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Keep Your Sanity at the Dinner Table

While I’m always thankful for the restaurants that supply crayons or other things for the little customers at their venue, I’m also irrationally annoyed at those who don’t. I mean I’m not taking my two-year-old to five star, multi-course restaurants. How hard can it be, I think. The other guys do it. But, of course, I’m the mom. Ultimately, it’s our responsibility as parents to keep our kids well-behaved and the noise to a dull roar while in a restaurant.

Why not arm yourself with some reserve supplies for just such moments when you’re shaking your head saying, what no crayons? no balloon? nothing?! Modern-Twist Kidz Placemats make it easy for you to bring your own supplies with you. These food-grade silicone mats double as placemats and coloring pages. Each mat comes with a set of dry-erase markers, which will keep your kids busy filling in the lines while waiting for their food. Meaning, maybe Mom and Dad will actually get to talk to one another!

Modern-Twist Kidz Placemats

The placemats can be wiped clean to be colored in again and again. The flexible material won’t  crease or rip, so you can easily keep it in your car or diaper bag for keeping busy emergencies. Of course, these mats can be used anytime—either at your own dinner table or just for a quiet coloring activity.

And don’t worry, even though the markers are dry-erase, they do dry on the mat so you aren’t left with a inky mess once the food arrives. You just use soap and water to wipe the marker off after. Another benefit of these mats is that they cover up the table surface in front of your child. I’ve relaxed some as my son has gotten older, but the idea of his little hands all over a germy table then going straight into his mouth can still give me the heebie jeebies.

What tricks do you pull out of your bag when keeping kids happy at a restaurant?


Sunday 20th of November 2011

Colorful and fun placemats and other eating implements only work for a couple of days with my kiddos. They always look for novelty, so sometimes I just don't want to spend for things like these anymore, knowing they'd lose their magic and power after two uses or so.

Kate @ another donkey design

Thursday 17th of November 2011

I must admit we normally take a bag full of colouring books, trucks, animals and also the all important if all else fails - iphone (we have a 2 year old). These placemats are great. You could also make your own by laminating a couple of colouring sheets. Thanks for sharing