Naomi’s Favorite Holiday Gift

In every child’s mind, it seems that bigger is always better. Kids always go for the biggest present first! Well, that’s what I did at age four when I saw a huge box wrapped messily with seams all over and a big bow on top. What on earth was this lumpy, misshapen thing? It was a child-sized recliner, all of my own! I still remember the soft velvety fabric and my excitement over receiving something so “adult.” I was a grown up now!

Child Size Eames ChairMini-e Kid’s Replica Eames Chair by Little Nest

Years later, I still think back on that gift. Nowadays, there are so many fantastic options out there for child-sized furniture. They range from exact replicas of famous chairs to new and modern designs in fun fabrics—the options are endless. So if you’re willing to admit that your child is, in fact, growing up, consider a mini version of your favorite chair!

Collage of Child Size ChairsBaroque Kids Armchair by Casa Padrino, Child’s Womb Chair by Knoll Kids,  Junior Templeton Chair by Jonathan Adler, Mini Chesterfield Chair by Chic Shabby Interiors


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    I think that children’s furniture is a really great thing to give kids. I sometimes wish I had the money to get signature kiddie furniture pieces for my little tots. It’s something useful and something that really lasts. They can keep it until they’re old and have children of their own. The ideal heirloom pieces.

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