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Bootcamp for Tummies: A Postpartum Mom’s Dream?

Rewind a few months back, and PN friend Momtrends introduced us to the popular skin care line, Mama Mio. I scratched my head and thought, is this for real? A tummy makeover sans the tummy tuck I fantasize about in an effort to get back that pre-baby bod? Could this be every postpartum Mom’s dream come true?

Bootcamp for Tummies

While I am just starting my personal “tummy bootcamp,” I can already attest to the added “spring in my step” their Lucky Legs line provides after a long day on my feet. During my first pregnancy, I worked like mad, and my legs pretty much doubled in size thanks to water retention. Oh, how I wish I knew about Lucky Legs back then. But for my now pregnant friends, I recommend adding this bottle of relief to your must-have list, and while your at it, throw in a tub of  the award-winning Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter, and you’re golden.

Lucky Legs

Now back to the really good stuff, tummy tightening! No, there will not be any before and after pictures. I am 10 days in, and sure, I’m also working hard to exercise, eat right (aka avoid eating my kids’ mac ‘n’ cheese leftovers). The program consists of their Skin Tight tightening serum, the Get Waisted body-shaping lotion and a 4-minute-a-day exercise program. So while I can’t guarantee results just yet, I feel pretty darn good using this product, Bootcamp for Tummies. And shouldn’t that be all that matters?


Sunday 20th of November 2011

My, my, I want this!!! Please tell us how it works for you! I'm dying to get rid of these saddlebags and big, fat tummy of mine!


Thursday 17th of November 2011

Berna, my mother's Chinese so I know all the food your talking about! I tried this hip contraption and it was only ok. I can honestly say, I am loving the bootcamp and it's really working! I've definitely lost inches and weight!


Thursday 17th of November 2011

This may sound odd, but I actually binded myself after my pregnancy. I used the belly bandit, but I found a regular back brace worked even better. I was confined for one month (I know it may sound really bad, but it wasn't) while my MIL (she's Chinese) cooked all these yummy meals for me to help my body return back to normal faster.


Thursday 17th of November 2011

be sure to let us know how it works for you!