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What Time’s the Right Time?

Our very own Project Nursery editor, Beth, is trying her hand at guest posting on Word of Mom today. She weighs in on when the right time to have a child is. How did you plan your family?

Baby Foot


Sunday 20th of November 2011

I agree, there's no definite perfect time. I got pregnant when I thought I wasn't ready. But my husband always told me that most people are never really ready. But looking at my life now with my 4-year-old, I just couldn't imagine my life without her. On the other hand, my bestfriend has been trying to get pregnant for three years. Earlier this year she was finally able to conceive and said she couldn't be any more ready for a baby. But last month, she gave birth at 7 months premature and her baby boy pass away after 18 days. Sometimes, no matter how well we plan our futures, there are just so many things we couldn't control.


Tuesday 15th of November 2011

Mandie, you are so right. We can plan all we want, and things don't always turn out the way we expect. Thanks for sharing your story. What fantastic news about your May baby!


Monday 14th of November 2011

Infertility derailed any "plans" we had made for starting a family. Three years, multiple miscarriages, and tens of thousands of dollars in fertility treatments later (both Western and Eastern techniques) we are adopting (baby should be here in May! :-).

I know a lot of people think I would be bitter, but I think God always had a plan...I don't think we ever had/have any control over our destinies anyway. We must do the best with what we are given; and sometimes it doesn't seem fair, but what is?

There are times when I wonder if we hadn't waited...if we hadn't been "responsible" and only started trying when we had the money/time/energy/nicer home/etc. if we would be biological parents...if things would be different. Who knows? Only God can say. So, really, I don't think there's a "perfect time". You make a decision, and you do the best with that decision.