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Playtime Playrooms

To me, childhood is all about play. As adults, we get busy with the day to day and forget to embrace the child inside all of us. You are never too old to play, and the creative spirit is always alive no matter what age. Creating a special space where imagination can be nurtured is what “playrooms” are all about.

Color, mix and match—anything goes in the mind of a child. So why not find inspiration in the free flowing artistic mind of your child? Nothing needs to make sense, and the space can be ever evolving and growing…just like you and your child.

image from Traditional Home

Playrooms can exist anywhere. There are no rules as to what they should be—they should just be.

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Honoring the creative output of your child or family can make a room burst with personality. It makes life more interesting and pushes the mind of what exactly is ART?

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Create spaces for play with lots of materials and choices—lounge time for creative interactive play or one-of-a-kind nooks for solo time.

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The family room can also be merged with the playroom to mix and match with everyday life. Make your playroom fit your lifestyle. Grown-up-sized elements mixed with childlike colors reminds everyone in the whole family that there is always time to play.

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Saturday 12th of November 2011

The great thing about playrooms is that they don't have to follow design and decorating rules. Your creativity is the limit!


Saturday 5th of November 2011

Oh yes, we should embrace the little children within us. I have a very small space at home, so instead of giving my kid a playroom, I created a play corner for her, with a small desk, a full-length mirror, and her favorite art materials and toys. This is where she colors and plays dress up.