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What Did You Do? Calling Moms of Two or More!

As the Editor of Project Nursery, I read through hundreds of inspiring design posts that fill my head with loads of interior design inspiration and expert design advice for kids. But right now, I’m asking you all for some good old mom-to-mom opinions on the basic logistics of adding a second child to the family. As I’ve told you before, I’m expecting my second son this February. Just to refresh you, my first son will be about 2.5 when kiddo #2 is expected to arrive.

One thing I can’t decide is how to transport these kids around. Should I go with what I already have—a stroller and a baby carrier? Or opt for a two-seater stroller that allows me to attach my infant car seat?

Baby Jogger City Mini & ERGObaby Carrier


Baby Jogger City Select

Okay, I need to be honest. I totally want the Baby Jogger City Select. It seems awesome with all its possible configurations, and I would be able to transport both kids around long after kiddo #2 reaches a weight that starts breaking my back in the baby carrier. I’m just worried about the price tag of the stroller ($499 before necessary add-ons). Originally, I thought about buying it for my first son for this very reason, but I talked myself out of spending the extra money and went with the City Mini since I wasn’t even sure when kiddo #2 would come into the picture. Ahh, hindsight… What did you all do with your two young kids while running around town?

My second issue is sleeping. My two-year-old is still in his crib. We are also in the process of moving later this month. I hate to move him to a new house, yank away his crib AND bring home a new baby all within a couple months. That seems pretty traumatic to me even as an adult. Plus, I have to admit, I love having my son safe and sound in his little crib, and I’m kind of terrified of transitioning him into a big-boy bed.

So should I go with a crib/bassinet combo in the beginning and bring in the big-boy bed a little bit later? Or make the leap to big bed before kiddo #2 arrives so the crib is ready?

Kalon Studios Ioline Crib & BABYBJÖRN Harmony Bassinet


Kalon Studios Ioline Crib & IKEA SUNDVIK Bed

Yeah, I don’t have that beautiful Ioline crib or the lovely Harmony Bassinet, but I figured if we were talking hypotheticals, I might as well dream a little. How did you transition your big kid out of the crib? Before or after the new baby arrived?

I’d love to hear any and all advice! Any other mamas pregnant with their second out there worrying about these kinds of things?


Thursday 26th of April 2012

Get a tandem double stroller if possible. Also jeep make a light easy to manage side by side double stroller.


Tuesday 20th of December 2011

Same situation for us minus the move. I'm expecting baby #2 in April and our daughter will be 2.5 yr as well. We're moving her in a bed as soon as first week of January but leaving the crib in her room on the opposite side. New little bean will sleep in our room in one of those cool little "Hauck" crib, there's small enough and folds like a playpen to carry around but they're more a crib and goes up to 5 months. We had a bassinet for our daughter and I found that by 3 moths, it was too small. So he's going to be in our room for many months and then move in with her, she has a very big room so they will share for a while until we decide what to do.

As for travelling around, our daughter doesn't like to be in the stroller very long anymore, we're going to get the little (I call them skateboard, she likes it) board on wheels attachment that goes with our stroller (an Uppababy, love that stroller!) and I also want to get an Ergo carrier. I had a different carrier with her and it wasn't comfortable but I was told by many that Ergo is the way to go, so we'll try that. We're working on potty training right now as I don't want to do it all at once. You are right to not want to do it all at once, it's just too much changes.

Good luck!


Tuesday 20th of December 2011

My 2 are 18 months apart.

Sleeping: the oldest is 23 months old now and is still in his crib. The baby slept in a pack n play in our room until about a week or so ago (she is now 4 1/2 months). She is now in a crib in a semi-finished nursery. (someday soon we'll get it completed!) We were in NO hurry to get the oldest out of a crib since he still tends to wake a couple times a night.

As far as going around town, I use a carrier for the baby. She used the Ergo for the first 3 months or so. However, she got to a point where she wasn't happy unless she was facing forward. Now I use the Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier (WAY better than the other Baby Bjorn models). I usually put my older one in the shopping cart OR an umbrella single stroller if there are no shopping carts. But, if I'm walking through the neighborhood, going to the park, or running I use the BOB Revolution double. I LOVE that stroller and use it a lot but, if you are not planning on running, I would get something else. Chances are you will find yourself wishing that you had some type of double stroller, so I would recommend getting one at some point. Keep in mind that if you use a carrier for the baby most of the time, you can probably hold off on a stroller that will accommodate a car seat.


Tuesday 20th of December 2011

We're having # 4 this Feb. with a 5, 3, and almost 2 years old. We are also moving this month, craziness huh?! It may look crazy but I've decided to forgo the double stroller for now. I have a single with the buggy board attached for the 3 and 20 month old, and plan on using my beloved baby carrier for awhile. Baby much prefers being with you anyways. We are also getting a second crib. I completely agree with the safety and easiness of a crib vs. transitioning him to a big boy bed. For all of our sanity- new house, new baby, tired mommy- keeping him in a crib was a clear choice for us. Congrats on your second and you're right none of your decisions can't be changed if they just don't work.


Friday 16th of December 2011

why not try buying the city select used - I bet there are some that are in pretty good shape - and could maybe save you some money ... just a thought.