Setting the Trend: Amazing Wall Treatments

At Little Crown Interiors, it’s important that we stay on top of all the latest nursery trends. Well, we’ve been noticing that more and more people are starting to take bigger risks on their walls. Just a few years ago, wallpaper was still on the blacklist, but now all sorts of wall treatments are back in the spotlight. Here are some of our favorites.

Beaded wallpaper in glittery pink

Pink Glittering Wallpaper

This gorgeous glittering wallpaper would be spectacular in a little girl’s nursery. We’ve actually used it recently in a nursery of our own that will be debuting in the Spring!

wall panels in the nursery

Clearly Modern Nursery via Project Nursery Gallery

The above nursery is from our own Project Nursery gallery. It looks so chic, but it’s actually the homeowner’s own creation. She took squares of MDF and upholstered them with batting and fabric. Genius!

3D wall panels by B&N Industries

Helvetica Wall Panels by B & N Industries

B & N Industries has a fabulous line of wall panels that would be stunning in a nursery or playroom. Why not learn to count from the walls?

Designer nursery by Little Crown Interiors

Western Nursery by Little Crown Interiors

And of course, we used beautiful wood wall paneling in our Western Nursery above. We just love the rustic yet sophisticated look it brings to this little cowboy’s abode.


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    The Helvetica panel looks kinda cool, but I bet after a while, it would make me want to bang my head because I hate numbers.

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    That glitter wall is so fab!!! But won’t it shed off a lot of glitter dust and get into our eyes?

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