Temporary Contemporary: Non-Permanent Wall Decor

Many of our clients live in rental apartments, and often, applying wallpaper or painting is simply not an option for them. These days, there are lots of other wall decor choices in a variety of dimensions and textures to help warm up your space and to add character. These decorations can be easily removed or relocated.

Here are some fun non-permanent solutions to help brighten a nursery, toddler’s room or just a playroom.

1. Tempaper is a new company with many fun patterns that look like wallpaper but apply like post-it notes. 2.Wallduds takes decals into the three-dimensional realm with cute fun designs. 3. Lemon Tree’s picture frames allow you to adorn the wall with pictures of your little one’s loved ones. 4. Love Mae uses fabric for fun textured and original decals. We have a soft spot for the dress-up doll that can change seasonally. 5. We like Look Sugar’s wall calendar, which allows you to mark milestones or upcoming events on the wall for your kids. 6. Simply Chic Lily’s three-dimensional decals enliven every space they adorn.


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    I like the Lemon Tree picture frames. The fifth one is also great for older kids. Makes it easier for us to list down things to do, reminders and even love notes.

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