Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

I have so many favorite Christmas gifts, it’s really hard to pick just one from my childhood. I would have to say the Barbie Dream House, my Cabbage Patch Dolls and a pastel boom-box were definitely highlights for me. My parents even saved the Barbie house and the cabbage patch dolls, which my nieces play with when they come over. It’s great to see that old toys never truly get “old.”

For someone like me who is extremely girly, the whole boy toy thing is brand new to me. With a three-year-old son who is car and truck obsessed, I feel like I have become an expert. In fact, I now know names of probably twenty monster trucks. Who knew that “Monster Mutt” and “Grave Digger” were terms I would use often in my vocabulary? So, if your little guy (or girl!) loves cars and trucks, here are some our favorites.

The first set of cars we purchased were by Wow!. These German-designed toys are great because you just push them and they go. They are extremely durable and perfect for a boy around a year and beyond. We love the Turbo Twins set that comes with two drivers.

This Lightning McQueen Activity Ride-On Toy has given our son years of entertainment. We got it for him at about a year, and he still rides on it to this day, even though his legs are now way too long for it. It has a storage compartment under the seat, it lights up, and it has numbers and songs to entertain and educate your child.

The Magna-Tiles Working Trucks by Valtech are very popular in our house. These are designed for a child around three and would appeal to older children as well. The set comes with 27 different magnetic parts that can be made into all sorts of car and truck combinations. This is great for kids’ hand-eye coordination and encourages their creativity.

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go by Richard Scarry is a book that has been around forever, and I am so excited to be able to read it to my son now. I had this as a child, and my brother and I spent hours looking at this book. The illustrations are fantastic, and your kids will love searching out “Goldbug”on each page.

And you may be wondering what our toddler will be getting this year. Well, we decided on the Step 2 Up and Down Roller Coaster. Who cares about cold winter weather when you have this? We will be setting this up in our basement for hours of entertainment!


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    The Lightning McQueen Ride On is a big hit in our house too! Be warned it makes an excellent step stool to items that you thought were safely out of reach, though.

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    Those Cabbage Patch dolls are such a classic! It’s great that yours are still “alive” up to this day. I can only wish I took better care of them.

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