Giveaway: Behind the Scenes with Munchkin

Ever think about who’s making your kids’ sippy cups? Or how they come up with all of this great stuff? Well, we do, which is exactly why we love visiting corporate offices for behind-the-scenes looks at the baby industry. And sure enough, we found a great company with a great story, Munchkin.

Admittedly, we are already partial to Munchkin thanks to the “best smelling” diaper pail ever in our book. But after walking through their offices in North Hills, CA, we now know the folks behind Munchkin are truly an innovative group with a real sense of humor. Jennifer Campana, of Munchkin, kindly provided us with a tour of the expansive former Hockey rink—with old scoreboards intact—that now houses their corporate offices.

As we walked around, it was clear to us where their creativity stems from. Founder, Chairman and CEO, Steven Dunn, is an avid collector of art, and it is showcased wildly throughout the space. Inspiring indeed. We also hear that his daughter is an artist and happens to be responsible for one of our favorite pieces that we spotted on our tour (note: the Barbie doll bodies are inside!).

With every business, there is often an interesting back story on how it all got started, but this wasn’t exactly what we were expecting. Legend has it that the idea for Munchkin originated when the founder developed baby bottles to mimic pop soda bottles—think 80s here. We kid you not. And back in the day, they were a real hit! That success prompted Mr. Dunn and family to dive right into the baby business and to create clever products parents love.

Today, Munchkin’s mission is to make parenting safer, easier and more fun. They understand that it’s the “little things” that often make the biggest difference, which is why they have developed a loyal following of parents over the decades.

We’d like to think that we helped inspire Munchkin at one point, just a tiny bit. And we only say that because, to our surprise, we found a few trend boards that we created as a project for Munchkin in our former life as Little Apple Design. Awesome to see that they are relevant!

Impressed with the open floor plan of the office space, we couldn’t help but ask to peek into Mr. Dunn’s office. Lo and behold, it was wide open just like everyone else’s office. That’s setting a pretty cool example as a CEO, don’t you think?

Large indeed, here’s just one of the Munchkin warehouses.

And here’s the long awaited jackpot! All of Munchkin’s terrific products are lined up in rows of sample bins.

From their new pacifier wipes to fresh food silicon freezer cups, Munchkin has it all.

Of course, we couldn’t resist, so we asked to dig our hands into these giant sample bins to choose our personal favorite Munchkin products for one lucky Project Nursery reader. We’re not sure of the exact prize value, but as you can see below, it’s one giant basket (aka SaraBear Diaper Caddy) with loads of exciting treats for your baby and toddler!

WIN IT! One lucky Project Nursery reader will win a giant basket of goodies courtesy of Munchkin! To enter, visit Munchkin, and let us know what your must-have Munchkin product is with a comment below. Contest ends Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 11:59pm PST.

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    The fresh food freezer cups look awesome! So far, my must haves are the multi bowls, plates and cups. Work great!

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    I love their Bottle & Nipple Brush they have been a lifesaver!


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    FB,email and newsletter. I love to follow you guys!!! I have gotten so many wonderful ideas for my 6 month old. We are mumchkin users :) I have plates, bowels, spoons and we just got a sippy cup!!! I also have a diaper pail which i was told was not a needed baby item, but I beg to differ! I LOVE it! It has been a keeper anf a wonderful asset to our nursery!

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    My must have Munchkin product is the Mighty Grip Flip Straw cup. An absolute essential! Love ’em!

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    I love the bath letters and numbers in primary colors found on the Munchkin website. The fact that they stick to the tub when wet is perfect!

  55. 55

    Subscribed and liked both pages! What a great give away!! I bought many projects with my last LO, I’m excited to see what new products are avaiable this time around. :D

  56. 56

    Since baby isn’t here yet, I’m not sure what my ‘must have’ item would be, but I love that the safety bath ducky comes in a police officer like daddy!

  57. 57

    Love the mighty grip from munchkin. I follow you in Facebook and subscribe to the newsletter. Love you guys!

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  60. 60

    I love my munchking wet bag! Use it daily. We use so much of there stuff and have never been disappointed!

  61. 61

    I am following you guys on Twitter and Liked both pages on Facebook..I also am subscribed to the news letter. lol..I have tons of favorite Munchkin could I choose just one??? My oldest daughters favorite product is the snack catchers. Its great to give my 2 year ol a quick snack in the car without having to go outside with a vaccuum later! She also loves the ducky bathtub and the shampoo cup. I use their bottle cleaner to clean all of my 3 month olds bottles..and we love how it has a stand with it so that it does not get dirty! I could go on and on and on but my absolute FAVORITE product would have to be, of course, the diaper pail. I cannot tell you how many dirty diapers my little ones go through and this just makes it so much easier! So thankyou, ProjectNursery for giving everyone the oppurtunity to win this awesome basket!

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  63. 63

    Their baby spoons are GREAT! I’ve has some other brands in the past that are way too shallow (so no food stays on them) or too wide for the baby’s mouth! Munchkin’s are PERFECT!

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  69. 69

    I would love to win this great gift basket with awesome stuff :) I love all the munchkin products!!

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    I like both munchkin and PRoject nursery on fb. I love the snack catchers and sippy cups from munchkin. They seem to be the only ones my LOncan handle.

  75. 75
  76. 76

    I am following Project Nursery & Munchkin on FB; I absolutely love the snack catchers! They are a lifesaver! I also love the disposable diaper baggies! They are perfect for trips out and about! The Arm & Hammer Munchkin scent discs are awesome too! They really help with the odors in the diaper pail! Really hope to win this awesome giveaway, especially with my 3rd on the way!

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    Our must have Munchkin product is the Princess Potty! Alothough my daughter is 14 months she already lets us know when she is potting. Though she hasnt used it the right way yet she gets so excited when she sits, stands up and flushes the toilet!

  81. 81

    I liked Project Nurseryon Facebook and shouted on your wall. I also liked Munchkin on FB.

  82. 82
  83. 83

    Followed you both on twitter and love all your bath toys. Hoop and blowfish, letters and duck bath.
    Have them all

  84. 84

    We use the pacifier wipes and love them because they don’t smell overwhelming or chemical-ly. I would like to try the Fresh Food Freezer Cups!

  85. 85
  86. 86

    Snack catcher and Mozart cube are indispensable around my home! Love Munchkin and PN, and I loved reading about the backstory & corporate culture of the company.

  87. 87

    Although I love their sippy cups, the one thing that I can’t live without is the bottle brush. It works wonders!1

  88. 88
  89. 89

    I can’t wait to start using their bowls and spoons in the next few weeks when LO starts solids. Love their bottle brush right now.

  90. 90
  91. 91

    Following on Twitter and Like on Facebook. My favorite, can’t live without, product right now is the bottle warmer. It’s a no brainer and so great for my husband when a bottle is needed!

  92. 92
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  94. 94

    I like both pages on FB. With my trio soon to be starting solids, I’m sure my favorite will be their spoons! I have some of the snack catchers for when they are older too, those look fab.

  95. 95

    Liked Project Nursery & Munchkin. Soon to be first time Mom, excited for Munchkin products!

  96. 96
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  98. 98
  99. 99

    Gosh there are a lot of things I love from Munchkin, but my favorits are a toss up between the powdered formula dispenser and the fresh food Feeders!

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  114. 114

    My little munchkin is all about the mesh food feeder right now. He loves trying out new foods while grasping the colorful thick handle (which is also great as a teething ring.

  115. 115
  116. 116
  117. 117
  118. 118

    Oh my goodness, so many great products to choose from! I’m partial to the practical diaper pail at the moment, though.

  119. 119
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  121. 121
  122. 122

    I’m a fan of the Munchkin sippy cups and when my girls were younger they loved the inflatable duck for the bath.

  123. 123
  124. 124

    I love the mozart cube!! We have had it for years and my daughter just broke it! :(

  125. 125

    My must-have Munchkin item would have to be the Snack Catcher. I am an uber freak about crumbs and making a mess, so this would be a lifesaver for me when my son is born :)

  126. 126

    I must say I can not live without my bottle brush! I had no idea they made a soap dispensing one! This is a must have for me!

  127. 127
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  129. 129
  130. 130
  131. 131

    I have liked “Munchkin” and “Project Nursery” on Facebook.
    Im also following both on twitter (@cjcreates)

    Im having to say that Im loving the Diapper Pail looks nice and very practical.

  132. 132
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  136. 136
  137. 137
  138. 138

    Just subscribed to the newsletter! :) I LOVE Project Nursery and found it all so helpful in coming up with a perfect nursery for our little girl on the way. Thank you!!

    I love the soft shampoo rinser– GENIUS!

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  143. 143
  144. 144
  145. 145

    The snack trap thing is awesome… No more (ok, who’s kidding… LESS) spilled cheerios all over the place.

  146. 146

    My must have Munchkin item is the disposable dirty diaper bags for on the go. These mask the smell of a poopy happens super great! They also double as great bags for wet happens accidents :)

  147. 147
  148. 148
  149. 149
  150. 150

    I love the bright colours of all of the Munchkin products! I especially love the “Gone Fishin Bath Toy” – just adorable!

  151. 151
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  153. 153
  154. 154
  155. 155

    I like on Facebook and get the newsletter.

    I like all the divided plates and bowls! I remember these as a kid…lifesaver for “food can’t touch” kids.

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  168. 168

    I’m pregnant with our first, so we need all of the baby essentials. I like the silicon freezer cups for homemade baby food and the Loft dark wood baby gate.

  169. 169

    The mozart magic cube is my favorite gift ive gotten so far! Music is amazing for baby development and I cant wait to play music with my little boy!:)

  170. 170

    I love Munchkin products! Absolutely love the Arm and Hammer Diaper pail! Great article :) nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

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  177. 177
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  179. 179
  180. 180

    I’ve followed both on twitter & facebook. I really love their Mozart Magic Cube but I love so many more of their items. I use plenty of them at home already, most second hand though…can’t afford to go crazy :)

  181. 181
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  183. 183

    my must have product is

    Mommy & Munchkin Gift Set

    Thank you for the great giveaway !

    happyskunky at yahoo dot com

  184. 184
  185. 185

    “Like” Project Nursery and Munchkin on Facebook, give us a shout out on our wall and tell us you did with a comment below.


    Thank you

  186. 186

    Love the safety duck bath! Amazing product :-)

    Also now following on Twitter (both Munchkin and Project Nursery).


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  190. 190
  191. 191
  192. 192
  193. 193

    Oh man! With a baby on the way, what DON’T I need from their site!? I’ve heard great things about the bottle brush, and the snack keeper!

  194. 194
  195. 195

    I liked both on Facebook.

    My daughter who is 8 months loves the fresh food feeder’s we use them all the time and they are great for introducing new foods. We also can’t leave the house without her sippy cup so perfect for her little hands to grab. Thanks!

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  207. 207
  208. 208

    Liked project nursery and munchkin and commented on your wall.Am also following both and tweeter about it.

  209. 209

    Bath time would not have been the same without the White Hot® Inflatable Safety Duck Tub. My kids loved it.

  210. 210

    I agree with Patti… Bath time is amazing with the Inflatable tub! we love it! Baby is 6 months old and outgrew his tummytub, so the next best thing is the munchkin tub. Thank you!

  211. 211

    My favorite Munchkin item is hard to determine…I love so many of the items. However the item I need the most would be a baby gate…it is the one item that we need the most for safety!

  212. 212

    The snack tower is something that I am adding to our registry. I would love to have this set for our new baby girl!

  213. 213
  214. 214
  215. 215
  216. 216
  217. 217

    We are expecting our first in March and the item I am most excited about is the fresh food freezer cups! I can’t wait to start making my own baby food.

  218. 218
  219. 219
  220. 220
  221. 221

    I would love to have the three re-usable, zippered Snack Bags! I’ll be looking for those next time I’m shopping!

  222. 222
  223. 223
  224. 224
  225. 225
  226. 226
  227. 227

    We LOVE Munchkin! They are our go-to line for sippys, plates, cups, etc!
    I subscribe to the newsletter too!

  228. 228
  229. 229
  230. 230
  231. 231
  232. 232
  233. 233

    I don’t have a favorite yet, I’m a first time mom due in May and I love the munchkin line. I will be putting lots of things on my registry!

  234. 234
  235. 235
  236. 236

    Right now, I love the nursery fresheners. A small product, but they pack a big smell that helps eliminate odor in my son’s nursery. It is hard to pick just one product, though.

  237. 237
  238. 238
  239. 239

    I loved visiting your offices, the atmosphere was fantastic. Have had the pleasure to have some of you over for lunch. I wish you would sell your products in Italy.

  240. 240
  241. 241
  242. 242
  243. 243

    My favorite Munchkin product is the stay put toddler bowl! Lifesaver (ok at least floor saver!). Would LOVE this prize :)

  244. 244
  245. 245
  246. 246
  247. 247
  248. 248
  249. 249
  250. 250
  251. 251
  252. 252
  253. 253
  254. 254

    I love Munchkin products, and absolutely love those great snack dispensers! They are so handy!

  255. 255
  256. 256
  257. 257
  258. 258
  259. 259
  260. 260
  261. 261

    my son can’t live w/o his straw sippies and mama can’t clean them without her bottle brushes!!!

  262. 262
  263. 263
  264. 264

    “Like” Project Nursery and Munchkin on Facebook – Jill Lear and left a message on your wall.

  265. 265
  266. 266

    Sorry, my mandatory entry is out of order, but the Toddler Dip Dish would come in really handy.

  267. 267
  268. 268
  269. 269
  270. 270

    Our diaper pail has been a lifesaver-and I really think its ease of use puts most of the others to shame! But the other Munchkin product I love are the disposable changing pads – we use those when we travel and at home to protect our cloth changer. (I already subscribe to the newsletter too!)

  271. 271
  272. 272
  273. 273

    My must have Munchkin products are the sippy cups and snack dispensers! They are the best sippy cups for no spills!

  274. 274
  275. 275
  276. 276
  277. 277

    I have already subscribed to the newsletter. Have told all of my friends with Facebook and Twitter to follow. I want this goodie basket so bad!!! It would definitely make my year. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  278. 278
  279. 279
  280. 280
  281. 281
  282. 282
  283. 283
  284. 284

    My must have items would be the snack catcher cup, shelf closet organizer, and who could survive without a diaper pail!

  285. 285
  286. 286
  287. 287

    We have a drying rack already but I’d love to replace it with the Sprout® Drying Rack! It’s not very easy to get 12 bottles on the rack we have, I can barely manage to get 4 storage bottles, and 3 drink bottles! We need this irregular looking rack!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  288. 288
  289. 289

    HAH. I meant Projecy Nursery! Gosh, my mind is on automatic pilot. I suppose all of us moms can understand that! HA

    And I am also a subscriber!

  290. 290

    Hard to say what my favorite products are! I am very loyal to Munchkin’s scrub brushes and bottles, and would love some of their new bath products!!

  291. 291

    We just moved into an apartment and while I had managed to never buy a diaper pail before I knew I would need one here. After much research and reading of reviews the Munchkin Diaper pail was the clear leader and not to mention the best value. I couldn’t live w/o it now!!!

  292. 292
  293. 293
  294. 294
  295. 295
  296. 296
  297. 297
  298. 298

    LOVE Munchkin products!! Our must have item is the snack catcher! Ingenious!! Love that toddlers can hold their own snacks without spilling them everywhere. Saves money and clean up time.

  299. 299

    My favorite Munchkin product is all of them. I always purchase things from Munchkin for my friends when they are having babies.

  300. 300
  301. 301

    I was a nanny for years and now that I’m expecting my own baby, I know that the Delux Dishwasher Basket is a must have. It’s so functional and makes cleaning a lot easier.

  302. 302

    Will be a new mom, and not sure what we will need, but there a few items that struck me. The Steam Guard Microwave sterilizer, The delux drying rack, The voice activated crib light, The baby care cart and the White hot inflatable safety duck tub (too cute). Liked Project Nursery and Munchkin on Facebook, already a newsletter subscriber. :)

  303. 303
  304. 304

    With a Toddler and a Baby on the way, the Diaper Pail and the voice activated Crib light would be Must Haves!

    Thanks for this chance to win all of these awesome products!!


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  306. 306
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  308. 308
  309. 309
  310. 310
  311. 311
  312. 312
  313. 313
  314. 314
  315. 315
  316. 316
  317. 317

    My daughter’s favorite bath time toy is the star fountain. We’ve also just recently started using the snack catcher which we love as well!!

  318. 318
  319. 319
  320. 320
  321. 321
  322. 322
  323. 323
  324. 324
  325. 325

    I began following Project Nursery a couple weeks ago. I love getting the newsletter. I have been inspired with many DIY ideas for our first baby. I really like Munchkin products. I have many of them on my registry for our first baby. I can’t wait!!!!!

  326. 326
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  330. 330
  331. 331
  332. 332
  333. 333
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  335. 335
  336. 336
  337. 337
  338. 338
  339. 339
  340. 340

    I subscribe to your newsletter and follow you on Twitter and Facebook. I love Munchkin’s fabulous bright colors, they make me happy!

  341. 341
  342. 342

    I am following both PN and Munchkin on Facebook, and I am a PN Newsletter Subscriber.
    I think that the Munchkin ArmandHammer Diaper Pail is the must have item! It is the only one that worked for us after trying out 2 other products, and as a baby planner, ( ), it is the only one I recommend to my clients!

  343. 343
  344. 344
  345. 345
  346. 346

    I’m been eyeing the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder for awhile. My daughter is getting a bunch of new teeth at once, two growing up below and one making its way through on top. She’s been munching on everything from the tray of her high chair to her own digits and I’d love to give her something to soothe her gums and keep her nourished as well.

  347. 347
  348. 348
  349. 349
  350. 350
  351. 351
  352. 352
  353. 353
  354. 354

    The arm & hammer diaper pail sounds sounds awesome :) I’m a fan of PN & Munchkin on facebook and also follow both on twitter! I’m also a newsletter subscriber! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  355. 355
  356. 356
  357. 357
  358. 358

    The Rachel is a great bag. It looks so versitle and the exterior pockets seem very convenient!

  359. 359
  360. 360
  361. 361

    Less than an hour before the winner is chosen! I really hope I win this giveaway! I am following both of you on Twitter & tweeted about the giveaway – I also liked both Facrbook pages & gave a shout out on Munchkin’s wall. I am a Project nursery weekly newsletter subscriber too ~ crossing fingers & toes that luck is on my side today! :o)

  362. 362

    What! They have replacement valves?! I seriously need to get some of these for all of our sippy cups. Thanks!

  363. 363
  364. 364
  365. 365
  366. 366
  367. 367

    Our ‘must have’ is most definitely the Snack Catcher Snack Dispenser. Invaluable in the car and on the go! Thanks Munchkin for making such awesome products! We are in need of a better diaper pail, so that’s great to know about the Munchkin one!

  368. 368
  369. 369
  370. 370
  371. 371
  372. 372

    I love all your stuff, but I definitely use feeding and cups the most. I have two little boys 2yrs and 8months and they eat all the time!

  373. 373

    Our must have item is definitely the Diaper Duty Organizer! It has made our lives so much easier, holding our Munchkin wipe warmer, all of the diapers, creams, powders, brushes, aspirators and miscellaneous items we use all day every day!

  374. 374
  375. 375
  376. 376
  377. 377
  378. 378

    So far, I’d say the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail. I just got one actually! I haven’t been able to test it out yet, but will very soon! (Baby girl is due at the very end of December!!!!) I’ve read tons of reviews on basically everything I could, and as far as Diaper Pails go, it totally surpasses the rest! In fact, every Munchkin item I’ve looked up gets great reviews, so I would be SUPER excited to win this basket! I “liked” Project Nursery on FB, and had already “liked” Munchkin on there a while ago! :)

    *Proud Marine Wifey*

  379. 379
  380. 380
  381. 381
  382. 382

    My must have Munchkin product is the Auto-Close Gate! It’s the best. You never have to worry about the gate not closing behind you. This is a must have.

  383. 383
  384. 384
  385. 385
  386. 386

    My daughter is due in FIVE days!! We have the diaper pail and a few safety items, but would love to get more or win the basket :)

  387. 387
  388. 388

    I love the sippy cups and the auto close baby gate. Munchkin is a favorite brand in our house: )

  389. 389

    The Arm & Hammer diaper pail by Munchkin. Our first child is due in Feb and I have heard nothing but great things about the Munchkin Diaper pail.

  390. 390
  391. 391
  392. 392

    I just did all the above. I liked ProjectNursery on FB, I already had Munchkin liked. I am now following both PN & Munchkin on Twitter. AND, I just subscribed to PN’s newletter! :)

  393. 393
  394. 394

    The snack catcher is a must have :) I’m a fan of PN & Munchkin on facebook! I’m also a newsletter subscriber! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  395. 395

    I love munchkin! I have an awesome baby gate, bottle brushes and sun screen for the car windows.

  396. 396

    My must have product is the deluxe care cart. This started off as a helpful diaper/wipes organizer for easy grabs while my son was on the changing table next to us. now at 8 months we use it as a toy shelf. He loves to walk his walker over and grab toys out! This product is safe, sturdy and has many uses. I love that its on wheels so i can pull his toys into any room of the house!

  397. 397
  398. 398
  399. 399
  400. 400
  401. 401
  402. 402
  403. 403

    I absolutely want to use the snack catcher cups when my little guy starts eating snacks. Also the diaper pail… must have! My son is due in 2 weeks and I can’t wait to start using the Munchkin items I already have, and would love more!

  404. 404
  405. 405
  406. 406
  407. 407
  408. 408

    I love the Munchkin bottle warmer, it warns my bottles to body temp and sterilizes my sons pacifiers. I can’t wait til he starts eating jars of food because he likes everything warm and I think it’ll be great to warm up his food!

  409. 409
  410. 410
  411. 411

    Gave you a holler on FB! Can not live without the Diaper Pail!! My 4-year old pre-schooler actually helps with throwing the diapers away because he thinks it’s such a cool “toy”. Little does he know he’s actually helping mommy and his baby brother out!

  412. 412

    I love the Munchkin bottle brushes. I bought a store brand one the other day and a week later it is already falling apart! Never again, now it’s Munchkin all the way!

  413. 413
  414. 414
  415. 415

    My toddler loves the orange & blue mighty grip 8oz cup. He has to have this cup for all his drinks :)

  416. 416
  417. 417
  418. 418
  419. 419

    Hey Munchkin! I giving you a shout out on your wall. Our family loves munchkin products, have been using them for over 5 years. With us having 3 young children, you know we can always use more Munchkin products!

  420. 420
  421. 421
  422. 422

    I love my Munchkin bottle warmer with the car charger! I would love to try the Toddler bowl that suctions to the table.

  423. 423
  424. 424
  425. 425
  426. 426
  427. 427
  428. 428

    I love my bottle rack. It’s super cute and all my friends want one. I gave a shout out on Facebook, as well as liked project nursery and munchkin on Facebook.

  429. 429
  430. 430
  431. 431

    I tweeted some love on your twitter page as @artzamy23, and I am already a fan of @Munchkin Inc on twitter.

  432. 432
  433. 433

    We are loving the mesh food eater! My 5 month old is growing very fast and it lets him eat a cold piece of banana which is also great for his little teathing gums :)

  434. 434
  435. 435
  436. 436
  437. 437
  438. 438
  439. 439

    We LOVE Munchkin at our house! Love love love all their sippy cups, can’t get enough of them!

    Just facebook’ed and tweeted for both Project Nursery AND Munchkin!


  440. 440
  441. 441
  442. 442
  443. 443

    I just got the White Hot® Inflatable Safety Duck Tub and love it! It is the perfect bathtub for my little one! I am also a fan of both Project Nursery & Munchkin on Facebook and just started to subscribe to the Project Nursery email.

  444. 444

    My must have product is the microwave sterilizer bags! you can reuse them and then just toss them out and they are so easy and quick to use! I also like project nursery on facebook and munchkin. and have subscribed to the newsletter

  445. 445
  446. 446
  447. 447
  448. 448
  449. 449
  450. 450
  451. 451
  452. 452
  453. 453
  454. 454

    We used Munchkin EVERYTHING with both of my boys, now that I’m expecting again I can only imagine that Munchkin products will be some of our firsts to buy!!! Best of luck to the lucky mother and baby!!!

  455. 455
  456. 456
  457. 457
  458. 458

    We have a BUNCH of Munchkin products on our baby registry! Since I’m expecting my first, I’m looking forward to trying ALL of it! I’m especially excited about the Jelly Bean Reversible Sling! I think it’s so much more adorable than a traditional baby carrier and just as functional!

  459. 459

    I love the pacifier wipes! I can’t tell you how many times they’ve saved us from a dirty binky meltdown!

  460. 460

    I use the bottle brush all of the time. With 3 month old twins I constantly have to keep bottles clean and this brush is perfect way to clean all of the little parts and get done quick!

  461. 461
  462. 462
  463. 463
  464. 464
  465. 465
  466. 466
  467. 467
  468. 468
  469. 469
  470. 470

    I love Munchkin and Project Nursery! Such great products! I like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

  471. 471

    My baby boy is due in 6 days! Our must have items definitely included the Arms and Hammer Diaper Pail and the bottle cleaner! I am sure these two things will help us out a lot along the way. I can’t wait!

  472. 472

    i am now following project nursery on twitter and am following munchkin! Yes i did tweet! TY

  473. 473
  474. 474

    The wipe warmer is a must have in our house. We also use the pacifer wipes and bottle brushes too.

  475. 475
  476. 476

    I ‘liked’ Muchkin and Project Nursery on FB and also followed both on Twitter!! I left shout outs and tweeted about the giveaway!! I also signed up for the Weekly Newsletter! :)

    FB: Kathryn Perkins
    Twitter: @itskatperkins
    Email: [email protected]

  477. 477

    Pacifier wipes are a must have for every mom on the go. For a mother of three (youngest 9 weeks) I can’t imagine leaving the house without pacifier wipes. I love MUNCHKIN products!!!

  478. 478
  479. 479
  480. 480
  481. 481
  482. 482
  483. 483

    Left a comment on Facebook! With three boys under 4 years, Munchkin is a must have in our house!. Also love your website, it inspired me to decorate both the older boys room and nursery, as well as the kids’ bathroom. Keeps it fun for them, and I get to show my creative side!

  484. 484
  485. 485
  486. 486

    I HAVE been searching high and low for the Mozart box for my daughter, and can not find it in my town at all. Zoey loves to dance to music, and I think she would love this. We love all our munchkin things that we have, plates, sippy cups, diaper pail with arm and hammer to help control the smell. I have liked munchkin on Facebook, and twitter already and I love all their contest. I just like the project nursery on Facebook and twitter.

  487. 487
  488. 488
  489. 489

    My favorite product is any and all of my car accessories. From neck pillows to sunshade to my bottle warmer. These items have made it more comfortable for my boys and easier on this busy mama. I found them even helpful on our plane trips! Anything that makes traveling with two toddlers and an infant easier is a must have in my house!

  490. 490

    I love Munchkin products! I am following on twitter, fan/like on facebook of both Munchkin and Project Nursrey and I am a weekley newsletter subscriber!

  491. 491
  492. 492

    Our favorite Munchkin product is the pacifier wipes… Can’t even tell you how many times they’ve saved the day!

  493. 493
  494. 494

    I am still hoping to win or recieve the diaper pail! have heard great things about it and have had it on my baby registry but it seems to have been skipped over so far by everyone …Fingers crossed!!!

  495. 495
  496. 496
  497. 497

    My favorite Munchkin product is my Diaper Pail!!! It is by far the best! I have over a dozen nieces and nephews so I’ve used several other brands over the years babysitting. Now that I have my own infant I am in love with my Arm & Hammer diaper pail by Munchkin! <3

  498. 498
  499. 499

    I like both Project Nursery and Munchkin on Facebook. I also wrote on Project Nursery’s wall… I forgot to write on there though that I found ya’ll because of Munchkin! :-) lol

  500. 500
  501. 501
  502. 502
  503. 503
  504. 504

    Omg its soo hard to pick one munchkin product since i love all of them but if i have to the arm and hammer diaper pail my son has some stinky diapers and im glad i bought it amd i also love the fresh feeders my son cries when it slips from his hands lol thanks munchkin for some awesome products!!!

  505. 505
  506. 506

    i like munchkin and project nursery products, i have 1 baby n i have munchkin toys, nursery, fedding, cleaning, bath and many more products i love them

  507. 507
  508. 508
  509. 509

    We love the Diaper Change Organizer. It keeps everything in it’s place and easily accessible.

  510. 510
  511. 511

    For some reason my main entry did not post….my favorite must have Munchkin product is the Diaper Duty Organizer. It is great for organizing diapering stuff without taking up a lot of room.
    Sticemichelle at aol dot com

  512. 512
  513. 513
  514. 514
  515. 515

    I could not live w/o the munchkin mighty grip trainer cup. My son will only drink out of those cups! Would love to try the travel tray for long road trips!!

  516. 516
  517. 517

    Can’t live without our munchkin backseat organizer. Holds everything we need and keeps the car neat! (not a common occurrence with kids) . Would love to win the basket looks like it has a lot of goodies in there!

    Also a member of the news letter and liked Project Nursery and Munchkin on Facebook!

  518. 518
  519. 519
  520. 520

    My Musy Have Munchkin Product is the Snack Tower. It is awesome for snacks for the diaper bag!

  521. 521
  522. 522
  523. 523

    I love the munchkins things, the bottle brush cleaners…and a fan on facebook hope to win some things

  524. 524
  525. 525

    Love the car bottle warmer since we’re constantly traveling with my husband being in the Navy!

  526. 526

    It seems silly, but my son loves Munchkin’s little bath squirters and has for a while! We have a few sets!! I’d love to win this basket…we just found out today we’re expecting a GIRL!!!

  527. 527
  528. 528

    i became a fan of project nursery on facebook and was already a fan of munchkin on facebook! Also he munckin must have of mine is their new diaper pail it sounds great!! Hoping I win this prize also, I love their stuff :)

  529. 529

    Already a (huge) fan of Munchkin on Facebook, and now I “like” Project Nursery too! Shout-outs to both given today!… I think the Munchkin diaper pail is a Must-Have….I also love the bath accessories, they make bathtime so much fun!

  530. 530
  531. 531
  532. 532
  533. 533

    It’s terrible to choose one product but the most handy thing I could use right now is the Stay-Put Suction Toddler Bowl for my joyful little eater! I am enjoying the newsletter!

  534. 534

    I use their formula dispensers, and even though my daughter is no longer drinking formula, I still use it for taking cereal and goldfish crackers on the road as well as for powdered whole milk when we travel. My daughter also loves the Mighty Grip sippy/trainer cup. My kid is extremely active and I just saw that they carry those child harnesses (I used to dislike them, but now I’m thinking they might be very useful!)

  535. 535

    The warm glow wipe warmer without a doubt is my little Izzi’s favorite product thus far. She thanks you and her tushy thanks you too (especially during those late night diaper changing sessions)! :-)

  536. 536
  537. 537

    I need everything!!! We recently found out that we’re expecting an unexpected third child.

  538. 538
  539. 539
  540. 540

    I can not live with out all my munchkin products but I guess if I have to choose one it would be the corner bath organizer. My son has loved bath time since day one and we share the tub space. So it helps keep all his bath toys out of the way! I have been a fan of project nursery for a long time and now am a fan of munchkin on face book as well. I also joined the newsletter.

  541. 541
  542. 542
  543. 543
  544. 544
  545. 545

    MANDATORY ENTRY: My MUST-HAVE Munch-kin must have product is their “Mighty Grip Sports Bottle.”
    kimbuckjr at yahoo dot com

  546. 546
  547. 547
  548. 548
  549. 549
  550. 550
  551. 551
  552. 552
  553. 553
  554. 554
  555. 555

    My favorite Munchkin product has got to be the diaper pail! I used a friends diaper genie and definitely smelled a big difference!!!!

  556. 556
  557. 557
  558. 558
  559. 559
  560. 560
  561. 561

    I’ve seen nothing but great reviews for the Arm and Hammer Pail!!! I hope I get it for my babyshower!!!

  562. 562
  563. 563
  564. 564
  565. 565
  566. 566
  567. 567

    LOVE the Munchkin mesh eaters. I freeze chunks of bananas, melon and put them inside. The excitement on my daughters face when I’m preparing this treat for her is priceless. And I love how its such a great training tool for her to self-feed.

  568. 568

    LOVE the Munchkin mesh eaters. I freeze chunks of bananas, melon and put them inside. The excitement on my daughters face when I’m preparing this treat for her is priceless. And I love how its such a great training tool for her to self-feed.

    (and already a fan of Project Nursery & Munchkin on FB and a member of your newsletter!)

  569. 569
  570. 570
  571. 571
  572. 572
  573. 573
  574. 574
  575. 575

    We love munchkin! We fell in love with them when we had our son and now love scooping up their products for our daughter. Her favorite toy was made by munchkin and the diaper disposal bags have saved us from dumping a stinky mess into friends garbage cans! It’s all tidy in a scented bag! No stink!

  576. 576

    The diaper pail would be a must-have! I subscribe to the PN newsletter and “like” PN on facebook :)

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