Show Us Your CMYK Style! Win a $1000 Giggle Gift Card and CMYK Zen Stroller

Surges of neon pinks, bright yellows and high energy blues have taken over the runways in time for Spring. Fashion infused with bright and bold color is also making its way into baby’s world. It is with great excitement that we introduce to you, the most fashionable stroller of 2012 launching exclusively at giggle, the CMYK Zen Stroller by bloom.

The eye-catching, full-sized stroller is an all-terrain solution that boasts a cutting-edge fold design, which makes it super slim for stashing in tight spaces and freestanding when folded flat. It also sports a first-of-its-kind solar lighting system that allows you to shine a light beam or flash hazards for added safety.

This hot design and state-of-the-art baby gear has us wondering, how do you infuse color into your lives? Personally, I just purchased an awesome pair of kelly green jeans and updated my apartment’s hallway runner with hot pink FLOR tiles, and that’s only the beginning!

Now we want to hear from you, and we want you to show us your CMYK style! We’ve partnered with the folks behind the revolutionary baby store giggle and the innovative Australian dad designers of bloom to bring you an incredible contest that will fuel your Pinterest addiction and get your design juices flowing. Inspired to join us? Read on to enter…


WIN IT! Help us celebrate the giggle-exclusive launch of the new Zen Stroller. Create a design board using colorful nursery décor or baby trends and enter to win the bold new Zen CMYK Stroller from bloom, plus a $1,000 giggle gift card!

We’re looking for big, bold, bright, baby ideas! It will be up to judges Ali Wing, founder and CEO of giggle; Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio, co-founders of Project Nursery; and Simon May, founder of bloom; to choose the winning board. Judging will be based on creativity and use of color.

HERE’S HOW: Submit an original Pinterest Board or electronic design board/photo collage. Use images and products found on both Project Nursery and giggle that celebrate innovative design and the bold and bright color palette inspired by the Zen CMYK Stroller.

Two ways to enter:


• Make sure you’re following giggle and Project Nursery on Pinterest. Not a member of Pinterest? Email us at [email protected], and we will send you an invitation!

• Create a Pinterest board named “giggle-Project Nursery CMYK Design Board” and start pinning items that celebrate innovative design along with bright colors. We want to see how you’d infuse this spring’s CMYK color trend into your lives. Be sure to pin a minimum of 9 images including 3 products from giggle and 3 images from Project Nursery. View our examples here.

• To complete your entry, comment here on Project Nursery’s post about the Zen CMYK Stroller with your Pinterest name and “Like” both giggle and Project Nursery on Facebook.


• If you create a design board, simply email us at [email protected] an image of your design with the subject line “giggle-Project Nursery CMYK Design Board.” A minimum of 9 images including 3 products from giggle and 3 images from Project Nursery are required.

NOTE: For multiple entries, number your boards by adding the appropriate number into the subject line as follows, “giggle-Project Nursery CMYK Design Board 1”, “giggle-Project Nursery CMYK Design Board 2”…

Contest ends Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 11:59pm PST. The winner will be notified via email on April 4, 2012 and will be asked for his/her mailing address in order to receive the prize. Open to US residents only.

See contest additional details and rules here.


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  2. 2

    The stroller will definitely bring out the fun this coming year!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. 3
  4. 4

    I love love that stroller. I liked giggle on FB. I’m an old fan of PN on FB and Pinterest.

  5. 5
  6. 6

    I liked giggle and Project Nursery on FB, and I am now following both on Pinterest. My Pinterest name is tracyb1583. Love the bright colors on the stroller! Thanks for the contest!

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    I HAVE to have this Zen CMYK Stroller!! I just lovelovelove it!
    My Pinterest name is Erica Grace. (
    I liked Project Nursery and Giggle on FB.

    My man and I decided not to find out the sex of our first child due May 1st, so the nursery and registration for the shower was really tough and stressful. In the end, we’ve decided to do colorful everything! We figured we just couldn’t go wrong :)
    This stroller would top off our endless search for a colorful, unisex stroller! They don’t exist elsewhere!

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  27. 28

    The Zen CMYK Stroller is to die for! My bright color loving husband would be so proud to push our baby around in it!

    I like both giggle and Project Nursery on Facebook, and did before this contest anyway.

    My pinterest board full of colorful nursery decor and baby trends can be found here:

    (username is jen woolston) Thanks! Would be SO HAPPY to win the stroller and giggle gift card!

  28. 29
  29. 30
  30. 31

    pinterest username: gremillard
    direct link to board:

    I thought, as a frequent traveler, I would have to give up style when it comes to accessorizing around our daughter (arriving in June), but the zen stroller combines my need for portability with my love of color and design! Right now this stroller is in the dream category of my registry, but I’m hoping this contest can make it a reality…

    I gladly liked both giggle and Project Nursery on facebook :)

  31. 32
  32. 33

    Hi, there! What an aaaaamazing contest! This stroller is completely fun and probably the coolest stroller ever. I am a fan of PN and giggle on FB and I follow both boards on Pinterest :) My Pinterest name is: ginnyphillips. Here is my board! Such a fun, bright, and cheery board! So many of my friends have repinned tons of stuff from it already! Good spring/summer board :)

    THANK YOU for the contest! Ahhhh I want to win!

  33. 34
  34. 35

    I’m a graphic designer all too familiar with CMYK (my office even has an inside joke about “CMYK-ing it”) so I was excited to see the new CMYK Zen Stroller. I had so much fun putting together a CMYK inspired design board and I hope I win so I can prepare for a baby in style (not pregnant yet but working on it).
    Brooke Ragan, Pinterest name: brookerag, My giggle-Project Nursery CMYK Design Board link:

  35. 36
  36. 37

    love both giggle and project nursery! now i cant wait to see that zen stroller!!! great tour of the giggle office recently-lots of cmyk in there!!!

    my pinterest name is jennyandgabe.

  37. 38

    This stroller is awesome! It has so many colors giving such a variety for style, and dressing the little one to match. First baby and very excited! would love to give this precious giftthe best of everything.

  38. 39
  39. 40
  40. 41
  41. 42
  42. 43
  43. 44

    Sorry!!! I missed. Letter. Erin Hall Beam

    I love love that stroller. I liked giggle on FB. I’m an old fan of PN on FB and Pinterest.

    This stroller is so funky and fun! I LOVE IT!!!!
    Name is as shown above ;)

  44. 45

    I hope it is okay, but I did a few more boards!

    My Pinterest name: alexwhatton

    Thanks again!

    <3 Alex

    PS: I love seeing everyone's boards – this is a stiff competition, such great design eyes here! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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  50. 51
  51. 52
  52. 53
  53. 54

    I love that you are doing a give away for the Spring’s hottest color palette! I am a child of the 80’s and love these colors. Here is a link to my board on Pinterest

    my name on interest is K10C44

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  55. 56
  56. 57
  57. 58
  58. 59

    my pinterest name is Deanna Hamsley and I follow Giggle and Project Nursery on Facebook and pinterest. I have a board for the giveaway! I LOVE the stroller and color!!

  59. 60
  60. 61

    My username on Pinterest is thathautemom

    Liked both on FB

    Awesome stroller and THANK YOU for this contest/giveaway =)

  61. 62

    My username on Pinterest is vangenki
    I like Project Nursery and giggle!
    Thank you for this chance to win an amazing prize!

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  92. 93

    Amazing all-terrain, lightweight, compact fold, stylish stroller! My son Lincoln would love to ride in this beauty. We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about cool baby stuff and CMYK colors. – Amanda Hyde (lincolnhyde)

  93. 94
  94. 95

    I would be inspired to take walks even on rainy days with the Zen CMYK Stroller!!
    Pinterest name: annelindsay
    “Like” giggle and Project Nursery and bloom on Facebook

  95. 96
  96. 97
  97. 98
  98. 99
  99. 100

    The zen stroller is like nothing I have seen before. I love the colorful design but the functionality of all terrain is truly exciting. I could take it to the park, the beach, or the local farmer’s market and not worry about grass, brick, or sand.

  100. 101
  101. 102
  102. 103
  103. 104

    The CMYK Zen Stroller first caught my attention because of the bright, bold neon hues. Then I realized that the stroller is a perfect complement to the new nursery that I’m currently “in-progress” with for my daughter, Gracee, who will bless us with her presence
    some time in April. I’ve chosen a sweet Indie theme with colors of fuchsia, yellow, grey, and pops of turquoise.

    The Zen Stroller is not just a piece of eye-candy…the features are equally delectable. Slim line and compact, all-terrain, and a solar light for safety…Need I say more?

    Pinterest name: bellababy

  104. 105

    Ok, I couldn’t sleep last night dreaming of more design ideas for my board!
    I am having so much fun with this, I made a 2nd board:
    Pinterest Name: annelindsay
    I “like” Project Nursery & giggle & Bloom on fb
    I “LOVE” the Zen Stroller and want to dig out my wind pants from the 80’s and take it for a stroll around the block!

  105. 106

    My pinterest name is ‘shelleyg’, and I have fulfilled all of the other entry requirements. Thank you for such a great opportunity!

  106. 107
  107. 109
  108. 110
  109. 111
  110. 112
  111. 113
  112. 114

    I love the Zen stroller and the many products from giggle and project nursery. Had fun pinning my wishlist for my girls room.

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  115. 117
  116. 118
  117. 119
  118. 120
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  127. 129

    I’ve had so much fun making my CMYK board – it just keeps getting bigger! I’m a Mummy and a graphic designer to boot so this is the perfect pram for a designer Mum. We certainly would draw attention popping colour on the way to the park and zipping about the market. I love your website and have told all my Mummy friends about it and well, Giggle…. just rocks. My new Bub “Q” has been looking for a slimline, stylish ride… is the super colourful CMYK Zen stroller it??

  128. 130
  129. 131
  130. 132
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  135. 138
  136. 139

    I really love the design and the bold bright colors of the CMYK Zen Stroller – It looks like the stroller is compact and easy to squeeze into small spaces that I love – I think I would be the coolest mom ever walking around the streets of Reykjavik with this stroller :)
    By the way I think this contest is great! It gave me a lot of inspiration for my baby boy nursery that I am working on putting together :)

    My Pinterest name is: heida_78

  137. 140
  138. 141

    Which other way to start other than WOW?! The new Zen CMYK Stroller is simply magnificent. So eye-popping, vibrant and happy it could almost talk and smile at you :)

    If the looks already hadn’t me head over heels for it, I’d say its functionality and the folding technology were the winners… I guess with all these features plus safety, you really can’t beat that!

    My name on Pinterest is Carol Rocha (

    I like you both on Facebook!

    Cheers :D

  139. 142
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  141. 144
  142. 145
  143. 146
  144. 147

    I need this colorful stroller, it’s a head-turner! I love bold colors and this is the first time I’ve seen a stroller like it. Gorgeous!

    Pinterest: aisha holley

  145. 148

    I LOVE everything about this stroller! Three wheel strollers are very functional and the amazing colors of this one make it even more desireable. I would love to proudly walk around with my baby in this great stroller.

  146. 149
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  148. 151
  149. 152
  150. 153
  151. 154
  152. 155
  153. 156
  154. 157
  155. 158
  156. 159
  157. 160
  158. 161

    Love this contest because it is an excuse to use Pinterest even more!
    Pinterest Name: Lisa Briand

    I like both PN & giggle on FB!

  159. 162
  160. 163
  161. 164
  162. 165
  163. 166
  164. 167
  165. 168
  166. 169
  167. 170

    The CMYK Zen Stroller would definitely bring color into my life. I was once afraid to use bright colors in my home. My beige and mocha walls are definitely screaming for a makeover. Thanks PN for showing me the brighter side of life! The more colorful, the happier I am. Now where’s that paintbrush?

    Update: Added a second board so the link is NOW:

    Pinterest Name: bellababy

    Pinterest Board 1:
    Pinterest Board 2:

  168. 171
  169. 172
  170. 173
  171. 174
  172. 175

    I love giggle, and am now in love with Project Nursery! The new bold colors of the Zen Syroller are exactly what I would love to have! After walking with my children three times today, it’s obvious I need to get a GREAT jogging stroller! How I pray I win this one! It is absolutely fabulous!!!
    Thanks for introducing me to it!!!
    Pinterest name:emmyjo09
    Thanks so much!

  173. 176
  174. 177
  175. 178
  176. 179
  177. 180
  178. 181
  179. 182
  180. 183

    I have been in love with the CMYK Zen stroller since I walked past my local ‘Giggle’ boutique just this afternoon! It’s such an eye catcher. I attended college for fashion design and have an avid passion for innovative design in all aspects of life, esspecially in my home. Putting together these boards was a great little inspiration and I’d absolutely love to win the contest!

    Pinterest Name: Rachel Maly

  181. 184

    Giggle and Project Nursery are my go-to websites, I love everything you guys offer. The CMYK Zen Stroller is beyond awesome, we would LOVE to enjoy this amazing stroller with our little blessing come this August and the gift card would be a DREAM come true!
    I had so much fun creating a design board, I made 2 :) Thanks!
    -Jessie Ross


  182. 185
  183. 186
  184. 187

    I had so much fun making these boards I had to do 2 of them! The Zen stroller and CYMK theme were so inspirational, my creative sparks were ablaze. I’ve even decided to rethink some details in my own nursery! The Zen stroller would be awesome to have this summer and it’s a perfect fit for my 5 month old’s personality. Thanks for such awesome giveaways and exciting ideas!

    Pinterest name:



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  190. 193
  191. 194
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  194. 197
  195. 198
  196. 199
  197. 200
  198. 201
  199. 202
  200. 203
  201. 204
  202. 205
  203. 206

    here is a link to my 4th board I made. I went for different topics

    giggle-Project Nursery CMYK Design Board 4

    please pick me to be a winner!! I would cherish this gift!

  204. 207
  205. 208
  206. 209

    I love how compactly the Zen stroller folds and that it is freestanding when not in use. I follow both Project Nursery and Giggle on Pinterest!

  207. 210
  208. 211
  209. 212
  210. 213
  211. 214
  212. 215
  213. 216
  214. 217
  215. 218
  216. 219
  217. 220
  218. 221
  219. 222

    First of all, the stroller is absolutely fabulous! I love the bright, bold colors!! Also, this contest has opened my eyes to @giggle and @bloom and I really have enjoyed pinning for @project nursery. Being a mother of two, I have noticed that sometimes baby gear can look plain and dull. But not you guys!! You guys have really been super creative and so innovative with your baby gear and items! I look forward to watching you guys grow! I love it!
    Anna Green Puckett

  220. 223
  221. 224
  222. 225

    I am already following Giggle and Project Nursery on Pinterest and I liked both on Facebook!! Love your ideas!

    The Zen CMYK stroller is wonderful. It would be nice to have some color this spring and liven up our walks and trips to town.

    pinterest name: colesfamily

    I would love to win this giveaway!! Baby #2 on the way and I would like to spice up the kids room. Add some color to the otherwise boring decor! Thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  223. 226

    Coolest Stroller Ever and a giggle gift card!! I am meditating about winning this every day.

  224. 227

    Thanks for this contest! What a fun way to enter…and I like doing this kind of design anyway! (Yay, Bonus for me!)

    This Stroller is pretty cool and I would love to put it to good use… since I just had baby #2. It would be great to take the baby out and the weight off! (wink)

    Pinterest name : Jenn Streck

    Board 1 :

    Board 2 :

    Looking forward to hearing the winners! (me, me, me!)


  225. 228
  226. 229
  227. 230
  228. 231
  229. 232
  230. 233
  231. 234
  232. 235
  233. 236


    PS I’m a follower of PN and giggle on Pinterest & Facebook.
    Love the stroller – would love to SHOCK some people with its bold colors!

  234. 237
  235. 238
  236. 239
  237. 240
  238. 241

    We have been drooling over this stroller for awhile now. We love the functionality, which will be so very useful to us. We lean toward more modern gear and outfitting for baby and would love to own this for that and the fact that the colors are bright, bold and cheery and we love the small fold and the light for night-time walks. I intend on walking as much as I can, and these stroller will be so much easier than others for trips in the car, trips to the beach and any other excursions we dream up.

    We are expecting our first baby and doing this was fun – gave me some ideas for us and I really hope to throw a baby shower for someone else soon as I have so many ideas now!

    Thanks for running such a great contest and providing inspiring content to choose from.

    Pinterest name: fresh modern (fresh and modern)


  239. 242
  240. 243
  241. 244

    This stroller looks soo nice!! I love the bright colors and it seems to fold up nice and flat. It seems really functional!!! Gah I hope I win it :-P

  242. 245
  243. 246
  244. 247
  245. 248
  246. 249

    Pinterest board:
    Pinterest Username:

    Mia Human Viljoen

    Long time fans of both for sure, I follow both giggle and Project Nursery on Facebook and Pinterest.

    CMYK defines me, my style and who I am. BOLD IN COLOR, passionate about brights. Expressive, excessive (in color), excited! What could be better than the launch of Bloom’s fantastical magical new CMYK Zen Stroller – right in time for the arrival of Baby #2!

    Can you TELL I am completely smitten and all consumed by this insanely brilliant competition and task?! ☺

    My Design Board consists of a carefully selected, curated group of products, from companies and designers, who majority fits my design philosophy of Eco-conscious, giving back to the community, and made in the USA. Supporting indie artists and designers and small businesses is a must too, choosing fabulous finds from Etsy all the way to supporting magnificent master minds like Bloom, Boon, Jonathan Adler, Jennifer Delonge, Igooplay and of course, a local Los Angelino favorite, Kalon Studios and Pop & Lolli!

    The choice with such brilliant color, could not stay put in the nursery alone – I had to expand my fabulous finds to include bathroom necessities as well as in-the-kitchen must-haves! These are all items I know baby #2 for sure cannot do without. A fashion-forward start for a wonderful new little one – only made possible with a spectacular giggle $1000 gift card!

    We would be over the moon thrilled for an opportunity like this. Thank you!

  247. 250
  248. 251
  249. 252
  250. 253
  251. 254
  252. 255
  253. 256
  254. 257
  255. 258

    LOVE THIS!!! This is me wishing and hoping! Can’t win if i don’t try! :) Fingers are crossed!!!!
    *My pinterest name is: cbwilson

    *Following giggle and Project Nursery on Pinterest
    *“Liked” both giggle and Project Nursery on Facebook.

    Here are my design boards:
    Board #1

    Board #2

    Board #3


  256. 259
  257. 260
  258. 261
  259. 262
  260. 263
  261. 264

    This stroller is the best thing I have ever seen! Thank you for creating a way for us to express ourselves and feel young and fresh like we are! I LOVE the colors, this is soooo me! Being a mom has never been better!!! I hope that you enjoy my four design boards, made enthusiastically and with love!

  262. 265
  263. 266
  264. 267
  265. 268
  266. 269
  267. 270
  268. 271
  269. 272
  270. 273
  271. 274
  272. 275
  273. 276
  274. 277
  275. 278
  276. 279
  277. 280
  278. 281

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