Style Watch: The Hatch Collection

I am now in my 21st week of pregnancy. I am still wearing some non-maternity clothing, but it won’t be long until I am definitely going to have to purchase some pieces to accommodate my bump. I have scoured different maternity shops, but I always seem to leave empty handed. I hate spending money on something I will probably never wear again, and truthfully, half of the items aren’t even that cute!

That was until I discovered Hatch Collection. My inner fashionista was giddy with excitement as I browsed through each of their perfectly styled looks. A classic trench, a chic wrap and something as simple as a striped tee all looked so effortlessly chic. You can’t help but want to transform your entire closet with their clothing.

Hatch was conceived after new mom Ariane Goldman found that many style-savvy moms were looking for something that could go the distance in their wardrobe. Women want timeless pieces that can go from the nine months of pregnancy and beyond. So, voila! Hatch was born, and now we have this finely edited collection of stylish wardrobe essentials that women can wear before, during and after pregnancy. Genius, don’t you think?

I am dying for this wrap, which also comes in red or navy. I would live in this piece, and it would make the perfect travel item ($278).

I think it’s hard to make an oversized, crisp white shirt look good, but they hit the nail on the head with this one. They kept it modern with the covered placket and blouson sleeve. It would also look just as good belted—perfect for when you get your waistline back after the baby! It comes in twill or silk ($248).


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    THANK YOU for Hatch Collection suggestion! I’m at 21 weeks too and have found a lot of the maternity clothing stores lacking. After 5 minutes on the Hatch Collection website, I’ve lined up my Winter/Spring wardrobe!

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    What adorable pieces. I will have to keep this line in mind when baby # 2 comes along. I love the stripe knit dress and oh my gosh how cozy does that wrap look?
    Just think you have hit your half way point!

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    Yeah, the style’s really nice. But these clothes are so expensive! I am not sure if I’d be willing to shell out that much money. Traditional maternity clothes do look utterly horrible, so I am glad I haven’t gained so much weight that I can just wear regular dresses but a couple of sizes larger to accommodate my bump.

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    It’s still possible to stay out of maternity clothes and remain stylish despite the burgeoning baby bump without having to spend so much on expensive clothes. I think pregnant women now are lucky that the clothes that are trendy these days are kind of lose and stretchy.

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    Melanie, have you tried anything from Hatch collection? I bought a few pieces and was SO disappointed. Everything was very big and had no shape. I thought they sent me the wrong sizes, but I called them to discuss and I did get the smallest size. I think you would need to be pregnant and be a contestant on the biggest loser to wear their clothes!

    I did just get a few pieces of maternity clothese from Isabella Oliver. They are great! The fit is good, the items are stylish, and the best part is that the fabric is SO soft. Try them out!

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