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Today’s Sale: Table Manners Placemats

Some evenings I swear my children are better suited to be monkeys in the jungle than proper little boys and girls. I admit, I haven’t been the most persistent etiquette teacher in our house, and I’m starting to worry it might be too late! Thank you, lovelymanners, for helping parents and children brush up on their day-to-day manners with their handy and stylish Table Manners placemats.

These cool placemats take a playful stab at improving manners for the whole family. With a fun and cheeky tone, the tips are printed right on each placemat, so you can’t miss them. My favorite is “Please eat slowly, bring your food UP to your mouth, and chew with your mouth CLOSED. Never talk with FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH!” Amen!

The Table Manners placemats come in a set of six: each one is unique with different manners listed. This means you will be able to teach over 24 manners with each set! The mats are easy to clean, reusable and tear resistant. Proper and eco-friendly—a perfect combo—Emily Post would surely approve!

Find it on sale here today for 24-hours only!