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Best Christmas Ever: The Big Red Bicycle

Running into the living room only to be blinded by the light bouncing off a shiny red Schwinn bicycle sitting under the tree was like getting a Maserati at sixteen. I’ll never forget the fancy, big red bike my parents—I mean Santa—brought me for Christmas. Nevermind that it looked like a racing bike built for the Tour de France and probably was not the ideal ride for a nine-year-old; in my opinion, it was the coolest bike ever. Even at an early age, I understood the impact of the Schwinn name and brand recognition. My fashion sense, on the other hand (as seen here in a handmade sweater I also got that day), must have came later in life…

While the bike of my 1980 childhood dreams isn’t exactly what I had in mind for my nearly 2-year-old and 4-year-old, I do have big bike plans in mind for their Santa surprise this holiday season. The iconic Schwinn is still the perfect family bicycle—boasting hip and slightly retro designs for the entire family. I have my sights set on their Gremlin appropriately named for my big one.

Now for the two and under crowd, topping Santa’s list is the ultimate balance bike for kids ages 1 to 5, otherwise known as Wishbone. Find it carefully curated and on sale in our Opensky store.

Lastly, kudos to the folks at Schwinn for their intuitive website that genuinely helps you choose the right bike for each member of your family. I’ll be found watching their featured video, “Teach Your Kids How to Ride” in the new year.


Wednesday 7th of December 2011

My kid's turning five and I still cannot decide if giving her a bike would be a great idea. I live in an area where the terrain is not ideal for biking, and the streets are not safe at all. But I know she envies other kids who have their own bikes.