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Design Board: Grey is for Girls

One of the hottest color trends in home decor for 2012 is the color grey. When styling a recent Bellini photo shoot, we used grey and gold tones as our storyline, and the result was a sophisticated yet soft look. Here is a design board featuring grey elements for a little girl’s room, paired with a pop of color for the walls to create an elegant, timeless and sweet package.

1. French Night Stand by Art For Kids 2. Matteo Bedding 3. Brocade Slate Fabric by Annette Tatum 4. Sefte Paya Throw Blanket 5. Floral Wallpaper on Layla Grayce 6. Bellini Debby Crib 7. Angel Song Glider

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  1. avatar Sandra says:

    The fabric and the wallpaper are gorgeous! Grey is really so elegant. And I agree with Farrah about it being really flexible when it comes to mix-and-matching with other colors.

  2. avatar IngridCalloway says:

    I love grey, too. Especially the lightest shade of grey. Too bad my husband doesn’t, so none of our rooms at home has grey walls. I do manage to sneak in a few grey-colored items from time to time.

  3. avatar Farrah says:

    So grey is trending? I like that. I think grey is one of those flexible colors that you can match with a lot many other colors.

  4. avatar Melisa says:

    Yes! Grey is def for girls. Love this board Michelle!