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Dear Santa, I Would Like a Pony, Please

To get us in the mood for the holidays, over the next few weeks, our Project Nursery experts and contributors will be sharing favorite holiday gifts that either they received as a child or their children received. Join in on the conversation. What was your favorite gift?


Just like almost every little girl, I went through phases of toy obsession—baby dolls, barbies, but the one that stuck the longest was definitely horses. Every little girl loves horses, right? Dear Santa, what do we want for Christmas? A pony. What do I want at my birthday party? A pony. Yes, I’m from Texas, but it’s not like we are born with cowgirl hats on and boots. (Or are we?)

I remember begging my parents for a pony. BEGGING. I was sure it could just live in the backyard, in our small-suburbia backyard. We could tie it to the swing set, and I could ride it in circles in the cul-de-sac each day after school. Now as an adult, I think I’m going to blame my obsession on my mother. She rode horses as a young girl too, back in the day (like waaaaaaay back in the day, haha, sorry mom) when you were allowed to ride horses on the side of the road. Okay, that might just be a Texas thing.

In any case, she introduced me to horseback riding at a very young age, and one spectacular Christmas, she surprised my sister and me with a horse, errr, pony (judging by the size of the horse in relation to my sister and me), and we rode that mustang all over our ranch.

Fast forward to today, when my daughter, Ashlyn, is all of a sudden showing great interest in horses. I’m telling you, it must be in our blood! The picture below is from a few years ago, when she got her first “pony,” but now at age three, guess what is on her request list for Santa? A real horse.

So thank you, Mom, for introducing me to a love that has grown over the years and I hope to pass on to my daughter. However, if you show up with a real horse this Christmas, it will be living at your home.

Looking for a pony for your little cowgirl or cowboy? Here’s some of my favorites (that don’t require feeding)…

1. Pink Horse Rocker ($99) 2. Rockin Rider Brown Pony ($39.99) 3. Radio Flyer Spring Horse ($199.95) 4. Harry Horse Rocker ($120) 5. Kidkraft Derby Rocking Horse ($82.95)


Wednesday 23rd of November 2011

I remember my daughter asked a pony for Christmas last year. We had to take take her horseback-riding to get her to stop bugging us for her pony.


Wednesday 23rd of November 2011

I want the pink horse!