DIY: Baby Shower Tea Party Favor + Free Printable!

The hardest part of party planning for me is never what theme to choose, what to serve or what the decor should be, it is always deciding what favor to give. As a rule, party favors should be of good quality or consumable. Consumable doesn’t necessarily mean edible either—something like a salt scrub or notepad are also things that get consumed or used up!

The “Baby Love” baby shower I’ve been working on will be in the late afternoon during the traditional “tea time” with little sandwiches, dainty desserts, coffee and tea. To go along with our tea party atmosphere, one of the favors will be little boxes of tea bags that say “Thank You” on the front and “You are Appreciated!” on the reverse. I know our guests will love them!

These are very easy to make. All you need to assemble them are scissors, a glue stick and a bone folder (if you have one), along with the printables I’m offering for free through Project Nursery.

First thing you’ll want to do is download the “Baby Love” theme files for the tea bag wrappers and the tea bag box. They are large files, so give them a minute or two to download! Print the tea bag wrappers on plain white paper and the box on heavy white card stock then cut all the pieces out.

To assemble the tea bags:

1. Fold and crease the top flap, and then fold the bottom up to where the points touch the the top crease. Make the bottom crease.

2. Using a glue stick, apply adhesive to the very edges of the inside middle third of the wrapper—no more than 1/8 inch of glue on each side! You need to have plenty of room to fit your teabag in. Fold shut, press down and let dry.

3. Glue the heart square to the paper tag on the tea bag. Trim any excess.

4. Carefully place the tea bag in the envelope. A very small spot of glue stick will seal it shut!

To assemble the box:

1. Fold along lines on box.

2. Glue tab on the side to inside of the box.

3. Fold the small flaps on the bottom in, and then glue down the large flaps.


You can also forgo the box and fill a cute tea cup with these extra special tea bags as a really nice party favor or small gift for someone.


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    Really cute packaging. Thanks for the easy-to-follow tutorial. Looking forward to more DIYs from ProjectNursery!

  2. 2

    Lovely idea for favors and so simple to make! I think I will be making these for my children’s teachers for Valentine’s Day. Thank you for the free printables!!!

  3. 4

    Thank you so much for sharing these printables. They’re so beautiful! I’m using them for a friend baby shower’s next week :-)

  4. 5
  5. 6

    My first visit to your site, and I’m thrilled to find such a cute printable idea that I can use for an upcoming baby shower! As a party planner, you can bet I’ll be checking back often!

  6. 7

    I am in love with these my only problem im finding is i need them in Black and white or where i can costomize them for the theam of my baby shower ! any advice on how i can do this ??

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  9. 11

    Thank you for sharing the free printable Tea bag favour and baby shower tea party tutorial. It is really appreciated. Kindest regards

  10. 12

    I just made up about 20 of the little tea bags in preparation for a neighborhood “widow’s tea” we’re having tomorrow. Thank you so much! It certainly transforms an otherwise boring tea bag package!

  11. 13

    How do you get the other colors for the printable? We need it in pink and I can only get purple to show up.

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  13. 15

    Thank you, I am making the tea bag wrappers for show bags to donate for breast awareness. A great little idea for a good cause. Very appreciated.
    Kind regards

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  16. 18

    Sorry ladies, the free printables are the only color options available. Consider printing on colored paper to get a different effect. The purple may look bluer if printed on blue paper.

  17. 19
  18. 20
  19. 21

    Both links are in the paragraph that starts “First thing you’ll want to do is download the “Baby Love” theme files…” midway through the post.

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    Thank you so much for sharing these! My long-distance boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and he’s going to be super excited to receive these sweet little surprises in the mail! :)

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