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I love to hear other Mommy’s list of must-haves since I am always looking for ways to look better and feel better. I thought I would share with you some of my current obsessions. Whether you are a mommy-to-be or a seasoned veteran, these are definitely a few products to add to your shopping list.

Even though we have had a mild winter, my skin is still so dry and irritated. And when you’re pregnant, as your skin stretches, it makes it feel ten times worse. This winter, I could not live without VaniCream ($11.99). This product was recommended to us when our son was a baby to help with is eczema. It was the only product that was a cure to his irritated skin, and we have used it ever since. It’s is made of a dermatologic formula that is free of common chemical irritants. It’s as thick as can be without being greasy, and you can use it on your entire body and even your face.

Every woman needs a Coobie Bra. Ever since I purchased this a year ago, I haven’t wanted to wear any of my other bras. It has the comfort of a sports bra, with the feminine details and support of a normal bra. It has a seamless design (no hooks or clasps), with removable cups and adjustable straps. It looks just as great under a t-shirt as it does under a blouse. The straps detach in the front, so I think it will also be perfect to wear while breastfeeding.

I wish I could go all day long without needing an energy boost. But, let’s be honest, being a parent is tiring! Instead of caffeine, I go the more natural route with Vitamin C packs by Emergen-C. I like that they give you a little pick-me-up, and you won’t have the crash that you get with sugar or caffeine.

I have to say a big thank you to Laura Mercier for inventing the miracle product Secret Concealer ($22). This product is a dream. It is the only under-eye concealer I have tried that is moisturizing and won’t show fine lines or wrinkles. I also like that it doesn’t give you that “reverse raccoon eye” look in photos that some under-eye concealers can. For all of you moms who may be sleep deprived or just plain tired, this product is worth every single penny.

If I could bring only one item to a deserted island, it would probably be lip balm. I find chapped lips to be extremely annoying, especially this time of year. I am addicted to Eos lip balms ($3.50). The packaging is irresistible, but the product is just as great. I like that you don’t have to “twist” to get it on, and the shape of it makes for easy application. This is also fantastic for kids to use because it’s not messy, and it’s easy for them to apply as well.

What are your favorite “must have” products?


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    These are GREAT mommy must have’s! My must have is HAND SANITIZER!! I keep one on my desk, in my car, in my purse, baby bag, etc! Since my baby was born premature, I’m terrified of bringing home germs and her getting sick because I don’t want her to end up back in the hospital!

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    I’m giving the Coobie bra a shot…it’s so hard to find a comfortable nursing bra with these bad boys. I just can’t find the support that I need. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Basq Resilent Body oil or Aveda’s Beautifing Oil (when you can get it). I love using an oil for moisture instead of lotions in the dry MN winters.

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    The Mommy’s ER iBook is a must have. Anytime my baby or kiddo has a runny nose or is pulling on their ear, I just look up that chapter on my iPad and look up remedies or watch the video on massage techniques that ease the pain. An iPad is the perfect nursing companion too because it can get boring and monotonous at times. You can even find a side table that will swing over your lap. Soy candles that have a fresh, soothing scent are a must have for me also. Smell became a much bigger deal once I was pregnant.

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    Our Dr also recommended Vanicream for Elle and I also use it. The soap bar they make is only $3 and my skin has never been better. I am also not sure why I have not purchased the LM under eye makeup yet. I think it’s screaming my name!
    Great product review!

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    My mommy must-haves are hand sanitizer or ethyl alcohol spray, wet wipes, a hair brush, a lip balm, and a handy-dandy umbrella. No specific brands ;-)

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    I need that concealer! And my favorite cream is Triple Cream –great for eczema.

    @Amy S -have you tried Hot Milk bras? I’ve tried a bunch and I think they’re the best! Got mine on sale at Zulily.

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    Lip balm (EOS or Maybelline Baby Lips), Babyganics alcohol-free hand sanitizer, blotting papers, and under eye concealer (I like Laura Mercier and Benefit).

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