Today’s Sale: Itzy Ritzy’s New Wrap & Roll

We’re always on the hunt for unique and well-designed accessories that make life just a little bit easier for parents. Itzy Ritzy caught our attention at this year’s big baby show, and we’re excited to provide you with an exclusive on this first-of-its-kind invention, the Wrap & Roll!

Sometimes lugging your baby in his infant car seat, sans stroller, is a necessary evil. Every morning, I take hold of my toddler’s hand on the left, while I carry my sleeping (90th percentile!) baby in his car seat on my right forearm. Together we walk through the parking lot at school, and my arm is killing me by the time we make it to the classroom. Sound at all familiar?

The Wrap & Roll helps with that, and yet it does more. This duel purpose wonder provides soft padding for your tired arms and a plush pad for baby to play on—your blanket no longer has to take up valuable space in your diaper bag! It’s great for travel and includes toy loops and a mirror, making it the perfect on-the-go accessory (and baby shower gift!).

Find it on sale here today for 24-hours only!


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