Today’s Sale: The Trunki

My kids love to cart their stuff around. Books, toys, crayons—you name it, they want to have it with them in the car, on trips or even while they are at home, bopping from room to room. I can’t really blame them since I’m the mother with the giant tote bag filled with who knows what. The Trunki, by Melissa & Doug, is the cute travel case kids will love and parents won’t mind they bring along.

This convenient and cute rolling case will put an end to the travel tantrums. Kids can carry it, roll it with the tow strap or scoot along on top through the airport or train station. It’s lightweight, sturdy and just the right size. Three cheers for peaceful travel days!

Find it on sale here today for 24-hours only!


  1. 1

    Ordered one in pink but that orange tiger is so darn cute. Maybe i need another? afterall, i do have 3 kids

  2. 2

    These colorful trunks are so cute indeed. And yeah, kids really love carrying their favorite things of the moment… They love dumping them in a bag, box, basket, or what-have-you and dragging them from room to room, from indoors to outdoors, and even to neighbor’s houses and everywhere else.

  3. 3

    The purple trunki is so pretty I want to have it for myself! Lol. My daughter loves the ladybug one.

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