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Bumpers but Not Really

The bumper debate is still a heated one. As concern regarding bumpers has heightened, some interesting alternatives have been hitting the market. One of my favorites is the Wonder Bumpers by Go Mama Go Designs. These vertical bumpers wrap tightly around each crib spoke. The theory behind them is that they still provide a protective barrier for your child, inhibit your child from using the bumper as a means of jumping out of the crib, while allowing for better airflow in the crib. Pretty nifty.

I think using these bumpers—I vote for solids—with your pick of sheet and crib skirt is a great alternative for parents who opt out of the traditional bumper but still want an interesting and designer look.

What do you think of this new bumper alternative? Would you use them?

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  1. avatar Peggy says:

    I’m going to be making some of the covers seeing as there are 3 family members expecting, (must be the water,which is why I drink bottled) but I cant figure out how they stay on seeing as ive only seen them on google. Any body know?

  2. avatar Jo says:

    Yea that’s a wonderful idea. I actually had the same idea almost 13 yrs ago well before I was a mom. I was 16 at the time watching my niece when she was using the old origanals and was trying to climb out of her crib. Back then I wasn’t creative enough to sew. 12 yrs later I have finaly made my own for my 3rd son! Hopefully more mother will use the same type.

  3. avatar kim miller says:

    I love the wonder bumpers!!! They are the safest bumper on the market and they still provide all of the protection that we look for!! I would highly recommend them.

  4. avatar jamie neuberg says:

    I would definitely use them if they were more reasonably priced!

  5. avatar Rene says:

    I love my Wonder Bumpers. The zipper doesn’t eat away at the wood on the crib and they are easy to wash. My son is a very active sleeper and we have never had an issue with any sort of bruises or injuries. Our set was cheaper than most other bedding sets out there and well worth every penny! We ended up spending about 230.00 as opposed to $359.00 for the other bedding set we were interested in. We lvoe our bumpers because we when transition our son to his toddler bed we’ll be able to continue to use them. So we’ve definitely gotten our moneys worth.

  6. avatar Zsa Zsa says:

    I’d use them too if they weren’t expensive. Aside from providing protection, I love how they can make a crib look more inviting and elegant!

  7. avatar Amanda says:

    Not a fan of the zipper. Velcro would be better to protect the spindle. I don’t see how they would keep tiny limbs from slipping by and getting stuck. I’m sticking with my traditional tie-it-in-s-tight-knot bumper, if you make the knot tight but keep the loop loose (on our crib) the bumper is secure and slips down the spindle if stepped on.

  8. avatar Lauren Nguyen says:

    With my last baby I ended up buying one of those “breathable” mesh bumpers. It doesn’t provide a soft area, but they can’t climb it and their arms/legs can’t stick out.
    These look like a nice alternative though.

  9. avatar Kristine says:

    i love my wonder bumpers! my special needs daughter has a metal medical crib. i sleep better now knowing she is safe and comfortable…no more head bangin! lol! they also have great customer service :) not to mention her crib is adorable!

  10. avatar Rosie says:

    I use these bumpers and LOVE them! They don’t really cost that much, considering you get a skirt, the bumpers, a blanket or swaddle with them too! The company is top notch and when I had a tiny problem, then quickly resolved it and went out of their way to help me. I also love that they go on one at a time, so that if baby throws up or something, you can take of the three or four that got dirty, wash and put them back on quickly!

  11. avatar Randi S. says:

    I already do! My 2yr old used them on her crib and toddler conversion of her crib until we moved her to a twin a few months ago. And my 7 month old just got a brand new set for her crib to match her nursery (bought on Cyber Monday for just $99…and they still have them on sale) We love them!

  12. avatar Eve says:

    Also, there are often sales for these Wonder Bumpers on the website, so that helps with the cost. We just purchased a 38 set (includes crib skirt, blanket, bumpers, etc.) for $99.

  13. avatar Eve says:

    We have Wonder Bumpers on two cribs at our house, and we love them! They are a safe alternative to traditional bumpers, and they look great. They are easy to wash and to put on the crib. The zippers don’t damage the wood at all, and they fit very well all the way around both cribs (we have 2 different style cribs, and they fit both well). They do cost more than a traditional crib bumper, but you can also use them much longer (if you have a convertible crib, for example), and most importantly, they provide safe protection for your baby. I highly recommend them!

  14. avatar Lindsey says:

    I use them! I waited for a sale and bought only enough to put one on every other slat. It still offers padding and proteection from her getting a limb stuck. Plus, I can leave them on when using the crib as a toddler bed for decoration. Well worth the cost for me.

  15. avatar Heidi S says:

    We have them and we LOVE them! so easy to clean and put back on!

  16. avatar Kristin says:

    I absolutely adore the idea, but the price tag is just too hefty. I opted for the breathable bumper from and have been really happy with it so far. It fits nice and tightly to the crib and still allows good airflow and protection from the hard railings.

  17. avatar Kaci says:

    We looked at these for our baby due in Feb. but they are so expensive!! Also, they are zippered, so they don’t fit EVERY crib very nicely, all I can see is that metal zipper eating the wood on my brand new crib! Currently looking at making a double bumper that goes around the outside of the crib too, making it impossible for the inside to fall in and suffocate the baby – the main problem with traditional bumpers.

  18. avatar Wendy says:

    A regular bumper pad is about $35-45 on average, these cannot cost THAT much more to make!

  19. avatar Shelia K. Ball says:

    LOVE the idea, but not if they are going to charge an arm and a leg for them…

  20. avatar Wendy says:


    That’s a GREAT idea, I think I will try that as well!

  21. avatar Wendy says:


    Sorry, it’s $165

  22. avatar kaosong says:

    I would, but they are a bit pricey. I think I might make some.

  23. avatar Wendy says:

    Just checked the pricing WOW $199 for a set of 38 wonder bumpers. That’s more than my son’s complete bedding set!

  24. avatar Wendy says:

    My son was early so his nursery wasn’t finished when he was born. He was a playard bassinet and then the playard untit he was about 5 months. After that he was in his crib with a bumper pad. If these new pads aren’t too expensive I would DEFINETLY consider them for my next child.

  25. avatar Becca says:

    I’d use them if they weren’t too expensive. I haven’t checked out their website yet. I didn’t use regular bumpers for my first son though so my second probably won’t have any either. (He’s in a bassinet right now)