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What Did You Do? Calling Moms of Two or More!

As the Editor of Project Nursery, I read through hundreds of inspiring design posts that fill my head with loads of interior design inspiration and expert design advice for kids. But right now, I’m asking you all for some good old mom-to-mom opinions on the basic logistics of adding a second child to the family. As I’ve told you before, I’m expecting my second son this February. Just to refresh you, my first son will be about 2.5 when kiddo #2 is expected to arrive.

One thing I can’t decide is how to transport these kids around. Should I go with what I already have—a stroller and a baby carrier? Or opt for a two-seater stroller that allows me to attach my infant car seat?

Baby Jogger City Mini & ERGObaby Carrier


Baby Jogger City Select

Okay, I need to be honest. I totally want the Baby Jogger City Select. It seems awesome with all its possible configurations, and I would be able to transport both kids around long after kiddo #2 reaches a weight that starts breaking my back in the baby carrier. I’m just worried about the price tag of the stroller ($499 before necessary add-ons). Originally, I thought about buying it for my first son for this very reason, but I talked myself out of spending the extra money and went with the City Mini since I wasn’t even sure when kiddo #2 would come into the picture. Ahh, hindsight… What did you all do with your two young kids while running around town?

My second issue is sleeping. My two-year-old is still in his crib. We are also in the process of moving later this month. I hate to move him to a new house, yank away his crib AND bring home a new baby all within a couple months. That seems pretty traumatic to me even as an adult. Plus, I have to admit, I love having my son safe and sound in his little crib, and I’m kind of terrified of transitioning him into a big-boy bed.

So should I go with a crib/bassinet combo in the beginning and bring in the big-boy bed a little bit later? Or make the leap to big bed before kiddo #2 arrives so the crib is ready?

Kalon Studios Ioline Crib & BABYBJÖRN Harmony Bassinet


Kalon Studios Ioline Crib & IKEA SUNDVIK Bed

Yeah, I don’t have that beautiful Ioline crib or the lovely Harmony Bassinet, but I figured if we were talking hypotheticals, I might as well dream a little. How did you transition your big kid out of the crib? Before or after the new baby arrived?

I’d love to hear any and all advice! Any other mamas pregnant with their second out there worrying about these kinds of things?

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  1. avatar Kris says:

    Get a tandem double stroller if possible. Also jeep make a light easy to manage side by side double stroller.

  2. avatar Caro says:

    Same situation for us minus the move. I’m expecting baby #2 in April and our daughter will be 2.5 yr as well. We’re moving her in a bed as soon as first week of January but leaving the crib in her room on the opposite side. New little bean will sleep in our room in one of those cool little “Hauck” crib, there’s small enough and folds like a playpen to carry around but they’re more a crib and goes up to 5 months. We had a bassinet for our daughter and I found that by 3 moths, it was too small. So he’s going to be in our room for many months and then move in with her, she has a very big room so they will share for a while until we decide what to do.

    As for travelling around, our daughter doesn’t like to be in the stroller very long anymore, we’re going to get the little (I call them skateboard, she likes it) board on wheels attachment that goes with our stroller (an Uppababy, love that stroller!) and I also want to get an Ergo carrier. I had a different carrier with her and it wasn’t comfortable but I was told by many that Ergo is the way to go, so we’ll try that. We’re working on potty training right now as I don’t want to do it all at once. You are right to not want to do it all at once, it’s just too much changes.

    Good luck!

  3. avatar Erin says:

    My 2 are 18 months apart.

    Sleeping: the oldest is 23 months old now and is still in his crib. The baby slept in a pack n play in our room until about a week or so ago (she is now 4 1/2 months). She is now in a crib in a semi-finished nursery. (someday soon we’ll get it completed!) We were in NO hurry to get the oldest out of a crib since he still tends to wake a couple times a night.

    As far as going around town, I use a carrier for the baby. She used the Ergo for the first 3 months or so. However, she got to a point where she wasn’t happy unless she was facing forward. Now I use the Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier (WAY better than the other Baby Bjorn models). I usually put my older one in the shopping cart OR an umbrella single stroller if there are no shopping carts. But, if I’m walking through the neighborhood, going to the park, or running I use the BOB Revolution double. I LOVE that stroller and use it a lot but, if you are not planning on running, I would get something else. Chances are you will find yourself wishing that you had some type of double stroller, so I would recommend getting one at some point. Keep in mind that if you use a carrier for the baby most of the time, you can probably hold off on a stroller that will accommodate a car seat.

  4. avatar Phyllis says:

    We’re having # 4 this Feb. with a 5, 3, and almost 2 years old. We are also moving this month, craziness huh?! It may look crazy but I’ve decided to forgo the double stroller for now. I have a single with the buggy board attached for the 3 and 20 month old, and plan on using my beloved baby carrier for awhile. Baby much prefers being with you anyways. We are also getting a second crib. I completely agree with the safety and easiness of a crib vs. transitioning him to a big boy bed. For all of our sanity- new house, new baby, tired mommy- keeping him in a crib was a clear choice for us. Congrats on your second and you’re right none of your decisions can’t be changed if they just don’t work.

  5. avatar Laura says:

    why not try buying the city select used – I bet there are some that are in pretty good shape – and could maybe save you some money … just a thought.

  6. avatar Jackie says:

    I really dislike the two seater pushchair ‘things’. I carry our boy in the sling about 90% of the time – so would vote for sling & stroller ;)

  7. avatar Nicole says:

    Our 2 kids are 27 months apart and I went with a BJCM double and while I love the stroller, my daughter never wants to ride in it. I too long for a City Select, but haven’t wanted to spend the money on it and have been waiting for a deal – which never comes along for this stroller. I tend to wear my 3 month old in my Beco and push my daughter in the Bumbleride for long outings. I still have my eye on the City Select, but I almost feel like as my daughter is now 2.5 my window for needing it might be fading. We kept our daughter in a crib (she’s still in it now at 2.5) and our son in a pack n play in our room. Our daughter only just recently started climbing out of her crib and we plan to put her in her big girl bed this weekend and move the crib to the baby’s room. Good luck!

  8. avatar Kelly says:

    Spend the money on the stroller, you will LOVE it!! We have it and could not be happier. We are working on baby #2 so we love all the options on this stroller for when we have another baby. I can tell you this stroller is 100 million % worth the extra money you will spend.

  9. avatar Stephanie says:

    I am in the EXACT same position. Our 2nd baby is due in February so she and big sister will be almost exactly 2 years apart. I plan on using the stroller plus carrier when the baby is little and then the kick board thing when the baby gets older. As for the sleeping arrangements I am very torn. We had a bassinet with our eldest so we’ll be using it again this time around so I figure that gives us a few months before the girls have to share a room. What I’m torn on is making the transition to toddler bed. I don’t feel like the eldest is ready but I don’t know if it’s more that I’m scared she’ll have a hard time adjusting and will stop sleeping through the night. Either way, her crib is a convertible one so I think we’ve decided we’ll convert her crib at some point and just buy a new crib for the new baby. So many decisions! Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before we started trying for #2?

  10. avatar Sharon says:

    Hi Beth,
    I had all of the same questions as you did! I have a daughter who is just over 2.5 years old and a son who is 6 months old. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark so I have no car, so the stroller/ child transport issue was really important to me. My daughter is at an age that she loves to walk but then maybe she will get tired or maybe I just need to contain her when she gets a little crazy sometimes! So for me, having my baby Graham in a Baby Bjorn carrier on my chest and then having Olivia in a simple stroller was great. If my daughter wants to get out of the stroller and walk, I then put Graham into the stroller and let Olivia walk and then just tuck my Baby Bjorn in the storage part of the stroller. I just hate how bulky those double strollers are (and very expensive here) and it has worked out well with this set up. I have also used the skateboard looking hookup to the stroller and had the baby in the stroller and my daughter standing on the skateboard connected to the stroller. This is what has worked for me so far.
    As far as the bed situation goes, we have a small-ish apartment in Copenhagen and my end goal was to have my two kids share a room. So, when Graham was born, he slept in my room with me and my husband for the first 5 months or so in a small bassinet. Last month I moved him into my daughter’s room. For that reason, I wanted my 2.5 year old daughter to stay in her crib- so that she could not have free access to him when she was in her room at night. I have two cribs in their room and they sleep in the same room together really well at this point. So, if you don’t plan on putting them in the same room, I would say go with whatever your older child is ready for. I would hold onto crib sleeping as long as you can- basically until the child asks for a bed because I think it makes it easier on a mom with a newborn to be able to physically keep a child stationary at night. It is less important if she has a separate room then the baby.
    Also if you are moving, keeping as many things normal as possible would be good for your older child – like having the same crib and not having a grown up bed all of the sudden.

    You didn’t ask but I will conclude with a thought and reference about of the very most important things when it comes to parenting and adding another child to the mix: teach your childred to sleep well! That is the most important thing to me and my husband- and it is really healthy for the kids. So, I just wanted to recommend “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Dr. Weissbluth.
    You are an experienced mom so I am sure you already have the sleep thing under control. Adding another child to the family- especially in the same room just showed me how much sleep training helps a kid stay on a good schedule- no matter if you introduce a new home, a new country (as we did) and a new baby!
    Good luck!

  11. avatar Beth says:

    Thanks for all the advice, everybody! I love that though many of you tried different things, most of you had success. It gives me hope that I won’t make the “wrong” decision. :)

  12. avatar Fletcher says:

    Go for the City Select and sell you other stroller! You can always use the City Select as a single stroller. Try moving to the “big brother bed”.

  13. avatar sangeetha says:

    Here’s what i did. i had my little girl when my little dude was 30 months 2.5 years old. transitioned to toddler bed although in hind sight should have just gone to a full bed. baby borjn until baby was about 10 months+ stroller for big guy. and then stroller for kids and walking for big boy. By then the big guy was over 3 and had given up on stroller – that way we kept down the junk factor at home and kept to a minimum pieces of furniture

  14. avatar Lauren Nguyen says:

    I’m in the same situation. Due in April and my daughter will be almost 2 1/2 when baby brother is born. I put together her toddler bed and she was really excited. At nap time today she asked to sleep in it. It took some coming in and out of her room to get her to stay in there…but as I type, she’s sleeping in it! We’ll see how tonight goes.
    I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the stroller issue.

  15. avatar Megan says:

    I LOVED the ergo!!!! Mine are 2 years 4 months apart. The ergo saved me sooo many times at home not just out! I could get baby to sleep in carrier while still helping older child. (and not all carriers are the same! I was able to carry my son a lot longer than my daughter because I invested in the ergo!) I would use ergo at the store instead of the car seat into the cart. I just felt I had a better control over both kids if one was with me at all times! :-)
    We eventually tried a side by side stroller and never used it!! my older would walk or baby would be carried. If we go some place like Disney where we need stroller for both I just bring the small umbrella for older (which folds and can be “hooked” on and carried behind other stroller) it’s worked well for us. I wouldnt’ spend the money on the stroller until after baby comes.
    And about bed- keep him in the crib!!! so much safer and if he’s sleeping well in it keep it!!! You’ll be thankful you arent sleep training a toddler into a big bed and have a newborn!!

  16. avatar Kristi says:

    We have a double stroller, albeit, not nearly as cool as the Baby City Select, and I love it. We have a 2 and half year old and a 3 month old and I use that thing all the time. I much prefer it to a baby carrier.
    As for the bed situation, we moved the “big girl bed” into our daughter’s room pretty early on in the pregnancy. We talked about why it was in there and how eventually she would sleep in it. We were totally prepared to keep her in it beyond the birth of number two as the baby would sleep in our room at the beginning. However, one day at nap time, she asked to sleep in her b.g.b. and that is where she has slept since. She did have some issues with getting out at first, but now stays in until we come down and get her.
    Hope this helps and good luck!

  17. avatar Nicole Baksa says:

    Hi! I am in the exact same position! I am due Jan 3rd with my second son and my first son will be 2 in Feb. So almost 2 years apart. As for stroller we kept our Uppababy stroller and added on the second seat and kick board thing so he could stand if he wants. I think at first I will use the carrier for the newborn and just do the one seat stroller. I think when he’s small that will be the best fit, but once they get around 3 or 4 months I’m pulling out the double. I remember with my son how he got heavy so soon.

    As for sleeping arrangements, we moved our son into a big boy bed this summer. It was a little nuts for a while with him getting up and down but he seems to have it down now and even naps in his bed. If I were you I wouldn’t do it so soon to the move and the new baby coming. Maybe wait until after baby and the move and then try and introduce it as something new and exciting that just he gets! I wouldn’t want to have to get up and keep putting a toddler back in bed while up feeding a newborn :) It took our little guy maybe 2 or 3 months to really get use to it.

    Hope that helps!

  18. avatar Lia keller says:

    I have bOys 15 months apart. At first, I put one in the Ergo and strolled the other. Now, I have a double stroller (like a chariot) so they can sit together. It all works out and it seems that it rarely is the way you plan. Darn kids have plans of their own!

  19. avatar Kate says:

    Great article. Here are some thoughts. If you want to keep your older child in his crib, then keep him in his crib. That is what I would decide on first. If he and you are ready for him to move into a bed, then do that, if not then keep him in his crib. You could get your new child his own crib, if you have the space. Sometimes cribs are less expensive than bassinets. I like bassinets, but some people don’t have a need for them since baby can only be in them for such a short period of time. A mini crib could be a great option. It will last longer than bassinet to give your older child plenty of time to make the switch.

    If you choose to get a new stroller, and the City Select does look awesome, you could get the bassinet that goes with the stroller instead of an infant car seat (just go straight to the convertible car seat). This could solve both problems since many stroller bassinets can be used for overnight sleeping. Check to make sure your stroller brand ‘s bassinet is safe for this. If you choose not to get a new stroller, I also agree that once your baby outgrows the ergo, you could attach the wheeled board to your current stroller for your big kid and have your baby in the stroller seat. There are so many options! Good luck.

  20. avatar Meagan says:

    Have you seen those stand-on attachments for strollers? I think it goes behind the stroller… could be a good big kid solution?