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Today’s Sale: Easy Playhouse

What kid doesn’t love a fortress? And while the memories of creating a structure with blankets and couch cushions are sweet, it doesn’t say much for the design of your living room! So how about a playhouse they can call their own and even decorate by themselves?

We absolutely fell for this when we found it. Easy Playhouse’s eco-friendly playhouse gives your little ones the opportunity to turn a blank canvas into a magical fort. It’s made of sturdy, recycled cardboard and comes wave-cut for safety. And, best of all, it’s reversible. Our kids are going to decorate theirs for Halloween and then flip them around and decorate them like gingerbread houses for the holidays!

Find it on sale here today for 24-hours only!


Monday 17th of October 2011

This is perfect for our very little backyard. Maybe I could decorate one side and the daughter can decorate the other, haha.


Monday 17th of October 2011

I want one! I love the idea of it being eco-friendly and reversible. I also love that it's blank and free for decorating!