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Confession: whenever I see a rack of personalized objects, whether it’s the old school license plates, pencils or silly holiday ornaments, I still look for my name. Call it a diehard habit leftover from a little girl who rarely found her name on those racks. You see, even though my name is far from unusual, I’m not an Elizabeth or a Bethany; I’m just Beth, and it used to be rare to find. These days it seems to be available a little more often, and I still get a little squee of excitement when I find it, so I can only imagine what my childhood reaction would have been to my very own personalized book!

My Very Own Pirate TaleMy Very Own Fairy Tale

The books created by I See Me! integrate your child’s name into a variety of story options. For some books, you even have the option to put in other pertinent details, like a birth date, sibling’s name, grandparents or aunts and uncles. I only wish we had a name picked out for our little bun in the oven because I would have definitely picked up a copy of The Super, Incredible Big Brother for my two-year-old.

The Super, Incredible Big Brother

Husband and wife team, Maia and Allan Haag, created I See Me! books to help increase self-esteem in children. The books have won many awards from different parenting organizations, and it’s easy to see why. The books are nicely crafted with rich illustrations that jump from the page—each illustration was originally created from a hand-painted canvas. These books are sure to become treasured items in your child’s library.

WIN IT! I See Me! is giving away $50 gift certificates to FIVE lucky Project Nursery readers! You can pick out a book for that special child in your life just in time for the holidays (deadline for holiday shipping is December 12, 2011).

To enter, visit I See Me!, and let us know which book you love. Don’t forget to check out their awesome book tours to get a closer look at each book. Contest ends Monday, November 14, 2011 at 11:59pm PST.

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    I love the “super incredible sister” books as my girls are soon going to be big sisters.

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    I love the “my very own pirate tale”! My daughter loves pirates and thinks she’s a pirate princess!

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    I like both Project Nursery & I See Me! on Facebook ….. love the Super Incredible Big Brother book! My son will become a big brother for the first time soon (due Feb. 2nd!)

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    I really like the “God Loves You” book. It would be a wonderful Christmas present for my 3-year-old.

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    Who Loves Me? Would be a sweet book for our son. My side of the family is scattered all over the country, so it would be nice for him to know they all love him!

  41. 41

    I love the “Super Incredible Big Sister” book! Such a cute idea for a new big sister gift from the baby! (I may have to purchase one even if I don’t win!) Thanks for the opportunity to win, though.

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  43. 43

    The book I see,
    For a special little girl.
    Would be a copy of the…

    Who Loves Me? Personalized Book!

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    I love the pirate book and the big brother one. Both would be a welcomed addition for our son McAllister.

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    I like the ‘who loves…’ book. So cute. I have bought from them for some of my friends children.

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    I had a personlized book when I was a kid…and because my name is a little unique, I always thought it was sooo cool!! I would love to win “My Very Own Name” for my first baby…who’s name will also be unique!! Thanks for the chance!

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    I had a personalized name book when I was younger my grandmother had bought for me and each of the grand kids. i remember she would make me read to her and she would always fall asleep. I would try to sneak away but she always woke up right when i thought I had escaped. I loved my book and remember it very well. I like My very own Fairytale!

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    My Grandma made a book similar to these for me growing up. It made me feel very special! The “My Very Own Fairy Tail” would make any little girl feel like a princess.

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    The Super, Incredible Big Sister would be a great gift for our daughter since she will be a new big sister in February!!

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    I love the big brother book & would love to give this to my twin sons, since we continue to tell them they will soon be big brothers. Maybe this cute book & message will help it sink in. Thanks!

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    I love the fairytale book! I might just get it for my sister-in-law who’s having a little girl in February!

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    i love the pirate tale book! My 2-yr. old little girl is very much into pirates and chose to dress up as one for Halloween. She’d love this.

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    My daughter would like the Super Incredible Big Sister book. I’m a fan/follower of Project Nursery and I See Me on Facebook and Twitter. I subscribe to the Project Nursery newsletter.

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    Fun contest! I love “A Christmas Bear”, and “My Very Own Pirate Tale”! My niece and nephew would be so thrilled to find these under the tree!

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    I bought the “My Very Own Name” book for my two year old neice last Xmas. She loves it and takes it everywhere and is learning her letters very well. Her little brother just turned 2 so I’m going to get him one of the same for this Xmas. And I’ll also order one for their brand new baby sister to give next Xmas!

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    I LOVE the big brother book…..Since we are trying for another one and my little is so excited about the idea of being a big brother.

  115. 115

    Love the My Own Christmas Bear book! and def going to order the Big Brother book for besties son. I facebook LIKE the page so I can get these

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  125. 125

    I love a christmas bear for me.
    I also follow you on facebook and I am subscribed to your weekly newsletter

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    I adore… the My Very Merry Christmas Board Book! It’s so sweet… I would love to have this for our baby boy. :)

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    i recieve the newsletter. I would love to get the pirate book for my soon to be 5 year old nephew! He already believes he’s a pirate!!!

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    We bought the Who Loves Me? book for our daughter and adore it! Would love to add to our collection with the Very Merry Christmas board book!

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    I love buying new books for my son. He is only 3 months, but I buy a book for him everytime I am at the bookstore!

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