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How Do You Organize Your Kids’ Books?

Building a library of books for your child is a great way to encourage them to read. However, keeping books organized takes some thought and time. Here are a few ways I like to organize kids’ books.

By Color:
My favorite is to arrange them by color. This makes quite a design statement. The floor-to-ceiling bookshelf below is a great example of how this can be done.

kids books arranged by color
image from ohdeedoh

By Size:
This is done by dividing the book collection into groups of small, medium and large books; you then arrange them on the bookshelf according to group. Don’t stress if the books don’t all fit vertically. The taller or larger books may have to be set horizontally or a smaller collection of books can be used as bookends.

organizing kids booksimage from Land of Nod

By Topic, Author or Series:
This is a great way to ensure you read all the Dr. Seuss stories in your collection! What about using something like these animal dividers to keep things organized and add visual interest to the bookshelf? Looks like a fun DIY project to me!

Animal Index by Hiroshi Sasagawa

Be Creative:
Why not use your child’s books as part of the wall decor in the room? There are lots of creative ways to display books that not only allow your child to easily pick out the book he is looking for but also put that beautiful cover art to work in the room!

image from weeDECOR

 How do you organize your kids’ books?

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