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Neutral Nurseries

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the equipment and other necessities that are required for a new baby, it’s nice to think about how you can create a subtle, soft and serene space to bring your new baby home to. The nursery can be the perfect place to create a nest-like environment that is ideal for sleep and quiet time.

Soft light, simple details and small hints of color are ideal for creating a tranquil sleep space for a baby. The room doesn’t always have to be big and grand; so much can be said with so little.

Crib and Bassinet from Giggle

A color palette that is simple and soft is often a perfect backdrop for the nursery.

image from House and Home

Fancy details that are subtle, themes that are simple and neutral accents all keep what could be loud quiet. This room is perfect for play and for sleep.

image from Southern Accents

White is always the perfect neutral. You can never have too much white. Clean, bright and pure is the space that reflects light and happiness.

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Simple, elegant and understated is always an option when looking to create neutral rooms.

Brocade Slate crib bedding coming soon to

Cream, pale yellow, soft gray, clean white and sophisticated beige are all components of the neutral color wheel. Invite the neutral side of nursery decor into your child’s room.


Tuesday 25th of October 2011

I love neutral earth colors. They look clean, warm, cozy and calm. But I wouldn't mind adding pops of really bright colors, like red, blue, yellow, and green. Bright colors stimulate babies' brains and encourage their creative imagination.


Friday 21st of October 2011

I am an advocate of neutral colored nurseries. But neutrals that lean on the bright and breezy side, like white, beige and the softest of grays. I believe that neutral colors will help make peaceful and calm babies. I believe that the feel of the room has a lot to do with their personalities as they grow.