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Baby Showers: Let the Games Begin!

Baby Shower Games

Photo Courtesy of Me Oh My, A Lifestyle Blog

I have a huge and startling confession to make. I don’t care for baby shower games. I know, what party person doesn’t love shower games? Let me be clear, I love baby showers. I enjoy seeing the guest of honor radiant in her pregnancy and being fawned over, opening cute little clothes worthy of oohs and aahs. Plus, shower food is the best. But when it comes to the games, I’m embarrassed to admit my grin is politely pasted on my face.

The good thing about these games is that they help move the party along and break ice among the attending guests, especially if they don’t all know each other. Even though they aren’t my favorite party element, I still plan at least one game when I host a shower for this purpose. Here are a few that are entertaining enough that I don’t feel the urge to hide in the corner.

Baby Shower Game Daddy Knows Best

Daddy knows best. From Paper Source, this game in the photo above gives a nod to dear old dad. He gets asked a few questions about parenting and mom’s pregnancy, and everyone predicts how he answered. It’s kind of like the Newlywed Game but with babies.

One thing you didn’t know about me. Hand out numbered slips of paper, and ask the players to write down one thing that the others in the room may not know about them. Read them aloud so everyone can identify who they think wrote the “secrets.” We found a semi-pro ice skater and an award-winning actress the last time we played!

Guess the celebrity baby. There are so many starlets having babies these days! Cut out little Apple or Blue Ivy’s pictures along with other big name babies, and put them up for players to guess who they belong to.

Baby sock match game. This doubles as a gift for mom; hand out a baby sock to each guest as they come in and ask them to find the match to their sock. It encourages guests to talk to each other, and mom ends up with new baby socks at the end.

Baby name game. Write the letters A to Z on a piece of paper. Whoever can come up with baby names for every letter of the alphabet first wins.

Draw a baby. This game is a bit on the sillier side, but it really helps relax the baby shower and garners some giggles. Hand each guest a pen and a white paper plate. With the paper plate on top of their head, ask them to draw a baby, crib, changing table and finally a teddy bear for the baby. No one is a true artist while drawing on top of their head, so the creations will all be something to laugh about.

Do you have a favorite baby shower game to share with us? Please comment below.

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Where can I get the cards in the first picture?

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Sunday 1st of April 2012

I am hosting my daughter's baby shower in 2 wks. This is our first grandchild!! I am so excited. Since the expectant mother is very nostalgic and has always had a love for books, her shower is themed around Mother Goose. I have 3 interactive games that i feel will be a hit with our guests. 1st game: when they guests arrive they will be asked to mark their initals on a pink grossgrain ribbon ( 2yds.) with a permanent fine point black marker) trying to guess her belly measurement when she wraps it around her later in the shower!. 2nd game: A sheet of paper will be given called Complete the Lyric - filling in the missing word to the nursery rhymes. 3rd & final game is each guest will fill out a Baby Pool ticket, filling in their guesses to the following guestions pertaining the the approaching birth, Date, Time, Weight, Length...we do already know she is a girl. The guest who is the closest to her arrival date and/or has the most correctly given answers will get a $25 gift card to Olive Garden. The other game winners will go home with a floral centerpiece!!