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DIY Kids Rooms

There are always magical elements in a child’s room that are homemade or one of a kind. To me, the “do it yourself” philosophy of room decor is what gives a room personality. There is nothing better than a gallery made up of your child’s artwork or favorite photographs. Whatever it is that makes you smile or reminds your child of a special accomplishment or event…I say post it. Put it up on the wall for all to see. If you ever wonder what makes a room unique, the answer is found in those who live there.

Framing your child’s art can send a message to all that what your child creates is beautiful and special. It is always nice when the work speaks for itself as an expression of the individual.

image from Magazine

Little expressions here and there like a handmade daisy chain add whimsy to the room. For the more ambitious, creating one-of-a-kind, magical canopies can be done easily. Or you can embellish a store bought one with ribbons and other elements to create a lovely statement.

image from the former Dominomag

Banners of self expression, added with a little bit of this and that, are what makes a room yours. The pairing of the not so perfect is perfect.

image from Elle Decor

Keep adding to your child’s room as they grow. You are never too young or too old to practice the art of self expression—especially in your own room.

DIY Adorable Ideas for Kids Room

Thursday 29th of August 2013

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Saturday 19th of November 2011

My kid's room is full of mementos from when I was still pregnant with her, to when she was still a baby, and up to the time she started school. Mementos make great personalized accessories for the room.

Pear Tree Greetings

Friday 18th of November 2011

These are such great ideas, love framing your kids' artwork such a fun, easy idea that your kids would be so proud to show off. -Dani