dangers. There are over 4000 babies each year that die of SIDS and other sleep related causes in the US each year and a large portion of these could definitely be prevented.

  6. avatar Michelle says:

    Show the world how much you love your baby by decorating the room, which is beautiful, show your baby how much you love her, by make her crib a SAFE place to sleep. No bumper pads, stuffed animals, pillows, blankets or other unsafe objects.

  7. avatar Amanda says:

    Where is that mirror from? It’s gorgeous!

  8. avatar Haley says:

    Such a gorgeous room! Fit for a little royal princess!

  9. Sara is correct. The nursery is beautiful and doesn’t need the overly stuffed crib as a centerpiece. The crib is a SIDS risk and a suffocation hazard.

  10. I am with SIDS Resources, Inc. and this crib, athough beautiful does not follow the Safe Sleep guidelines that is promoted by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), and other organizations promoting safety for babies. I work with families who have had a baby die of SIDS and other causes of sleep related death and I can tell that many of these babies have suffocated on such bedding. The most current rules say nothing in a crib except a fitted sheet and the baby. Dress the baby for warmth. Blankets can get up over the face of the baby and can cause suffocation. Bumper pads are also something that has caused suffocation and they are soon to be outlawed in Chicago and other communities across the country. Please see this website for more information – (talking about the new AAP guidelines)

  11. Yes, it is not just you – that is beautiful! Thanks for the great inspiration.