Battle of the Baby Bulge

If you have been pregnant, you understand the difficulty in dressing the early months of pregnancy. You aren’t quite showing, yet your clothes are starting to feel tight and uncomfortable. You may not be telling people your big news, but you would like to shout to the world, “It’s not a beer gut, it’s a baby bulge!”

I am right in the thick of trying to dress my growing belly, as I have just hit my 17th week of pregnancy. Going through this a second time, I have learned so much about what I like, what is worth investing in and where you can save some money. I am excited to share with you some of my favorite go-to items that will take you from your early months to the end of your pregnancy and beyond.

All I have to say is thank goodness for leggings. They are honestly a pregnant woman’s best friend! No matter what time of year you are pregnant, this is a great piece to incorporate into your wardrobe. The best part is, you don’t even need to buy maternity leggings. Right now, Hue makes a fantastic wide waistband style legging that is comfortable and fits perfectly right under your belly.


I have found cardigans to be a staple in my closet this pregnancy. I have been buying longer styles, which I wear with my leggings layered with tanks and accessorized with a scarf. I also love that you don’t have to buy an expensive version to look cute. I found some great styles at places like Target or H&M. This military v-neck cardigan is by Old Navy.

You will not regret purchasing a handful of longer tank tops to layer under your cardigans or long-sleeve tees. I fell in love with the Michael Stars Supima Long Tank my first pregnancy, and I am wearing them again this time. I like that they are not super thin, and that they retain their shape. They are also  long enough to get you through the majority of your pregnancy.

Unfortunately, it’s not just your belly that is growing over the next 9 months. You may find that your feet grow too. Speaking from experience, I pretty much ruined my feet my first pregnancy. I would recommend investing in a really comfortable and supportive flat shoe. You won’t regret it, and your feet will thank you in the end. I purchased a patent leather flat by Cole Haan with Nike air technology that feels like I am walking on pillows. They are divine!

I am excited to share more great maternity finds with you over the next few months. As you know, each trimester brings about new fashion challenges.


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    So great, love these recommendations! I also found that as SOON as I started to look pregnant and not just chubby I switched to shirts that were tighter around my belly. I found the billowy tops weren’t flattering on me, so that helped tremendously!

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    I’m in my third trimester now, but I found that tops in size tall (I had mine from the Gap) worked well into my pregnancy before I had to go full-blown maternity.

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    Thrilled to have you on board Melanie. I am sooo excited for these great fashion tips on PN. Those Cole Haans are definitely the way to go!

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    I totally agree! When I wear something oversized it makes me look bigger. Thank goodness for all of the long tops and cardigans this season. We are lucky to be pregos during this trend in fashion!

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    So excited to see your tips. I can 2ndthe recommendation on the Cole Haan flats. Worth the investment.

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    Love this. I’m going to be legging and long sweater queen for my pregnancy, I can already feel it. I’m only 13 weeks along so I haven’t had to switch up my clothes yet.

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    Love this!!! I’m in month 7 now, and my wardrobe is long tunics or a jersey dress, leggings, and a cardigan. Flat shoes and boots are my best friends…though every once in a while I break out the heels…rarely!

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