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Posh Tots Announces Design Winner!

The Design Dynamo contest has just ended over at our friend PoshTots. The room entries are in, and the votes have been counted so let’s hear it—who won? Drum roll please… The winner is Michelle Waldron! Enjoy that $500 Posh Tots gift certificate.

Want to be recognized for all your hard work? Upload the photos of your child’s room to our gallery where you may be selected as Project Nursery’s “Project of the Month,” a monthly contest where we honor one room and one party with a $50 prize. Would you like to see more design contests on Project Nursery? Give us a suggestion by commenting on this post.

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  1. avatar itsme says:

    Amazing? Who painted that tree?

  2. avatar Recreate says:

    Congrats to the winning entry. I can see it’s a very pretty and charming baby girl nursery.

  3. avatar kelly says:

    what does that mean?

  4. avatar Top Shopper says:

    Posh Tots, Posh Tots, Posh Tots, Posh Tots,…
    The winner takes it all!
    Next time.