Looking and Feeling Good During Pregnancy

I just hit my 23rd week of pregnancy. I have to say, this is probably the best part of the entire nine months. My energy and appetite have returned, and although my belly is growing (by the day it seems), I still feel pretty comfortable. I really have to attribute a lot of that to working out on a regular basis.

Right before I got pregnant, I started doing The Bar Method. Thankfully, The Bar Method offers prenatal classes, and the regular classes can also be modified. According to their website, The Bar Method “integrates the fat-burning format of interval training, the muscle-shaping technique of isometrics, the elongating principles of dance conditioning and the science of physical therapy to create a revolutionary new workout that quickly and safely reshapes your entire body.”

Even on days when I am tired, I have been pushing myself to go. In the end, I am so glad I did. I definitely feel better and am more energized. It has helped me to stay strong and fit, and my weight gain so far has been less than my first pregnancy. I also love all of the stretching we do; I think it has helped to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy.

Whatever you decide to do to stay active, you will definitely need some comfortable items of clothing to get you through the next nine months. I have a few favorites that can carry you through your entire pregnancy.

First are the Active Compression Pants by Old Navy. They have a wide waistband that will comfortably support and accommodate your belly ($34.94).

Like Johanna, I can’t say enough great things about Lululemon’s tank tops. Sure, they are a little bit pricey, but they are worth every dime. I have tops I wore during my first pregnancy, after, and now during my second pregnancy. They are long enough to cover your belly, they wash up extremely well and retain their shape. The new Hot ‘n Sweaty Tank is one of my favorites ($52).

One true maternity item you will need to invest in is an active wear jacket. After a few months, a normal jacket just won’t zip! I like the Full-Zip Active Jacket by Gap. It’s well priced and has good style and seam detail to keep it flattering ($59.95).

What exercise regimes have you used during pregnancy? Do you have any favorite workout clothes?


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    I had to stop working out in my 2nd trimester because of stomach pains :( I still walk though. That Gap jacket looks EXACTLY like mine that I got at Kohl’s in their workout department, it’s a Yoga brand. I got it a couple months ago. :) I wear Old Navy stuff too! I love the yoga pants they have too. I just wear my regular cotton tanks, they stretch and still fit perfect. I’m glad I haven’t really had to wear maternity clothes my whole pregnancy. My mom bought me a few things from Target and I bought some Old Navy maternity skinny jeans cuz I can’t live without my skinny jeans! lol I am looking forward to jogging again and doing my pilates in just a few months! Good job though at working out, I wish I still could

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    I have been doing yoga since about week 8…I love it! It’s a great combo of stretching and muscle training, all while being low impact. One of the videos I use even incorporates Kegels into the squats!!!

    the clothes I’ve found most comfy are all from Target. Their C9 crop pants ride lower in the front, so my now 32 week belly sit over the top comfortably. I also bought the Mossimo pocket tees in a size Large…at $8 a piece, they are lightweight, just roomy enough to cover the belly, but still fitted so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a tent.

    This is pregnancy #1 for me, and I’m so glad I’ve stayed active. These last weeks are bringing more creaks and groans, but I think it would be much much worse if I was stationary!

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    Were you able to work out in your first trimester? I was throwing up several times per day and couldn’t force myself to go to the gym after week 6. I’m in week 13 now, and I still feel nauseous all day, but no vomiting. I’m hoping to get back to the gym in the next couple weeks.

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    Yoga and walking were my favorite activities during both of my pregnancies. Thankfully they are both activities that can be enjoyed with others, so I never felt lonely! And you can pace yourself, so the activity can always be tailored to your needs. I went to a yoga studio 2 days a week, and did a yoga video on my own at home during the other days. Old Navy had the most affordable and comfortable clothes I could find. Plus I could wear them post partum, and they grew with me throughout the pregnancies.

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    Brooke, Luckily I was able to work out the first trimester…even though I didn’t feel like doing so. I was extremely nauseous, but never had the vomiting part (so sorry for all of you that go through that…so NOT fun!)

    Sara, I am going to check out Kohl’s for a good workout jacket! And I too have found some fabulous long workout tanks at Target by Champion as well. They are really long and can be worn post partum too!

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    Ive always been a ‘walker’. Pre-pregnancy I used to go for 2 hour hikes by myself and that kept me in pretty good shape.

    Being 24 weeks pregnant I tire quickly when I go for walks now…but I have discovered the joys of swimming. I head to the pool and even if its day where I dont feel like doing ‘laps’ per se, Its good to float & splash around a little bit.

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    The Bar Method sounds interesting. I’m gonna check it out and see if there’s a bar method workout instructor in my area. I’ve been looking for the ideal workout method for me.

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    I walked and did rumba several times a week throughout my entire pregnancy. I used a heart rate monitor to keep it all in check which was a good investment.
    I like my lucy pants for working out and yes the lululemon tanks are wonderful. I am glad your pregnancy is going well and you look great!

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    Heartrate monitors are a must! I tried running at the beginning of my pregnancy and it made my heart rate jump! The Bar Method is great, because it gives you short intervals of hard work. Thanks for the nice compliments!

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    i envy you!! You look great!! congrats, im walking 40 min everyday but i think my baby) and i) are getting bigger!!!! haha…!

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    Hi .. I started doing the bar workout 3 weeks before i got pregnant … now im 5 weeks is it safe to continue or shall i wait until i start my 2nd trimester ?

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