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Space Savers for Two

I’ve written about this before, but living in a NYC apartment has its perks and its challenges, especially for my 6-year-old and 3-year-old who share a room. When kids share a room, furniture placement is an important factor to take into consideration. For instance, hockey is a big sport with my boys (and not because I’m Canadian…okay maybe, just maybe, this statement is completely true). So the center of their room needs to be open so they can shoot and score.

We have one corner of the room that is dedicated to homework and crafts. My boys have bunk beds, which maximize floor space and create an open feeling. Using any vertical space can create this type of feeling—take advantage of all vertical spaces a room can provide to stack books, toys and games.

Closets can function as many things: storage for clothes and toys or even a work space—I know a few parents living in NYC that have turned a walk-in closet into a nursery.

If you have two single beds in a room, consider using folding screens or a curtain to create separate areas and a sense of privacy. And lastly, storage baskets and bins help keep a shared room looking clutter free.

Photo image by Serena & Lily

Do you have any space-saving tips to share? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. avatar Maria D says:

    Great tips, Jo!
    My daughter’s walk-in closet doubles as a book nook. She loves the privacy!

    When my boys were growing up we kept all of their sports paraphernalia (balls, pads, gloves) in a large wicker hamper with a lid (which didn’t look like a hanper at all) and placed it right by the front door. It clear up a little but of space in their room and looked cool in the common area.

  2. avatar Nicole Blackmon says:

    We live in NYC too so space saving is a must for us as well. Even though we only have one, a 4 yo boy, his room can get cluttered very fast! To beat the clutter, we use his small walk-in as his play dress-up area. I put a little bin for dress-up clothes, hooks to hang them on and a little mirror so he can see himself getting dressed. I promise his closet isn’t big but big enough! I also have hanging organizers in his closets and I use the hanging shoe rack for toys and art supplies and use the shoe organizer on the back of the door for his shoes. I put up a shower curtain tension rod on one side for a little extra hanging space! I swear by the little 6×6 cubicle shelves for toy and boy storage. He has 3 cubes for books and the rest are for the little cube bins that are organized for cars, instruments, dinosaurs, etc. And I found these great shelves at Ikea that allow him to have more book space, we love books!, so I bought two of those and stores loads of books on the wall so they free up more floor space. Go vertical! We hung more shelves in a hidden back corner to hold more toys and games. For NY, he has a pretty open room!

  3. My 2 year old daughter and 4 year old son share a room and we keep their dressers in the closet. My hubby built a wooden table and we put the toy box on top, and underneath is a fun play area the kids call their “house.” We also have a storage bin structure on one wall. But still they spread their toys all over the room and it is always a disaster, lol.

  4. avatar cornelia says:

    Great tips!! Bunk beds are the best and I love the one you posted. I have been using my daughter’s oversized doll house for toys and as a book shelf to safe floor space and it’s been a life saver for a small room!

  5. avatar Theresa says:

    On bunk beds, my boys like them better than regular beds. My oldest stays on the top bunk and my youngest the lower. It works out. They keep each other company when they both go to sleep, they are reassured in the dark of all the lurking ghosts and goblins that they have each other – and as you mention a great space saver. I would always recommend bunk beds for boys, regardless of how big the room is….good post.

  6. avatar Adam says:

    Great article Johanna!

    I would like to add the Hemnes Daybed frame with 3 drawers, from Ikea.

    It transforms into a double bed for our kids sleepovers and is priced really well.

    With tons of storage it has worked out great in my daughters room.


  7. avatar Ilyse says:

    It’s always great to hear new space saving tips! I also use my daughter’s walk in closet as part of her play area for her dolls:)

  8. avatar Cristen says:

    Great Article! I never though of using my kids closet for anything but clothes. I’m going to start putting all their board games in there. I found that putting storage bins under the bed helps open up space for more toys. Thanks for the tips!

  9. avatar Pam says:

    Space saving tips are a must for apartment dwellers. Thanks Jo!

  10. avatar Jamieson says:

    When we have our second child, space in their shared room with be at a premium, especially because the room has slanted ceilings that come down to about 5 feet. We plan to use the IKEA Kura loft bed in the room because it is lower than standard bunk/loft beds. We will either paint or decoupage the blue panels to dress it up!

  11. avatar Carly says:

    Storage baskets for sure are so good for nurseries, and I’m sure more so for shared kids rooms. They’re the kiddie equivalent of hiding a mess under the bed. Just throw all the toys in and you’re done!!

  12. avatar Fox says:

    Great ideas – I have such a small apartment and am always looking for ways I can conserve the space I have. I like the basket idea a lot.

  13. avatar Amanda says:

    Great tips! This is a challenge for me with my twin girls that share a room! The folding screen or curtains might be useful as they get older and want more privacy! Thanks.