The Babyletto Giveaway! Are You a Mercer or a Grayson?

I remember when Babyletto first rocked the market. Expecting parents with a flair for the modern rejoiced. Could this really be? A hip and happening crib for well under $500? Modern design and functionality meets value, which makes Babyletto a crib favorite in our book. And lucky us, we’re partnering with the same folks that wowed us from the get-go to thank our fabulous readers. So let me ask you, are you a Mercer or a Grayson?

Are you drawn to clean lines and intrigued by the two-tone, espresso and white finish? Do you value functionality? Or what we really mean, do you need some extra storage space? You must be Mercer. The best-selling Mercer is known for being practical, modern and safe. So when you’re considering going mod, look no further. The fact that the toddler rail is always included is a huge plus when it comes time for the big transition. Available in white, espresso and two-tone, this baby is a 3-in-1 convertible crib and then some.

Oh, but then there is little bro Grayson, who just entered the MDB Family. He’s compact and sleek. Are you an urban dweller looking to crib baby in your bedroom or do you need that extra safe crib at grandma’s? If so, this is your baby. The Grayson foldable mini-crib is super easy to use. He can fold flat under the bed or in the closet or behind the door. A 1” mattress pad is included, but it can always be upgraded to the Crescent Mini Mattress for extra support. Made of zero-grade MDF, the Grayson is available in espresso, gray, navy, white and pink!

So are you a Mercer or Grayson? Project Nursery and our Babyletto friends want to know. Comment and you could win. Here’s how…

WIN IT! Babyletto is giving one lucky Project Nursery reader a Babyletto crib. Choose from the popular Mercer or hot new Grayson in the color of your choice. To enter, visit Babyletto, and let us know which style and finish you like best and why! Contest ends Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 11:59pm PST.

1. “Like” Project Nursery and Babyletto on Facebook, give us a shout out on our wall and tell us you did with a comment below.

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  26. 26

    Definitely a Mercer! I just LOVE the 2-tone set. Would look awesome in the nursery!

    By the way, I just subscribed to the newsletter and am a fan on Facebook!

  27. 27
  28. 28

    I love the mercer white and espresso. It’s so beautiful. It’s modern but still timeless.

  29. 29
  30. 30
  31. 31
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  33. 33

    I would love the Grayson in grey or pink!! I’m following project nursery + babyletto on twitter!

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  39. 39

    I’m a Facebook follower of BOTH Project Nursery & Babyletto!

    On Twitter, I’m now following Project Nursery & Babyletto!

    I LOVE the Grayson in the white finish.

    And I have subscribed to the weekly newsletter!

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  41. 41

    Just subscribed! I would love the Mercer in espresso or espresso and white — love the fact that the finish is non-toxic and it’s JPMA certified!

  42. 42
  43. 43

    This is tough…I live the Grayson in pink but am not planning to find out the gender (when the time comes)…so I think the 2 tone mercer wins for me! Love!

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  47. 47
  48. 48

    The Mercer in white would look perfect in the very slowly evolving nursery we have going! I love how sleek the design is!

  49. 49

    I am without a doubt a Mercer as I’ve been eyeing it for months! I love the white but am very attracted to the two-tone. And the drawer underneath is what stole my heart in the first place…practical, functional, neat & tidy…

  50. 50
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  53. 53

    The Mercer in espresso is my fave! I love this style of crib and it’s the perfect color, too.

  54. 54
  55. 55
  56. 56
  57. 57

    I’m a subscriber and I LOVE the pink Grayson…have two little girls in cribs right now and would absolutely love to replace one with this!

  58. 58
  59. 59
  60. 60
  61. 61
  62. 62

    I absolutely love the Mercer in white with espresso! I think it is a perfect blend of contemporary and classic styles. Would love this for my baby Adelaide’s nursery!

  63. 63
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  66. 66
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  71. 71

    I liked both pages on Facebook and gave you a “shout out” on my Facebook wall. Thank you for this awesome contest :)

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  84. 84

    I love the Mercer crib in espresso! As a family with limited space and a growing amount of stuff, I really appreciate items with additional functionality like storage. All of my facebook friends will know about Babyletto and Project Nursery now. I’m looking forward to the weekly emails keeping me posted on all the good stuff :)

  85. 85

    I love the Mercer in white because it is so modern and chic. I love that it has the extra drawer for storage too.

  86. 86
  87. 87

    Though it’s a close one – I love the Mercer crib! It’s sleek and clean and beautiful. Just found out we’re having twins so a free crib would be a HUGE help!

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  101. 101

    I “Liked” you on Facebook, and I get your newsletter.

    I love the Grayson in Gray…looks like the Craigslist crib I”m repainting now.

  102. 102

    Love the Mercer crib in the Espresso/white color – so cute and LOVE the extra storage :) nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  103. 103
  104. 104
  105. 105
  106. 106
  107. 107
  108. 108
  109. 109

    I’m usually all for rich wood tones, but that Mercer in all white is just screaming my name! We’re trying for bebe #2 and this would be the perfect crib for what I invision the nursery to look like.

  110. 110
  111. 111
  112. 112
  113. 113
  114. 114
  115. 115
  116. 116

    I love the Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib in espresso. I like the classic look and the darker wood color it will match more things.

  117. 117
  118. 118
  119. 119
  120. 120

    I absolutely love the Mercer crib in White and Walnut. It’s the perfect crib for out retro-futuristic space themed nursery. I WANT!!

  121. 121
  122. 122
  123. 123

    I am absolutely in love with the 2-tone Mercer!! I have been drooling over it for a while now whilst daydreaming about the nursery! :)

  124. 124
  125. 125
  126. 126
  127. 127
  128. 128
  129. 129
  130. 130

    My favorite is the Mercer crib in espresso! It would be perfect to use with a boy or girl! I want 2 babies and I could use it with both!

  131. 131
  132. 132
  133. 133
  134. 134
  135. 135
  136. 136

    I love the mercer in espresso. Our surprise baby boy is going to be here soon. Need the extra storage that comes with this great crib!

  137. 137

    I love the Grayson in gray! I also liked both FB pages and follow both PN & Babyletto on Twitter! Shout outs on all of ’em!

  138. 138
  139. 139

    I love the Mercer in white/espresso, as it captures the traditional minimalist bent of our house. The extra storage is, without a doubt, super convenient.

    I get your newsletter!

  140. 140
  141. 141
  142. 142
  143. 143

    Love them both, but have to love the Mercer more because of the extra storage (very small nursery). Baby boy is due in January and the white with espresso finish would look great with the bedding I’ve chosen – pictured on the Babyletto website – Mod Dot by Skip Hop.

  144. 144
  145. 145
  146. 146
  147. 147
  148. 148
  149. 149
  150. 150

    I like both on Facebook! The MERCER in WHITE would be perfect in our black, white, and yellow nursery! So modern, and I LOVE the extra storage underneath – perfect idea!

  151. 151
  152. 152
  153. 153
  154. 154

    I’m a MERCER :) I love it in the two-tone since we are going for a black and white look for our little panda bear!

  155. 155
  156. 156
  157. 157
  158. 158

    I like the Grayson in Pink to have at my mom’s when our daughter goes visits which is fairly often.

    I like Project Nursery & Babyletto on FB and I’m a subscriber :)

  159. 159

    I love the pink Grayson! I think it would be perfect at grandma’s for space saving.

  160. 160

    LOVE LOVE the Mercer in white and espresso. We’re expecting twins and so need all the extra storage space that we can get!

  161. 161
  162. 162
  163. 163

    Hi! I am a fan of babyletto and project nursery on Facebook and twitter and I am subscribed to the newsletter. I love the Mercer in espresso! This would really help with the baby that’s on the way. Thank you for putting this amazing contest!

  164. 164

    I would choose the two-toned Mercer. And it’d be perfect for my boy’s nursery (due early Jan!).

  165. 165
  166. 166
  167. 167
  168. 168

    I am totally for Grayson in gray.

    The design is simple, sophisticated, yet enough curve in details to feel cute as for baby. The pastel gray is suitable with pastel or white wall colors in baby’s room. The portable function is great to store away if we need space for the twin size bed when my baby has outgrown the mini crib.

    Besides, it won’t be much hassle to deliver if I sale in on Craigslist or donate.

  169. 169
  170. 170
  171. 171
  172. 172
  173. 173
  174. 174
  175. 175
  176. 176

    I love the Mercer! It is beautiful in white with espresso! It would be easy to match any decor! I love how it is modern and affordable! Thank you!

  177. 177
  178. 178
  179. 179
  180. 180
  181. 181
  182. 182
  183. 183

    love the mercer in white for its clean and simple look! I also subscribe to the weekly newsletter!

  184. 184
  185. 185
  186. 186
  187. 187
  188. 188

    i love the mercer because it’s convertible and has storage. i’d prefer white because white goes with everything

  189. 189
  190. 190
  191. 191
  192. 192
  193. 193

    I love the mercer in 2 toned white/espresso! Beautiful. The mercer seems to look more stable to me. I don’t like the idea of a crib that folds up easily… makes me nervous.

  194. 194
  195. 195
  196. 196
  197. 197

    My daughter is adopting two, yes two babies from Uganda – I would love the mercer to have in my home office…..

  198. 198
  199. 199
  200. 200
  201. 201

    I love the Mercer crib in white, it’s on my registry list!! I liked Project Nursery and babyletto on Facebook and posted on each wall :)

  202. 202

    I love the Mercer crib in white, it’s on my registry list!! I followed Project Nursery and babyletto on Twitter and retweeted about the contest :)

  203. 203

    I love the Mercer crib in white, it’s on my registry list!! I signed up for the Project Nursery newsletter this morning :)

  204. 204

    I love the Grayson in black! I live in a small one bedroom and this would be perfect for our baby!

  205. 205

    I follow Project Nursery and Babyletto on FB and posted on the walls. I love the Mercer crib in white. Thanks so much!

  206. 206
  207. 207
  208. 208
  209. 209
  210. 210
  211. 211
  212. 212

    i’m already a fan on facebook and I just commented on your wall.

    i also just became a fan of babyletto and made a comment on their wall.

  213. 213

    I’m in love with the mercer in white! So clean and crisp! Perfect for my baby girl’s nursery!

  214. 214

    I love the grayson.. I like a natural look, but the black is pretty! We’re in the process of adopting a child, so this would be a blessing!!

  215. 215
  216. 216

    the grayson in grey is PRECISELY what we want! oh my gosh, maybe i’ll be the lucky duck, this is such an exceptional company with stellar craftsmanship and i would DIE to see our lil’ boy wake up in this crib!

  217. 217

    The Mercer in white is exactly what I want for our soon-to-be addition! In fact, I was just checking these exact cribs out this week at Target. The clean lines are perfect and I love the extra storage underneath. All that on top of the versatility makes it the perfect crib for us.

    By the way, I love getting the newsletter via e-mail and seeing what’s new! Thank you for the opportunity.

  218. 218
  219. 219

    I liked both on facebook and commented on the walls, and followed both on twitter and retweeted the contest. I also already subscribe to the newsletter!! **fingers crossed** :)

  220. 220
  221. 221

    My husband is insisting we keep the baby’s gender a surprise for the delivery room, so planning a neutral, yet stylish nursery for our first child has been a challenge! Discovering Project Nursery had been a lifesaver for me with so many pictures of other inspiring rooms and encouraging DIY projects that will help me make the space unique and special. Thank you so much!

    Our home has lower-than-usual ceilings and the nursery is on the smaller side, so the clean, classy lines and added storage of the Mercer crib are perfect for my design goals with the same elements! Given that we don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl, the white and espresso crib will compliment the neutral palate we have planned and will also go great with the masculine or feminine touches we add after baby arrives.

    ‘Like’ doesn’t begin to express how I feel about this opportunity, but I clicked it anyway ;) Thanks so much

  222. 222

    I LOVE the Mercer crib in expresso!!! It would be perfect for our baby arriving in April!

  223. 223

    I adore both, but Love the look of the Mercer. With all the storage and modern looks I would be in crib heaven! I subscribe to Project Nursery newsletter, and follow on you on Pinterest :) sorry I don’t do fb or I would like you on there too!

  224. 224

    I heart the mercer! Extra storage? YES PLEASE! I liked you on facebook, and I’m subscribed to the newsletter.

    Love you guys!

  225. 225

    I love the Grayson! We have a small, older home and definitely need a crib that easy to move around, and compact. The fun colors are a plus!

  226. 226
  227. 227
  228. 228
  229. 229
  230. 230
  231. 231

    I love the two tone Mercer crib!!! It is absolutely beautiful and love the modern design!

  232. 232
  233. 233
  234. 234
  235. 235
  236. 236
  237. 237
  238. 238
  239. 239
  240. 241

    Absolutely love the two tone mercer crib! Would love to win this crib for my first lil one coming to bless us in December :)

  241. 242
  242. 243
  243. 244
  244. 245

    Love the Mercer in White!!!!!Perfect for girls or boys and ideal size for Grandma’s nursery! Design is so great.I’m a follower of PN and Babyletto on Facebook.You have great goveaways:)

  245. 246

    I ablsolutely adore the grayson in white! it would go so perfectly in my babys room! I love the versatility and mobility. Maybe i will be lucky and win this crib!!!

  246. 247
  247. 248
  248. 249
  249. 250
  250. 251
  251. 252

    The Mercer in all white is great, very versatile to be used for subsequent babies who may not be the same gender!

    amy rouse
    dropastitch at yahoo dot com

  252. 253
  253. 254
  254. 255
  255. 256

    Love the Mercer. The clean lines, the extra storage, converts to a toddler bed, non-toxic finish… Would love one for my nursery.

  256. 257
  257. 258
  258. 259

    Love the Mercer Crib in Espresso! Actually on my wishlist for weeks now :-) I gave a shoutout on facebook for babyletto and project nursery with my reasons for loving this crib. Also I am of course subscribed to your newsletter :-)

  259. 260
  260. 261
  261. 262
  262. 263
  263. 264
  264. 265

    I lover the mercer in the two tones! I am a subscriber to the newsletter. Great give-away.

  265. 266
  266. 267

    Greyson – of course I love them both, but I think the Greyson would go well with my rocketship and robot theme:)

  267. 268
  268. 269
  269. 270
  270. 271

    I like you both on FB and subscribe to your newsletter. I would LOVE a Grayson in Espresso. :)

  271. 272
  272. 273

    I love the Mercer in white/espresso!!

    We are expecting our first baby and are soooo excited!

  273. 274

    I’d love the Grayson in Espresso! Perfect for our small apartment!

    I just subscribed to your newsletter and “liked” you on facebook with a comment!

  274. 275

    On to baby #2 and can’t go a day without looking at your page/site. I love being a subscriber to the newsletter. I’m inspired and excited to start creating a nursery for my baby girl. :)
    If liked you on FB and flowing on twitter as well. Project Obsessed!!!!
    Wishing and hoping for a pink crib :)

  275. 276

    I am totally a Mercer Crib Mama! I love the two tone finish. It’s so sleek and modern.

  276. 277
  277. 278
  278. 279
  279. 280
  280. 281
  281. 282
  282. 283

    I forgot to tell why I like it, I like it because of how modern it looks, plus it would look great in our upcoming baby’s room!

  283. 284
  284. 285
  285. 286
  286. 287
  287. 288
  288. 289
  289. 290
  290. 291
  291. 292
  292. 293

    Mercer definitely. I like the clean lines and I would go with the espresso because I like dark wood.

  293. 294

    I subscribed to the PN newsletter. I absolutely love the Mercer in all white. It is a modern crib for a boy or girl. It has beautifully clean lines and an all around sleek look. It would look great in my modern nursery. We have just started trying to concieve but I have had this nursery planned for years.This would be an amazing first addition to our future child’s nursery.

  294. 295

    Love the mecer in espresso. We live in a 1 bedroom and 6 week old baby has been sleeping I th bassist from our stroller. It’s goin to be time for a crib soon!

  295. 296
  296. 297
  297. 298

    I love the Grayson – we need something small since we’re expecting triplets! I love the gray, pink and white finishes.

  298. 299
  299. 300
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  301. 303
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  304. 306
  305. 307
  306. 308
  307. 309
  308. 310
  309. 311
  310. 312
  311. 313
  312. 314
  313. 315
  314. 316
  315. 317

    I love the grayson crib because it is compact…definitely needed since I’m expecting my fourth. I like color gray or pink but can’t be sure yet because I won’t know boy or girl until late Nov., early Dec. My older son already has the mercer crib and loves it.

  316. 318
  317. 319

    Love the Grayson crib! I only recently found this crib…but it would make a great addition to our nursery as we get ready for baby #2 in 9 weeks! Baby #1 & Baby#2 will be sharing a room – the mini crib size would work perfectly where I currently have my changing table! Great lines — love the white! THANKS Babyletto & PN!

  318. 320
  319. 321

    Love Grayson in grey….this would be great in our room for our first child which is due on December

  320. 322
  321. 323
  322. 324
  323. 325
  324. 326
  325. 327
  326. 328
  327. 329
  328. 330
  329. 331
  330. 332
  331. 333
  332. 334
  333. 335
  334. 336
  335. 337
  336. 338
  337. 339

    I love the Mercer crib in white! I’m following both sites (@ladyjgenteman) and I just tweeted about the contest. I also Liked both facebook pages and left comments on your walls AND joined the mailing list! This site is a wonderful inspiration to me, being pregnant with my first! Thanks for holding such a great contest!

  338. 340
  339. 341
  340. 342
  341. 343
  342. 344
  343. 345
  344. 346
  345. 347
  346. 348

    I love the Mercer in espresso. My grandmother was always a big fan of the dark woods. When she passed I inherited her rocking chair which is also in espresso. It would be a beautiful combination in a nursery; the Mercer in espresso and my grandma’s rocking chair.

  347. 349
  348. 350

    The Mercer in white is gorgeous and so versatile. The drawer is such a clever place to store bed linens (or toys when in a rush). Beautiful!

  349. 351

    I love the Grayson in white. I am in the process of becoming a foster mom, and I’m looking for a smaller, easily convertible crib as I’m unsure as to the age of the child I may get coming into my home. If I have an older child, it would be great to be able to store the crib until I have an infant. If I have an infant, the Grayson would be wonderful for the small-ish room I have for the nursery!

  350. 352

    The first time I saw the white Babyletto Mercer, I loved it! It’s lower to the ground to make it easier to put a sleeping baby into the crib. It’s compact enough to use in a smaller room and allows space for other nursery furniture while providing extra storage itself. Also, the modern look is great for hip, urban, couples who are transitioning into parenthood. We live in an apartment and this crib would be great for us because it fits in the space we have and it goes with the rest of our modern furniture.

  351. 353

    I have posted on your facebook wall for giveaway, I have a 2 month old named Sophia Syriah and would love to have a crib for her!

  352. 354
  353. 355

    I like the Grayson in white because it is small, sleek, and portable. Perfect for our NY apartment.

  354. 356
  355. 357
  356. 358
  357. 359

    I Loooooove the Mercer in all white because it’s classic, modern, and fresh all at the same time!

  358. 360
  359. 361
  360. 362
  361. 363
  362. 364

    I love, love, LOVE the Mercer crib with the white finish. It would go perfectly in the Eric Carle nursery we’re setting up for our arrival in February!

    I shouted out to ya, on both walls and I get the newsletter, already!

  363. 365

    Love the grayson in pink!
    We live in a two bedroom apt. And have two toddlers and a nb so this would help with the space issue.

  364. 366
  365. 367
  366. 368

    I love the Grayson in Grey. I love that this crib is a Foldable crib, yet has a sleek look. Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway :)

  367. 369

    I love love love Grayson in white! Due in January! I would LOVEEEE this crib! 16 and pregnant!

  368. 370
  369. 371
  370. 372

    I’m a white Mercer girl! I love it soo much. When we found out we were pregnant (our first yay), we agreed to keep it simple, clean and modern.I have looked and looked and ran into Babyletto online and found the Mercer and immediately showed my husband and THEN saw a chance for a giveaway. YAY, how wonderful. How perfect is the all white Mercer for us? I LOVE that it is toxin free and sustainable and the size is ideal for our townhouse. And it converts into a toddler bed, this is for us!

  371. 373

    I LOVE the Mercer in the white finish. I love the clean lines and how smart and adaptable the design is! The drawer underneath would be especially useful given that we’re expecting twins and could probably use some extra smart storage space!

    I’ve just liked your Facebook page and Babyletto’s!
    Very cool giveaway!

  372. 374

    Grayson in white would be wonderful for when my grandchildren come to visit. I like that I can fold and store it easily when they go home.

  373. 375
  374. 376
  375. 377
  376. 378
  377. 379
  378. 380
  379. 381

    It has been so hard to find a modern crib to fit in with our other furniture, but I absolutely love the Mercer crib in espresso! We are moving to Boston soon, and the extra storage under the crib will be perfect for the smaller space.

    Also liked Babyletto & Project Nursery on Facebook!

  380. 382

    just thought I’d leave another comment cause i didn’t elaborate as much as i should have in my other comment. My name is Haley and i’m 16 and pregnant. i am currently living in a 2 bedroom trailer with my mom, step dad, brother, toddler nephew and boyfriend. as you can tell we REALLY do not have a lot of room. with the baby coming in January i have been really stressing over the changes about to be approaching my in my next few years and have not much room and not much baby stuff isn’t helping. I go to my dads house every weekend and he also doesn’t have a crib yet. I NEED this convenient beautiful crib! if project nursery helps me with this bed i would be forever grateful, and so would little my little Kelia. I really cant wait for her to get here and really wish project nursery can help! This crib just what me and Kelia will need. <3<3
    PLEASE help. (:
    by the way, i liked and commented yall's post on Facebook. :D

  381. 383

    Love the Grayson!!! I am digging the bright pink and would even dare to go brighter, maybe orange!?!? Thanks for sponsoring the Giveaway!

  382. 384
  383. 385
  384. 386

    The navy finish on the Grayson crib is so unique and lovely. It makes me want to do a navy and red theme for my daughter’s nursery.

  385. 387

    The Mercer would be terrific for us, its is nice and low for this vertically challenged soon to be first time mom and would fit beautifully in our little house. I have been looking ino Babyletto as their products are careful not to have the chemicals and coatings that are bad for the baby, plus they look gret and are functional. We do not have a crib yet and the Mercer seems like it would be perfect :)

  386. 388
  387. 389
  388. 390
  389. 391
  390. 392

    The babyletto mercer is espresso would be perfect for our baby number two, love the lines on this beautiful piece of furniture.

  391. 393
  392. 394

    I would love the mercer crib in white for my 1st baby due Feb 14th and I subscribed and liked on fb :) Thanks so much!

  393. 395
  394. 396
  395. 397
  396. 398
  397. 399
  398. 400
  399. 401
  400. 402
  401. 403

    I have fallen in love with the Mercer. I absolutely adore the two-tone because it just screams modern and cute. It just calls out to me. I also like it in expresso, but two tone is better!! Would love to win for my baby due 12-25-11.

  402. 404
  403. 405
  404. 406
  405. 407
  406. 408
  407. 409
  408. 410
  409. 411
  410. 412
  411. 413
  412. 414

    I like the Mercer crib in espresso but am entering for my daughter so I don’t know which she’d like better.

  413. 415

    I love the Mercer crib in espresso! The color matches our other furniture and the simple style of the crib definitely matches our style.

  414. 416
  415. 417
  416. 418
  417. 419
  418. 420
  419. 421

    Those crib are gorgeous. I love the Mercer in expresso. I would love to win it for my baby boy due on 12/25/11. Perfect xmas present

  420. 422
  421. 423
  422. 424
  423. 425
  424. 426
  425. 427
  426. 428

    I am in love with the Mercer crib in the espresso and white two-tone! Our floors are a dark wood and the white would give such a nice contrast. I also LOVE the drawer. We live in the city so storage space is key for us!

    I like and follow babyletto and project nursery on facebook and twitter and shared this giveaway on both.

  427. 429
  428. 430
  429. 431
  430. 432
  431. 433
  432. 434
  433. 435
  434. 436
  435. 437
  436. 438

    I like the Mercer. I plan to do the nursery for our first in browns and whites and this would totally fit. I LOVE the storage underneath, especially with a small room for the baby at our house.

  437. 439
  438. 440

    Hi! I’m already a faithful Project Nursery Newsletter subscriber, and I absolutely adore the white with espresso Mercer crib! It lends itself to so many styles and can easily go masculine or feminine! Perfect crib! Hope I am your lucky winner!!

  439. 441
  440. 442
  441. 443

    Already subscribed and love all of the nursery projects you all put up! I love the Mercer crib! It is the neatest crib ever!

  442. 444

    I love the mercer collection, simple, stylish, looks great! And I’m a big fan of the two tone finish!!

  443. 445
  444. 446

    This would be such a blessing to win, my daughter is due in May with her first child and she doesn’t have a crib yet. Her husband is in the Army and stationed in Fort Carson, CO. – I know she would love to have the Mercer – White with Espresso . Thank you for this amazing chance. Happy Holidays and Best Of Luck To Everyone!

  445. 447
  446. 448
  447. 449
  448. 450
  449. 451

    Subscriber to your Weekly Newsletter – and thank goodness that I am, cause I would miss everything!

  450. 452

    I love the Mercer collection in expresso looks classy and comfy for the little one

  451. 453
  452. 454
  453. 455
  454. 456
  455. 457
  456. 458

    I am just in Love with this Grayson! and in White would be nice! My Son in Law was transferred to China, but they(Daughter and Granddaughter) all come back to the States to visit whenever possible. Storing a crib isn’t easy in our small home, so I usually go to our local Children’s Consignment Store and Pick one up for their visit and then take it back to resell it again. With the ability to store the Grayson under the Bed would certainly save time, and my Granddaughter would know the familiarity of her own bed here. Not to mention my Husbands back. Grandbaby #2 is due in April. So you can see why I would Love to win one, soon this routine of ours is going to double. Thanks for this wonderful chance to win a Babyletto Crib!!

    Fondly, Nancy

  457. 459
  458. 460
  459. 461
  460. 462
  461. 463
  462. 464
  463. 465

    I do receive the PN Weekly Newsletter, we are a PN Family. I also want to say I think you Ladies are just fantastic at what you do! Thanks for the chance to win this Give Away!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  464. 466

    I like the white with expresso finish b/c then I can easily get white or brown furniture to match!

  465. 467
  466. 468
  467. 469
  468. 470
  469. 471

    I’m definitely a Mercer! I love the white with espresso!! This would be a fantastic crib to win for our first baby! Thanks

  470. 472
  471. 473
  472. 474
  473. 475
  474. 476
  475. 477
  476. 478
  477. 479

    My wife and I would love the Mercer crib in white with espresso for our first baby boy due early next year.

  478. 480
  479. 481
  480. 482

    I lOve the mercer crib in expressing the best.. I live the sleek modern style and the storage compartment underneath the crib.. It’s beautiful!!

  481. 483
  482. 484

    I am so in love with the grayson mini! We are expecting twins and have a tiny room to configure into a nursery. We were thinking of going with the bloom mini, but soon discovered that it is actually a bit too small and the kids will grow out of it too fast. The standard cribs don’ t really fit in this room ,which makes the grayson mini absolutely perfect!! We love the grey as our color scheme was going to be grey and orange anyway. It’s sleek design outweighs all other mini cribs and makes us still feel like we’re young and hip :-) We would be ecstatic to win a grayson!

  483. 485
  484. 486
  485. 487

    The Mercer is my favorite for practicality and looks! I prefer the white with espresso color for our first little bundle of joy! :)

  486. 488
  487. 489

    Mercer Collection is tops! Clean lines, functionality and modern finish. Ugh Gorgeous!

    I like Project Nursery on Facebook. = )

  488. 490
  489. 491
  490. 492
  491. 493

    Just subscribed to Project Nursery’s weekly newsletter and Liked you on facebook with a shout out for the grayson crib! Can’t wait to get great ideas for our Venice Beach twins :-)

  492. 494
  493. 495
  494. 496
  495. 497

    I think the Grayson crib in navy is too perfect! I appreciate all of the color options Babyletto has for this crib. Space isn’t an issue for us because we own our own home but I love the clean and simple look of the Grayson crib. Both cribs are great but if I’m forced to choose my choice is the Grayson.

  496. 498
  497. 499

    I love the Grayson crib….. great lines and functionality. This would Rock our nursery!!

  498. 500
  499. 501
  500. 502

    I LOVE Babyletto! We are expecting our first child in April and I planned on using their furniture. We find out the sex in about a week and I REALLY love the white on white because it’s gender neutral. I also love that it also converts to a toddler bed so it will grow with our child. It’s really hard to find affordable modern baby furniture and I’M IN LOVE WITH BABYLETTO!

  501. 503
  502. 504
  503. 505
  504. 506
  505. 507

    Definitely a Grayson gal! While I heart practicality and the Mercer is awesome, the Grayson in white, espresso or gray would mesh perfectly in my bedroom.

  506. 508
  507. 509
  508. 510

    I love the Babyletto Modo crib so much I ordered in November and didn’t get pregnant until December!! I absolutely love their cribs. My son is outgrowing the playpen at Grandmas so mama wants a Grayson in Espresso!

  509. 511
  510. 512

    Both are great cribs, but since I’m dreaming I would love to have the Mercer in White with Espresso. I love the contrast. Thanks for the chance!

  511. 513
  512. 514
  513. 515
  514. 516
  515. 517
  516. 518
  517. 519
  518. 520
  519. 521
  520. 522
  521. 523

    Id love the Pink Grayson for my baby girl Natlia! Shes over there smilin on babyletto’s FB page. Im lovin the style, but cant afford one, on my own, for her. Thankyou for this chance!!

  522. 524
  523. 525
  524. 526
  525. 527
  526. 528

    I am one of your weekly newsletter subscribers and a happy one at that!!
    briannabeers at yahoo dot com

  527. 529

    I liked project nursery on Facebook! I love babyletto! And I would love the two-tone mercer in espresso and white :)

  528. 530
  529. 531
  530. 532
  531. 533
  532. 534
  533. 535
  534. 536

    Our first baby is on her way in January 2012, after a crazy but blessed pregnancy! We would love the Mercer in White to grow with her. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I’m following you Project Nursery and Facebook!

  535. 537

    love the mercer in white! we have a crib that needs replaced(drop side) and this one is awesome. we have white already in the nursery so it’d be great!

  536. 538
  537. 539
  538. 540

    Would love the Mercer in White/Espresso. Baby #2 due in February and Baby #1 is still in her crib. We need a new one and I love Babyletto!

  539. 541

    I love the mercer two tone, I like you both on Facebook, and I subscribe to your news leter.

  540. 542
  541. 543
  542. 544
  543. 545
  544. 546

    I adore the Mercer crib with the white finish and also the white with espresso finish. It’s hard to choose which one I like best.

    This furniture is so appealing because it’s made of sustainable materials and it safe. But of course the pieces are also beautiful, modern and clean looking. I love them!

    I will certainly “Like” you on FB.

  545. 547
  546. 548
  547. 549
  548. 550

    I LOVE the Mercer 3 in 1… in the white!!!!!! So Cute! I alread subscribe to the weekly newsletter, and like on FB.

  549. 551

    I love the Mercer collection and the extra storage underneath will help for baby boy #2’s room in our Manhattan apartment. I want him to have his own furniture in his own room so he doesn’t have ALL hand me downs from his big brother! I already subscribe to the weekly newsletter and like you on facebook!

  550. 552
  551. 553
  552. 554
  553. 555
  554. 556
  555. 557
  556. 558

    Liking Project Nursery and Babyletto on Facebook – Molly B. giving u a shout out!

  557. 559
  558. 560
  559. 561
  560. 562
  561. 563
  562. 564
  563. 565

    I like the Mercer in Espresso color because its so pretty and chic and bec of its compact style and yet it doesnt sacrifice the quality and safety features for our precious little ones.the storage drawer i consider an added bonus that makes me even love it more ! to the point that am wanting to return the crib we already had bought that we havent assembled yet anyway.

  564. 566
  565. 567
  566. 568
  567. 569
  568. 570
  569. 571
  570. 572

    I like Project Nursery and Babyletto on facebook…shout outs on both pages!!

  571. 573
  572. 574
  573. 575

    I love them both, but I like the Mercer in white best! I love the modern look, and I especially love that it’s eco-friendly with solid, sustainable wood and a non-toxic finish! @angelacaseshank on pinterest.

  574. 576
  575. 577
  576. 578

    I love the Mercer in White and Espresso finish. It’s gender neutral and has storage beneath for blankets, sheets, etc. It also fits any standard crib mattress. The Mercer is a perfect combination of style and functionality. I love also that it converts to a toddler/ day bed.

  577. 579
  578. 580
  579. 581
  580. 582

    I love the two-tone white/espresso crib. But, I think I’d have to pick the white to go with the nursery we have planned so far. Either one would be wonderful to own. The drawer and the included conversion rail are added bonuses! I love the modern look.

  581. 583

    I fell in love with the two-tone white and expresso!!!! I love the bonus drawer you never have too much storage place for a baby!! Plus it’s ecofriendly and safe,yes… I definitely love it!!! I’ a Mercer!!!

  582. 584
  583. 585

    I love the Mercer! We are (unexpectedly) having twins and so space is going to be cramped in our nursery with two cribs. The Mercer would fit beautifully (anything under 55 inches) and having the storage space underneath would be a HUGE help for our already tight quarters in the room. I would love it in white because I think that would help the room feel more open than having darker colors bring the eye to the cribs (we’ll let the babies draw attention in the room). Thanks!

  584. 586
  585. 587
  586. 588

    I am a subscriber of the Project Nursery newsletter and love the Mercer in White for one of our twin boys! :) Thanks for the opportunity(ies) to win one of these amazing cribs!

  587. 589

    We are twitter followers of both project nursery & babyletto. Newsletter subscriber too!

    This third baby will be strapped for space – so the grayson may be what we need – mercer has great storage – hard call.

    Right now, grayson in white

    Great contest!


  588. 590
  589. 591
  590. 592

    I like them both, but would have to say Mercer because the drawer is key – esp. for city living :-)

  591. 593
  592. 594

    Hello Project Nursery. What an amazing giveaway! I’m in love with the Mercer crib in white. It’s so lovely! I gave you a shout out on Facebook and subscribed to your newsletter. Looking forward to the lovely ideas from your site.

  593. 595
  594. 596

    The Mercer in two-tone absolutely! I was eyeing that crib for months before our newest baby arrived this summer.

  595. 597
  596. 598
  597. 599

    I am a Mercer in Two Tone! I love the simplicity,yet I need the extra storage space! I love the crib!

  598. 600
  599. 601

    I love babyletto! And I would love the two-tone mercer in espresso and white :) I’m a newsletter subscriber :)

  600. 602

    I love babyletto! And I would love the two-tone mercer in espresso and white :) I liked project nursery on fb!

  601. 603

    I love babyletto! And I would love the two-tone mercer in espresso and white :) I liked babyletto on fb!

  602. 604

    I really like the Mercer in white. I think having the storage under the crib is a good use of space, and the clean lines of the Mercer give the crib a really modern feel. Thanks Project Nursery for hooking all of us newsletter subscribers up with such awesome vendors!

  603. 605

    I like the Mercer! It’s practical with storage and you don’t have to worry about what happens when they grow out of the crib! LOVE that it grows with the child!!!

  604. 606

    Love the Mercer in espresso – the lines are clean and perfect, and the under crib storage is fantastic!

  605. 607
  606. 608
  607. 609
  608. 610

    I think the Mercer is what I need. I am all about functionality & storage space. I’m all about have multiple uses for one thing & Mercer is it. I liked Babyletto on my fb page as well. :)

  609. 611

    i love the babyletto mercer!! the two tone has a great modern feel and would look great in my babys nursery! i subscribe to project nursery and babyletto on facebook ;)

  610. 612

    I love Babyletto and adore ther Mercer two-tone in espresso and white. This crib is my dream and I would love to have it for my sweet baby Jude who is due in January!

  611. 613

    I love Babyletto and adore ther Mercer two-tone in espresso and white. This crib is my dream and I would love to have it for my sweet baby Jude who is due in January I “liked” Babyletto and Projectu nursery and Facebook!

  612. 614

    Mercer! It would go perfectly with the decor in my daughter’s room and she is ready for a crib!

  613. 615

    I love Babyletto and adore ther Mercer two-tone in espresso and white. This crib is my dream and I would love to have it for my sweet baby Jude who is due in January I am following Babyletto and Projectu nursery and Facebook!

  614. 616

    I love Babyletto and adore ther Mercer two-tone in espresso and white. This crib is my dream and I would love to have it for my sweet baby Jude who is due in January I am following Project Nursery and Babyletto on Twitter and “tweeted” about it.

  615. 617

    I love Babyletto and adore ther Mercer two-tone in espresso and white. This crib is my dream and I would love to have it for my sweet baby Jude who is due in January. I am a subscriber to the weekly newsletter.

  616. 618
  617. 619

    I LOVE babyletto! I adore the mercer in white :) Love the functionality and look. I’m a twitter, facebook, and newsletter subscriber. Thank you for the giveaway!

  618. 620
  619. 621

    I love the Babyletto Mercer two-tone in espresso and white. I am following Babyletto and Project Nursery on Twitter and like on FB. Also receive the newsletter.

  620. 622
  621. 623
  622. 624
  623. 625
  624. 626
  625. 627
  626. 628
  627. 629

    I love Babyletto! I adore the two-tone mercer in ecpresso and white. This would be my dream to win it!:) I follow you in Facebook .
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  628. 630

    I love the Grayson in Grey. I have a small apartment and this little portable crib is perfection!

  629. 631
  630. 632
  631. 633

    Love the mercer in two-tone! It has the modern design at an affordable price that I’m looking for!

  632. 634
  633. 635

    I like the Mercer in Espresso/White! Living in Manhattan means making the most out of our space, so the extra storage is ideal….and the super modern color combo makes it cool and fresh!

  634. 636

    PS….I am already a subscriber to the newsletter, I “like” you and Babyletto on FB and gave a shout out!

  635. 637
  636. 638
  637. 639

    I am in L O V E with everything Babyletto. Our babe arrives in April and it would be a dream come true if we could have the gorgeous Mercer crib ( I am torn between two tone and white) waiting for him. Fingers crossed!

  638. 640
  639. 641
  640. 642
  641. 643
  642. 644

    I LOVE the mercer but i really LOVE the new grayson mini crib! Its perfect in classic in white, but i want the gray for its modern look.

  643. 645
  644. 646
  645. 647
  646. 648
  647. 649
  648. 650
  649. 651

    I LOVE the Mercer in white & espresso. It’s so sleek and cool. My little man will be the coolest baby with that crib :) He’s due in February and it’d be a great present!

  650. 652

    I just subscribed to the weekly newsletter and I love the Mercer! The style is so modern and sleek I really think it would be an awesome addition to our baby’s room! We just bought a new house and my husband and I are expecting our second child in May, so we are doing our best to decorate/design a modern room for our upcoming child! The espresso would fit the best in our room because since we don’t know the gender of the baby my husband and I chose neutral colors to paint and decorate. Once we know the sex of our baby it will be easier to add the accents of color based on what we discover. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and win!

  651. 653
  652. 654

    My husband and I have been drooling over the two-toned white and espresso crib ever since we found out I was pregnant! We live in a modern loft and this is the only crib we have seen on the market that would go with the rest of the modern design we have throughout our space. We even had some navy, white and coral crib sheets designed to go with it! We have been waiting for the crib to go on sale, but it would be such a plus if we won it instead!

  653. 655

    Hi, I’m a designer and I first saw your products at the gift show in New York. The Mercer in espresso would be just the perfect crib for my grandchild that’s due in the spring! It’s contemporary yet warm and inviting.

  654. 656

    For as much as I love the Mercer, the Grayson (in espresso!) is actually what we NEED so we can keep our guest bedroom AS a bedroom AND nursery. Space is limited!!

  655. 657

    I love the Mercer Crib! It would be perfect for our little boy! The white with espresso is a beautiful combination, the sleek modern design fits in perfectly with the ideas we have for our son’s room and the drawer with extra storage would be great for easy to reach access to extra sheets and bedding. This is definitely the crib for us!

  656. 658
  657. 659

    We are Mercer fans! I think it is modern and looks amazing! I particularly love it in two-tone. The extra storage is awesome as well. It would be great to win this as my baby is due next month and doesn’t have a crib yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  658. 660

    I would have to definitely say I like the functionality and look of the Mercer the most in espresso, it’s a fabulous idea with all the different configurations for the growing baby to toddler.
    Super excited to be having my first and can’t wait :)

  659. 661
  660. 662

    The Mercer crib (espresso) will be perfect for our new arrival next spring! The lines are so clean and beautiful – and the extra storage space well appreciated in the small space that will be the nursery!

  661. 663

    Love the Mercer crib. My lil one is due in December and I’m trying to create a modern nursery . Love the two-tone and linear feel of the crib and that it can work great both in a boys or girls nursery. Sounds perfect that it has a toddler rail so that the baby can grow in the bed and room so that we can get a long use out of the crib. Fantastic!

  662. 664

    I love the Mercer crib in espresso! I don’t know the sex of the baby yet, but it would look beautiful in a boy or girl themed room!

  663. 665
  664. 666
  665. 667
  666. 668

    I am definitely a Mercer! I love the modern lines and sophisticated look and of course the extra storage! I absolutely adore the two-tone white and espresso color. This crib does offer the best of both worlds, design and functionality. Hands down, the best crib for us and our little one!

  667. 669
  668. 670

    Oh, “Like”d Project Nursery and Babyletto on Facebook and left a shout out on your wall! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing giveaway!!

  669. 671
  670. 672
  671. 673
  672. 674
  673. 675
  674. 676

    I would love to have the Mercer in White, great furniture all around on the Babyletto. I like the clean lines of the crib but I am also attracted to the fact that it is lower to the ground. With the recall of all the drop side cribs I think this may make it easier to get the baby in and out of the crib. I love it and would love to include it in our yet to be constructed nursery (it is still painted brick red, we’ve got a ways to go!)


  675. 677
  676. 678
  677. 679
  678. 680
  679. 681

    Just liked babyletto on facebook. Although I picked the Grayson, I would love them both. The Grayson for grandma’s house and the Mercer to match the Modo that we already have for baby #1 for baby # 2 that may be coming soon.

  680. 682

    LOVE the new grayson in white. Our previous nurseryworks crib broke and has been too much hassle, so we’re in the market again. Meanwhile, babe is sleeping in our bed. I’d love a full night’s sleep again!

  681. 683
  682. 684

    I just subscribed to your weekly newsletter. With twins on the way, the Mercer crib would the perfect start to getting the nursery set up!

  683. 685
  684. 686

    In Love with the Modo Crib in Espresso and White! Perfect for a modern home and clean line design. It is also reportedly a good crib for short mothers and that is a plus for me :)

  685. 687
  686. 688
  687. 689

    I love the Mercer. The white one is perfect for any decor and the underbed storage makes great use of space that isn’t always used!

  688. 690
  689. 691
  690. 692

    I love love love the mercer two tone! This would be so perfect in the nursery and is the only crib that i actually am drooling over!

  691. 693
  692. 694
  693. 695

    I liked both on Facebook and I love the Mercer crib! I love the crib in white. It’s so modern.

  694. 696

    I’m a Mercer all the way. I love the Mercer crib in white and espresso. It’s clean, sleek, modern, and the extra storage space will come in handy especially living in NYC. My baby is due on Christmas and the white and espresso will look great in his room.

  695. 697

    I have been in love with the Mercer in white and espresso since I saw it! Great lines and extra storage? Sign me up! Just starting to design the nursery and would love to have this as the focal point.

  696. 698
  697. 699
  698. 700

    The Mercer would be perfect for our modern home. Our first child is arriving in June, and we are so excited. I also subscribed to the newsletter.

  699. 701

    Love the Mercer in Espresso (and also the two tone!) Hadn’t heard about it until I saw it on this blog but it’s now on my list for serious consideration! Thanks ;)

  700. 702

    I love the two-tone Mercer. Funny enough, it matches my kitchen (high gloss white upper cabinets, maple wood lowers). So you see, this is definitely my style!

  701. 703

    I’m a two-tone Mercer!! We’re having a little boy in April and I think this crib would go wonderfully in his modern “rustic” nursery!
    I’ve “liked” projectnursery & babyletto on Facebook and am now a Twitter follower as well as a newsletter subscriber! Project nursery has been one of my favorite places to come for nursery ideas especially since we’ve found out what we’re having!

  702. 704
  703. 705
  704. 706
  705. 707
  706. 708
  707. 709
  708. 710
  709. 711

    Love the Mercer (in brown/white) for it’s smart, clean design, convertability and functionality….the extra storage and non-toxic features are on my check list for a crib as well. Babyletto pretty much nailed it with form and function. I’m daydreaming of the various linens and ways to decorate it and around it in our baby boy’s nursery. Exciting!!! Am now a fan on FB and subscribed to your weekly newsletter, as well!

  710. 712
  711. 713

    While the Mercer is sleek and stylish it would have to be the Greyson mini crib in white for me. Our nursery is tiny and this would fit perfectly! Plus the easy mobility is great for a weekend at the grandparents house or fold up to make room for a guest bed. Plus the white finish makes accessories pop!

  712. 714
  713. 715

    We love the two-toned Mercer in espresso and white! The drawer underneath adds the much needed storage space!
    We also subscribed to the weekly newsletter.

  714. 716

    Really love the sleekness of both but Greyson in white would be my choice. We’re city dwellers and need to maximize all our space so this crib would be great on the space and great looking.

  715. 717
  716. 718
  717. 719
  718. 720

    I already posted last week just wanted to say I have told all of my Friends and Family with Facebook and Twitter to follow. I would love to have either the Mercer in two tone or all white. Such an awesome crib. Love the storage. The whole crib is just perfect.

  719. 721

    I would have to pick the PINK Grayson!! We just downsized and a mini crib is just the right size and everything is pink when you have 3 girls!!

  720. 722
  721. 723

    We are expecting number two and had definitely anticipated our first being out of her crib before we needed another one, but surprise! that’s not going to happen. So, now that I have to have two cribs, the Mercer in white would have to be my pick (and would coordinate nicely with my existing white crib for #1). I love that it comes with the toddler conversion and the drawer underneath for storage and will last for years. (Oh and I am already a newsletter subscriber!)

  722. 724

    Beautiful stuff! I’m officially a “fan.” FB, Twitter, Newsletter…covered on all fronts!

  723. 725

    LOVE the navy Grayson!! This would work perfectly in our son’s room. I love that we can fold it up and take it to Grandma’s house so he will feel comfortable in his own bed!

  724. 726


    Oh, and for me – the Mercer. Perhaps in the two-tone. It’s different, and I was drawn to it immediately in the pics. Plus – the extra storage. L-O-V-E.

  725. 727

    Mercer with the white and espresso! LOVE!

    If I were more of an urban dweller, I would be buying that grayson in gray in one second! Love that!

  726. 728
  727. 729

    Definitely an espresso Mercer here. Expecting my first baby after several miscarriages. Want her nursery to be extra sweet. Liked Project Nursery & Babyletto on Facebook, and already a newsletter subcriber.

  728. 730
  729. 731
  730. 732
  731. 733
  732. 734