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The ABCs of Patterns

Oh, that Amy Atlas and team… They are brilliant. But what’s so very cool is that they are sharing their smarts with their fans by providing a “Glossary of Patterns.” So the next time you’re talking to your interior designer, party planner or best girlfriends, you no longer have to say, “You know that pattern with the half circles, that looks like a four leaf clover?” You’ll now know that it’s called Quatrefoil.
Amy Atlas' Pattern Board for Design & Styling

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  1. I agree with Lauren…would make a fun poster for the studio!

  2. avatar Lauren says:

    I love this glossary. I would love to print this and place it in a frame for quick and easy reference.

  3. avatar Zsa Zsa says:

    This is awesome! The patterns are lovely, and it would be great to confidently say the name of the patterns correctly! thanks! :)

  4. avatar Morgan S. says:

    This is really great, thanks for sharing!