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Monthly Baby Photo Ideas

I know we’ve all seen them—photos documenting the monthly growth of a cute little baby. There are all sorts of ways to do it and lots of creative ideas floating around waiting to be grabbed by all you imaginative parents. I love seeing the new ideas mix in with the old.

One of our readers, Michelle from Our Dream Foreclosure, came up with this clever idea to add a new piece of clothing to her son’s picture each month so that at the end of the year he’ll be fully clothed (gotta love the boxers!).

Our Dream Foreclosure Monthly Baby Picture
image from Our Dream Foreclosure

Erica, from Erica’s Bloggity Blog, dressed her son in the same sleeper for each picture to document his growth. So cute and funny!

Erica's Bloggity Blog Monthly Baby Picture
image from Erica’s Bloggity Blog

There’s always the good old-fashioned change the number on a onesie route. Young House Love photoshopped their daughter’s onesie, but you can also make your own or buy decals (we like Sticky Bellies). YHL also changed up the background using different fabric backdrops. Oh, they also photographed every week!

Young House Love Monthly Baby Picture
image from Young House Love

Personally, I used the put your kid in a onesie in the same chair next to the same stuffed animal method to document my son’s growth via monthly pictures. Some of my favorite shots are the candid ones (like the one below) that occur when you are desperately trying to capture your squirmy little kiddo! I still wonder what those two were looking at.

Baby with Bear Monthly Photo

Are you taking/planning on taking monthly shots of your baby? What method did you come up with and what were your favorite tricks to get the perfect shot?

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  1. avatar Brie says:

    These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I’ve taken photos each month doing her new favorite thing, I.e: month 1, when she held her head up, she had this look of a turtle, so we caught that, month 2, she loved “flying” so we got a shot looking up at her, month 3 she was only calm when we carried her a certain way, so we took.a shot of me holding her next to a retro fireplace, and 4 shes balancing on her dad’s hand. I photo shop in some writing to say what she does/likes at the time. Thought it was acool alternative to a baby book!

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  4. avatar Lori says:

    My Daughter was born in Jan this year so I put together a calender where all the pictures in a given month were from that month this year. I did random photo shoots throughout the year, not really scheduled. The calendar turned out really well. I titled it “A Year with Evangeline”.

  5. avatar Brooke says:

    I’m a crafter of children’s things and took pictures of my son with the plushies that I make for little ones. Each month he’s laying or sitting with his plush so you can see just how quickly he grows in comparison.

    Super fun and he loves haning out with his toy :)

  6. avatar Beth says:

    Loving all these great ideas!

  7. avatar Sarah says:

    I’ve been taking my son’s picture in front of a chalkboard I write the month on. I love it

  8. avatar Sarah says:

    We took pictures of our son wearing a Happy Birthday party hat every month and if it was a holiday month, wearing the holiday/seasonal outfit!

  9. avatar Ellen says:

    I’m expecting my first baby in March and I’m already thinking about how I’ll take her monthly pictures! I love Connie’s idea about saving the stickers and putting them in the album with the photo. Maybe I’ll try that! Thanks for the great post and conversation starter!

  10. avatar Cassi says:

    I saw an idea on Pinterest and am taking monthly pictures of my son laying in a laundry basket. I think it’s so cute!

  11. avatar Connie M says:

    We just took my daughter’s 22 month photo and since we are ending monthly photos when she turns 2 I’m getting a little said. Anyway – for the first 12 months my daughter wore a onsie with a printed cut out circle with the month number. Starting at 13 months she wore a dress I bought in multiple sizes. The photos are always taken on the same rocking chair in her room. I print my favorite photo and put it in an album along with the actual paper number circle she wore. Some of the numbers were put in her mouth or crumpled in the “photo session” so seeing the actual number brings back memories too!

  12. avatar Rachel says:

    I dress him up every month in a size 12 month onesie, and lay him on the same blanket. Then in his photo book, I put all the photos in order, it is so amazing to see the change from month to month!

  13. avatar Paula says:

    I wish I had been together enough to do something cute like this! We just opted for making sure pictures were taken at least once a month. But I do love that little man at the top getting dressed in his suit–what a darling idea.

  14. avatar Nanette says:

    We used the rocker in our nursery, with Picky Sticky decals on the onesies and blocks.

    It got more difficult to keep her away from the blocks as she got older, but that just made for more fun pics.

  15. avatar Kerry says:

    I’m taking monthly shots in our little girl’s nursery – in front of the chair and elephant foot rest we have. Each month, so far, she’s been showing new skills. It’s just nice to capture her growing and changing each month, in a space we put so much love and effort into. You can see our most recent one here:

  16. avatar Nina Weaver says:

    I sat Elizabeth in the same chair each month and I had her hold a wooden number (that I covered with cute paper) corresponding to the month. I also took her picture in the same pink tutu with a white background each month. I love these pictures!

  17. avatar Hanna says:

    I was going to do something clever like that, but just ended up taking nice photos once a month in my favourite outfit of hers. It was nice because I got to document all the cute things she had before she outgrew them.