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Gerri’s Favorite Holiday Gift: Giant Stuffed Animals

My favorite childhood Christmas gift was actually the result of a moment of intense fear: There I was, seconds away from my turn to sit on Santa’s lap, with absolutely no clue what I was going to ask for. When the moment came, I blurted out the very first thing that came to mind—a pink teddy bear.  And, from that moment on, all I could think of was that bear.

Giant pink teddy bear
image from Giant Stuffed Animals

When Christmas morning arrived, there she was—the biggest, softest, brightest pink bear I had ever seen. “Sasha” became my steadfast favorite friend. And, although Santa and his trusty elves must have spent hours hand-crafting my bear, I do love these modern day alternatives—no reindeer required.

stuffed animal
Giant Giraffe by Melissa & Doug

jumbo lion toyLook for this giant stuffed lion, by Melissa & Doug, in an upcoming kid’s room by Little Crown Interiors!

jumbo stuffed animalJumbo Panda Bear by Melissa & Doug

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about that Christmas morning, and I had a thought I wanted to share. Only now, as I spend hours reading Consumer Reports to figure out which telescope my sons will like best and discovering that one can, in fact, purchase a toy angle grinder*, do I realize the amount of work my mom and dad put into making each Christmas perfect. So, if you ever got the perfect holiday gift, consider taking a moment to call the giver and thank them again. Not only for the gift, but for the amazing memory that you’ll always cherish.

*An angle grinder is some kind of crazy tool my husband uses in the garage. I have no idea what it does, but the kids are obsessed with it. Seriously, how did people find this stuff before the internet?!


Wednesday 28th of December 2011

I love stuffed animals, as they are really cute and cuddly. I just don't like the task of cleaning them when they have all gathered dust and require a washing.

caroline udland

Monday 26th of December 2011

There was a time when I was young when all I would like to get as gifts were stuffed animals and stuffed dolls.

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Thursday 22nd of December 2011

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