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Nursery Trends: Adorable or Odd?

At Little Crown Interiors, we’ve designed a lot of nurseries and have been asked for a lot of things. Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect nursery is and their own thoughts on what type of design will help achieve that.

Over the years, we’ve been asked to work around inspiration pieces, family heirlooms or design ideas that are, well, weird. In the past few months, we’ve noticed a few trends in nursery design that have that same questionable nature—but are they appropriate? Here are our top three nursery trends that sit right on the edge—what’s your take?

mustache wallpaper by wall candy arts

Mustache WallPaper by Wallcandy Arts

1. Mustaches: we’ve seen this trend popping up everywhere lately, in magazines, on blogs and even in product lines. Is it adorable or just bizarre? Let us know what you think about this hairy nursery trend!

Skurvy Plush by paul frank

Skurvy Plush Head by Paul Frank

2. Skull and Crossbones: everyone wants their baby to grow up to be “cool,” but should we wait until 3rd grade science to bring out the skeletons?

animal head art

Ceramic Animals Heads from Graham and Green

3. Taxidermy: this trend has been around, well, forever. Some see it as showing their love for animals, others may see it as a disgusting. Where do you stand?

Are there any other “questionable” nursery trends you’ve seen lately? We’d love to hear all about it!


Monday 28th of November 2011

All are odd. And I don't think they are appropriate for little children. I'm sort of traditional and would prefer the usual fun elements for kids. Yeah, I'm the ice cream, candies, elephants, birds, strawberries kind of mom.

Jess (The Cozy Reader)

Monday 28th of November 2011

I find the mustaches humorous and probably wouldn't put them in abundance in a nursery. I like the cross bones! Especially if it's in addition to a pirate theme, which I would have loved to use for a nursery theme but didn't. I'm not a fan of the taxidermy. Ew.


Wednesday 23rd of November 2011

Not a fan of any of these three. I don't like mustaches, not even on my husband, so there's no way I would include them as decorating elements for my baby's room. The skulls remind me of dead people and nothing else. Those ceramic animal heads are actually cute and I could put one or all of them on my living room room, but I wouldn't in my baby's nursery. I think most children find animals' heads scary.


Wednesday 23rd of November 2011

I'm not a fan of skulls in the nursery. Not my thing and kind of weird for a baby.

Zsa Zsa

Wednesday 23rd of November 2011

I know my mommy friends will find these odd, but I would dare try these -- especially the mustache. haha