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Wood Panelled Walls in Children’s Rooms

I’ve been watching the wood panelled wall trend in interior design for a while, and it is truly growing on me. It does have a more masculine side, so it may be better suited for boys’ rooms, but it can also work in a nursery or an older child’s room in a rustic or modern setting. Here are a few examples of traditional and modern design in children’s rooms using wood panelled walls as a focal point.

Wood Paneled Nursery
image from Pinterest

image from Just a Girl

Wood Paneled Child's Room
image from Jute Interior Design

image from Vogue

image from The Brick House

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  1. avatar Sherri Blum says:

    I moved into my new husband’s log home two years ago when we married and I now have wood walls, wood floors, wood ceilings…I complain that I have no walls to paint! As an interior designer, that’s a bit maddening! So glad my home is finally “trendy” if even for a moment. LOL!

  2. avatar Michelle says:

    I absolutely adore the wood-paneled walls. I especially like the concept from The Brick House where the closet door is hidden in the wall.

  3. avatar Rebecca says:

    I would really love to have wood-paneled floors, but I am not very sure about wood-paneled walls.

  4. avatar Ashley V says:

    I really love this!