DIY: Use Poms to Pretty Up Your Party or Nursery

Oh yes, we’ve chatted before about using tissue poms for your next party and for room decor, but do you know how to make them? For the cost of a couple of dollars, you can create an instant pop of color, style and whimsy with this quick and easy tissue pom tutorial.

The Party Pom: Hang these poms at your next party.

The Nursery Pom: Use these poms for instant color (image via Etsy).

The Mini Pom: Use these cute minis to embellish party goods.

Supplies: Tissue paper (20 inches x 30 inches), Scissors, Floral wire or pipe cleaners, Monofilament or ribbon to hang

How To:

1. Layer eight sheets of tissue paper.
2. Accordion (fan) fold the layered sheets into 1-2 inch sections, back and forth, the entire length of the paper.
3. Wrap your floral wire around the center of the folded paper and secure by twisting.
4. Use your scissors to trim the ends of you folded paper into rounded or pointed shapes.
5. Starting at the center, carefully pull each layer apart, one piece at a time.
6. Decide on the length you want to hang your poms, cut the monofilament or ribbon accordingly and attach to the floral wire to hang.

Tip: You can vary the size and pouf of the poms depending on the sheet size of the tissue paper and how many sheets you use.


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    Love pom-poms in a nursery. I made some fabric pom-poms, using styrofoam balls, and made a mobile for our little girl. Now that she’s almost six months she is always reaching for it, touching it and swatting at it. She always wants me to hold her up to it! It was so easy to make (even if it was time consuming) – but so worth it! Here’s my full post on how I made it if anyone is interested…

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    Hey! I just did this for Marlowe’s nursery 2 days ago!! She loves them and I love the pop of girly color in my gender neutral room!

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    I actually made these for my centerpieces for my wedding – we did a lot of DIY and tried to make it as green as possible, and these I donated to a school for a dance afterward. It took forever because we made about 120 – but they looked great! :)

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    Thanks for sharing! I tried making these for a pop of color in my baby boy’s room but they didn’t come out as pretty :( Practice makes perfect?

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    Just finished the poms for my daughter’s nursery! They take a bit of practice and time, but the end result is awesome! My daughter loves to look up at the ceiling at all the pretty colors!

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