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Project of the Week: Giraffe-Inspired Baby Shower

I have to admit, I sometimes take a sneak peek at the Project of the Week picks to see if I can predict who the winner is going to be, but this week our readers kept me in the dark until the end. It looks like our readers were split on which project they “liked” best. Congrats to for being our readers pick for Project of the Week!

Giraffe-inspired Baby ShowerGiraffe-Inspired Baby Shower by Caroline Taylor

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Want to be one of next week’s picks for Project of the Week? Upload your project to our gallery, and on Friday, the Project Nursery team will select the top three projects. Then it’s up to you all to let us know which room or party you “like” best.

Zsa Zsa

Tuesday 22nd of November 2011

I really like animal themed parties for kids and baby showers! I've seen owl themed parties, farm animals and dogs, but it looks like this giraffe design trumps them! How lovely!