Bib n Burp: Survive the Rainy Season

Okay, so my babies are spitters—big time. When milk goes down, it will inevitably come back up—sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. Now if you were blessed with a baby that never spits up, please don’t tell me. Or at least wait until my littlest baby is a bit older and I have a better sense of humor about my constantly damp shoulder.

When beginning a breastfeeding session, I’m usually armed with a burp cloth to go under baby’s head on the pillow, another one on the side to catch those burp spit-ups and another one to wrap around my baby’s neck and shoulders if I have to lay him down for a diaper change after the feeding. I’m not kidding—I have a LOT of burp cloths.

Enter the Bib n Burp by mommapia—as the name implies, it’s a bib and a burp cloth all in one. It fastens around baby’s neck like a traditional bib and then you can drape the bib cloth sections as you like. When using my Bib n Burp, I can ditch all my other cloths. I use one “tail” of the bib under his head on the pillow and the other one as my burp spit-up catcher. Also, when I lay my baby down, I can just tuck the Bib n Burp around him to catch any more liquid that may come up. It even drapes easily over your shoulder. I’ve even spun the bib around (so the velcro is in the front) when he’s playing on his playmat, so the mat is protected from any more accidents.


You can pick from a number of stylish fabric designs, and the back is lined with terry cloth for extra absorbancy. If you have a spitty baby like mine, this item can save you loads of laundry. Now I just need to get a couple more!


To ensure this product fit our readers’ needs,
Project Nursery received a sample for review.


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    Yeah, I used to always have a bib and a burp cloth. Having them rolled into one would be a neat idea.

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    This is nice. Very simple yet functional. I wouldn’t say it’s a real necessity, but it does give an amount of convenience.

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    That is pretty awesome! My 3 month old shoots spit up out of her nose. I swear it can’t be normal how much comes back up! This looks like a pretty simple shape. I wonder if it would be easy to make one.

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