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Unique Growth Chart

A client of mine had one of these growth charts by Erin Condren made for her child, and now I am obsessed with them. Not only are they personalized, but they are printed on canvas and can be rolled up for easy storage.

What makes these growth charts so unique you may ask? Well, you can have specific people’s (or even animals’) heights entered into the design to help your child see how their changing height compares. The chart is also water and smudge resistant! Great idea right? Plus the turnaround is less than two weeks! The $75 price tag is not cheap, but this can be considered an heirloom piece as well as a decor item in your child’s room.


Saturday 29th of October 2011

I like the style here in your samples. Looks like paint color swatches, which I have always loved. The one in the first photo looks so sweet and girly.