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Here a Pillow, There a Pillow, Everywhere Pillows!

Yes, I’ll admit it, I’m a pillow addict—on the bed, couch or any chair that will have them. I recently had a fabulous day at The New York Gift Show and was blown away by all the gorgeous pillows—a million shapes, sizes and colors (oh, the gorgeous colors), they were truly works of art. Here is a glimpse of Cococozy’s booth filled with her amazing pillow designs.

All of these awe-inspiring pillows got me thinking of fun ways to incorporate pillows in the nursery. We, of course, know that pillows in the crib are a huge no-no, but here are some other ideas of how to use the almighty pillow in your little one’s room.

An obvious favorite is on the window seat, if you have one. This is a great way to mix a ton of great fabrics that tie into the bedding and the window treatments. Using different shapes here creates interest.

Image from Kidspacestuff

I love the idea of filling a dresser top with fun pillows. Tying them into wall art or even using them in lieu of wall art is a unique way to fill space that may otherwise be simply clutter.

Piles of pillows in a basket, bucket or even a chest is a shabby chic look that works perfectly next to a glider or tucked in a corner. Changing out the pillows every so often is an easy way to incorporate new colors and a fresh feel.

Image from Sea Cottage


What are some fun ways you use pillows in your nursery?


Tuesday 28th of February 2012

Pillows are a really great way to accessorize a room. Find a pillow with the right design and the right colors, and you'd be surprised at how it can totally change how a room looks and feels.

My Wonderful Walls

Tuesday 21st of February 2012

Love love love those pillows on the dresser! What a great idea for adding a little fun to what can be an empty space (or if you're me, fill with clutter easily).


Monday 20th of February 2012

I just checked the SweetAcorn site and they have lovely and charming products. And I think I have now found the perfect bedding for the nursery I am working on for my little peanut. Thanks!


Thursday 16th of February 2012

Those fun pillows are so cute and whimsical, they'd be perfect for my girl's room. I'd like these pillows myself, but too bad, I don't think the husband would like them and would only say they're for little children.