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Best Christmas Ever: Old Favorites

Holiday giving is in the air, and while I was pondering my list for my kidlets, I had a childhood flashback—my little brother, probably the age of two, going wild for “woof woof” his favorite toy. Woof Woof was a 1968 Fisher Price Beagle pull-along wooden dog that was placed under the tree. He loved this timeless dog, and we had it for years. My daughter, like her uncle, is completely dog crazy. When she was about six months old, I bought her a Follow Me Domino toy dog that barks and plays musical tunes when moving around the floor. She still screams with delight when this little pooch is in motion. Needless to say, this toy remains a huge hit and makes one terrific present for kids 6-24 months.
Follow-Me Domino Dog
The Sing Along CD Player is a popular item in my household when we host playdates. It’s karaoke for toddlers—gotta love that!

All three of my kids adore musical instruments—they make great gift choices, and I have a soft spot for giving them. My three-year-old just received this guitar.

Never out of style and always a crowd-pleaser, you really can’t go wrong with an activity cube. Toddlers love them.

B.Zany Zoo Activity Cube

What toys do your kids go bonkers for? I’d love to hear them.

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  1. avatar Maria D. says:

    I loved that dog too!…and the telephone!…do you remember that? I got my daughter both and she enjoyed both.

  2. avatar sandra says:

    I had the dog too!! In fact I saved it all these years and wanted to give it to my daughter. My husband and I came to blows because the tail was now a sharp and dangerous broken spring that if given to a child would have led to a call to child services….In the end, he won.
    Well, I won…we wound up with a real dog!

    Great post Jo…miss my pull dog!

  3. avatar Dara says:

    I’m going on eBay and tracking that dog down.

  4. avatar Theresa says:

    #2 said it best about the Fisher Price line of toys. I especially remember the two-tone tv and the old-time plastic record player which I loved as a child and my kids love today. My two kids wouldn’t let go of the karoake style CD player – don’t get it if you are annoyed by loud and constant play, as your kids will never let go of it. Most of the battery operated toys are loud, so for those parents that have young kids better get used to it.

  5. avatar Dandelion says:

    We had one of those pull-along dogs, too! I agree, this toy is a classic. I had to get one for my kids when we saw the dog in Toy Story.

  6. avatar Fox says:

    Oh yes, that old beagle was a hit in those days! Lots of great suggestions here, Johanna!

  7. avatar Rina says:

    Am I giving away my age when I say I had that dog?

  8. avatar Cornelia says:

    Great suggestions! Love the old favorites. I had that dog too. Fisher Price has a whole Vintage line of toys (the record player, t.v. piano, etc)…I need to go out and buy that Sing Along CD player for my daughter. She will go crazy. Thanks for the suggestion!!

  9. avatar Rachel says:

    Ha! I haven’t thought of that dog in years. I had that dog. I’m smiling just thinking about it. Thanks for the memory.