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My Moorish Mod Nursery

Today’s guest post comes from Wendy Estes, one of the fabulous gals behind both Layla Grayce and the new modern furnishings site Zinc Door. Wendy is a fellow zigzag lover (it’s no secret that Melisa and I love it), but leave it to this chic lady to create a fabulous nursery design that’s kicked the pattern up a notch by coupling it with another trend—the sophisticated Moroccan vibe.


Commonly found in 16th Century Italian design known as flame stitch embroidery, Chevron has been a trend with staying power for the past couple years. The new Zig-Zag Pink Rug introduced by Dwell Studio immediately caught my attention, inspiring me to create a new pin board on my Pinterest page. Little did I know, my dear friends at Project Nursery were taking note.

In addition to the Italian-influenced Chevron print, I wanted to keep the design sophisticated and fluid, showcasing a nursery as an extension of your home rather than a theme park, if you know what I mean. Craving more “world” influence, I sprinkled the room with Spanish and Moroccan, aka Moorish, design elements. These tile patterns are featured on the crib, hardwood flooring and bone inlaid table. Lanterns are a common design element in Moroccan design, but I opted for a more modern, star-shaped light in place of something literal like this Tangiers pendant.

1. Dwell Crib Sheet in Vintage Blossom 2. Worlds Away Clear Star Chandelier 3. Nurseryworks Abbey Crib 4. Amrah Mirror 5. Duc Duc Cabana Dresser 6. New Arrivals Mod Table Lamp 7. Jaime Young Bone Side Table 8. Layla Grayce Adelaide Rocker 9. Dwell Studio Zig Zag Pink Rug 10. Jamie Beck Hardwood Flooring


Friday 13th of January 2012

I love everything Moorish/Moroccan! I love how you can play with colors, patterns and various design elements and come up with a fun, magical world.

Jamie Beckwith

Monday 9th of January 2012

This is a beautiful design. Thank you so much for using our Enigma: Sextan flooring. It looks wonderful with the rest of your selections. I especially love the Chevron pattern!


Monday 9th of January 2012

I find the usual Moroccan-themed homes and rooms magical yet heavy and over-decorated. As Marissa said, "overwhelming." So I like your design board. It's light and the details look really lovely.


Thursday 5th of January 2012

I like your modern take on "Moorish" design elements. "Traditional" Moorish makes me think of exotic patterns and colors and sometimes I find it overwhelming to the senses. Yours is just perfect.

Jennifer Duchene

Thursday 5th of January 2012

I love chevrons and the mix of sweet & exotic that you have created in this nursery. Delicious. As a designer and creator of Le Chic Cocoons, (women and girls creating their own special retreat) - I believe it is never to early to cultivate a sense of place and style.

Jennifer Duchene