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Come On, Take me Higher!

When Alessia and her family would relocate to another new country the first thing her mum would do at the new house was mark her height on the back of her bedroom door and mark it again before they moved on—comparing how much her daughter grew in that country.

In sunny South Africa, Julie’s parents used the back corner of the playroom to measure and mark the growth of their kids—it became an interesting pattern as their son shot up to 6′ and Julie’s growth was in much smaller increments, crawling up to an eventual 5’-2”.

With these homes went the lines but not the memories of the days we stood to be measured. We like to find fun ways to incorporate this ritual into the rooms we design. And with plenty of options to choose from, we love finding just the right one for each space and family.

Here are some of our favorites

1. We love studio1a.m.’s Measure Me Stick—a  retro-looking wall ruler that reminds us of the ones we used at our desks as kids.

2. Couture Decals turns the functional into fun and decorative with this colorful Turtle Growth Chart vinyl wall decal.

3. We joke that we can’t decide if we love the name or the decal more—the Wee Gallery Growing like a Weed Growth Chart is a whimsical option not to mention easily transportable.

4. This Wooden Guitar Growth Chart is one of our go-to favorites because at first glance you may not realize it’s a growth chart, and it makes a great piece of wall art (available in multiple colors).


5. And while it’s cold on the east coast, this Surf Board Growth Chart makes us long for the summer.


my tiny nest

Tuesday 28th of February 2012

Lindsey thats a great idea!! We love unique sollutions!! We also encorage our clients to take a picture infront of the chart from the same location each time they measure their kids. It becomes a great collection / story as you see the kids reach different levels and occupy more of the frame .


Tuesday 28th of February 2012

That guitar growth chart is interesting. Gives me an idea. My husband has this guitar he's no longer using. I'd ask him if I can just take off the front portion and convert it into a growth chart for our darling little boy. Thanks for the idea!!!


Tuesday 28th of February 2012

I have always wanted that tradition of marking growth charts -- even doors -- and passing it on to my children when they're all grown-ups and living on their own. But my kids' growth charts were made of cardboard and got ruined. Sigh.


Monday 27th of February 2012

Very fun designs! For more visit my site Solid wood growth charts with multiple themes to choose from. All personalized.


Monday 27th of February 2012

I love these ideas ladies.