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Keep Your Baby Comfy with the Oshi Mat

As much as I hated the generic wall-to-wall carpeting in our old apartment, I was definitely grateful for it when my first son was doing his daily regimen of tummy time and especially when he was learning to sit up. Because as all you seasoned moms know, even if you surround your baby with pillows, they always seem to find the one uncovered spot on the floor to bump their head! So now that we’ve moved into our new home with lovely hardwood floors, I’m a little worried about baby boy #2 (due in just a few weeks!).

Luckily, the Oshi Mat came to my rescue.

The idea for the Oshi Mat came about when a mom/the creator began attending baby classes with her child. Moms would throw down blankets on the floor for their infants, but she wanted something that was easier to keep clean and provided more cushion for her baby. In fact, the product’s name, Oshi, is her son’s nickname.

The mat is made of lightweight foam and rolls up and tucks into a carrying case for easy travel. The mat’s shape makes it easy for you to sit comfortably and interact with your baby.

You can even put multiple Oshi Mats together to make a larger play area for older babies on the move.

Whether you use the Oshi Mat for developmental classes, tummy time, mommy and baby bonding time or just as a safe spot to sit is up to you. I’m looking forward to the peace of mind that my little guy will have a comfy spot to sit on our hardwood floors.


Monday 30th of January 2012

I look at these mats and I can't help but wish I can feel them and see how soft they are.


Monday 30th of January 2012

I love the cute and pretty designs. They sure come in handy when you make a trip to the park!


Thursday 26th of January 2012

hey OI noticed they will be discounted on this week.